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Ken Eis - D800 D5200 14-24, 24-70mm f2.8 TC14II 105mm VR, Tamron 150-600, Nikon 70-300 vr and two SB-800s and the R1C1 kit Alien Bees lots more stuff

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  • Created discussion thread D500 to Snapbridge..really basic
    I've loaded Snapbridge on my ipad 2 I had to destroy my otterbox cover to touch the ipad to the D500. The camera does nothing in snapbridge. The Ipad app just sits there asking for a camera name ...
  • Reboot the computer. If that doesn't work reload CC from Adobe.
  • I own a bunch of Yongnuo YN622N remote radio iTTL triggers. I want to purchase the Altura AP N1001 flash units. Reading the reviews the Alturas are iTTL on the camera but not off. So the question ...
  • My problem with Bridge has been solved by setting the case much higher. Also some other stuff Adobe help desk did via remote connection from India. Bad news is I didn't follow all the magic I ...
  • Cant do that. I have many images like TIFF panos that push past 1GB size.
  • Replied in nikon D500
    No the camera is as it is. Without a flash. I agree it is very useful. I use it on my D810 frequently even though I'm a big fan of OFF-CAMERA strobes.
  • Created discussion thread Bridge on new iMac
    Two week old iMac runs fine with all apps except Adobe Bridge. AB terminates abruptly several times an hour and when it runs it refreshes thumbnails about one frame a minute. Any suggestions? AB ...
  • I have an old Dell monitor with DVI inputs and want to connect it as my second monitor to my iMac. I was surprised that the HDMI connection was so poor. i.e. it conformed to TV 1080i which is not ...
  • Created discussion thread Epson p800 question
    I was thinking....yes a bad idea. Why do you need the roll paper feeder to do reasonable panos on the P800? I would see buying the roll paper and cutting say a 3  foot long piece off the roll and ...
  • Created discussion thread Cant keep my Mac awake
    Problem is running long applications like batch processing or many GB file transfers. They stop when the mac goes to sleep. I am running Caffeine and it doesn't help. If I close the lid to the ...
  • Your making it too hard. You just go to the Nik website and download the filters again.
  • Thanks..-- Ken Eis
  • I'm a Nikon guy but had a similar problem. Well if it like my experience my MBP took a while to recognize a compact flash whether I am using an external reader on the slot on the side of the MBP. ...
  • Created discussion thread How do you keep a Mac on?
    I know a dumb question but I need to keep the Mac running when I go away so large batch jobs can run. I've looked at Power settings and screen saver stuff. Right now the batch jobs suspend when ...
  • One the do it yourself RAM. I agree with the other poster except you need to be clear what you are getting. DONT buy 16GB from Apple. They will give you 4 4GRAM dims. That means you throw away two ...
  • I'm about two weeks ahead of you on the transition. Remember the NTFS files created by the PC are read only on the MAC. This had me in a panic until I found a $20 program to load on the MAC . Its ...
  • Replied in iMac i5 or i7
    Thanks for the test information. So Photoshop is faster on the i5. That blows me away. Both are multi threading but apparently PS does use parallel processing very well.
  • Created discussion thread iMac i5 or i7
    I'm about to get an iMac 27 Retina. Which processor Skylake i5 or i7. I don't mind the 200 difference but I will not be gaming or doing videos. I am a very heavy PS user processing individual ...
  • Created discussion thread Outlook problem
    I have a PC to Mac problem with MS OUtlook that has to be solvable. Soory to put this on this forum but Apple Care can't help me and MS has no help desk to talk to. Here is my problem. I am trying ...
  • Created discussion thread Color Profile file transfer question
    I am transferring from PC to Mac and I would like to transfer printer profiles from the PC to the MAC. I have found these profiles on the PC but don't know the file structure on the Mac and don't ...
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