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  • Commented on article Sony a9 shooting experience

    How do you know Sony "hired" people?

    They looked like ordinary amateur sports folks training away. Some looked really ordinary, certainly not Olympic grade celebs.

  • Commented on article Sony a9 shooting experience

    Funny how the Nikon Guy cannot stick to the Nikon forums... Canikon fanboy...

    @HenryDJP, you're obviously not cut out for the FF league. Stick to the micro 4/3 forums.

  • Commented on article Sony a9 shooting experience

    Well what did we not know already. Some people never learn and never want to learn.

    They will be losing shots chimping on their rear LCDs due to their OVFs. They are the ones missing shots due to...

  • Commented on article Sony a9 shooting experience

    But Sony needed the revenue & profits from Nikon to fund R&D while building the Sony mirrorless brand. Hence they sold their best sensors to Nikon for the D800. Now Sony can't even keep up with...

  • Commented on article Sony a9 shooting experience

    Circa 80s/90s, Canon saw the importance of removing all the mechanical gears and drive trains connecting autofocusing motor in the camera body to the lens with the electronic EF mount.

    What held...

  • Commented on article Sony a9 shooting experience

    Exactly why I said there ought to be more competent and interested reviewers writing for DPReview.

    This is a blogger piece by a lazy person who didn't even bother to read the product specs or...

  • Commented on article Sony a9 shooting experience

    Ditch the dealer. Is he a drug dealer?

  • Commented on article Sony a9 shooting experience

    The A9's EVF and sensor plane PA AF is critical to this accuracy - there is simply zero back/front-focusing issue with any Sony A7/A9 system unlike DSLRs.

    But its the scene interpretation...

  • Commented on article Sony a9 shooting experience

    Canon's eye-tracking of the photographer's eye is outmoded and irrelevant. What happens if the photographer looks at the bottom of the viewfinder to check the exposure level bar or the edges of the...

  • Try educating yourself on what a full-frame sensor is. Please don't waste our time if it is too far out of your league. Keep your comments to the micro-four third forums.

  • It is a great thing if uncompetitive companies that make obsolete stuff die out... it preserves precious resources.

    Watch the A9 announcement live streaming recording - the expert panel talked...

  • Wow... you are slow off the blocks?

  • Learn to read. Or as a twitter-instagram-facebook gen twit, watch the live announcement recording of the expert panel's hands on experience relating how their work will be changed forever by the...

  • The dinosaurs do not get it. Never will. They can't see the forest but they only see the tree and keep harping about the tree.

    This is the kind of idiocy the Canikons say. Oooh I need to put a...

  • @thx1138,

    Just because @leewardism used some specs like 14 mpx loosely, does not mean that you should throw your ignorance about.

    Sony got into the DSLR business specifically to change it so that...

  • Perhaps you've been using the Olys and Pents too much that's why.

    Learn to read. Or view the samples. Or understand engineering facts. The stacked CMOS sensor reads data so fast, there is no...

  • I have absolutely no loyalty to any brand. I only care for knowledge and hard facts Which a lot of folks do not seem to grasp.

    What aspect of knowledge, facts, skill, creativity and passion...

  • See how the people will do anything to scrape the bottom of the barrel?

    Give them a Van Gogh and they will crap that they don't like the colour of the frame its mounted on.

    Sure, I bet you're one...

  • Nope, its because photographers are the dumbest kind of consumers. History has shown it to be so.

    Remember how in the 80s and 90s, the Nikonians always said that quick and silent autofocus isn't...

  • See what I mean - the American-Civil-War-era-submarine-tech-periscope-pentaprism-huggers (or what you'd call the Canikonians-dun-gedditters). Sigh lol!

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