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Loreta-Nikon: I am new to GoPro, but I need something wide angle video for school, so I ended up buying the GoPro H3 Black Edition. I just need it for Gym settings.

My question is:

I understand that 1080p is good enough, but I don't understand if I should use 60, 48, 30, or 24..I just don't get the numbers. I am a little disoriented on which is which..which one for slow motion, which I don't want & definitely want to avoid that.

Please be gentle, I am a beginner..not a Pro for GoPro yet..

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Hi Loreta.

Short answer:
Try 30 first. If you want more cinematic then try 24, if you want smoother motion try 60. I wouldn't use 48 if you're not planning to slow-mo.

Long answer:
Those are the frame rates (frames per second), which is essentially about how much motion information is captured. Which one you want depends on the look you want. 24 is what most movies are shot in so it'll give you a more cinematic look than the others. It might not be the best for fast motion though. 30, 48 & 60 will each give you smoother, more "video-like" motion because they all capture more motion information. If you've seen The Hobbit in HFR (high frame rate) you've seen 48fps.

None of these frame rates are slow-mo pre se, it's just that the higher numbers capture more information so they can be used to create slow motion by playing back at a different frame rate.

As to what you should shoot in - I'd do some tests to see what you like. Shoot the same scene at each frame rate and then compare.

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