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I will not buy this lens because it cannot be used with my front polarizer/ND/protect filters.

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Joed700: All I wanted to know is that can this lens outperform the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L II? Does it have focus breathing issue like the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 vR II?

The Canon is sharper and cheaper. It also won't have the poor Sony quality control, so you don't have to buy multiple copies to get a good copy that isn't decentered.

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The images are so overexposed it looks like a micro four thirds camera shot this with limited dynamic range.

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thoth22: Entertaining buffer test by steve huff -

**That's because Steve gets paid good money to say those things

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ms18: Focusing can be selected on the 3-inch 921.6k-dot tilting touchscreen LCD on the back of the camera. While using the 2.4-million-dot XGA OLED viewfinder for framing and shooting, the LCD screen can be used as a touchpad to shift focus points from one to another — a first for Sony cameras.

Won't Canon file a patent? Just wondering. I don't know how patents work

Are you serious? Canon copied off Panasonic.... LOL

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esmoxd: Good to see an upgrade to the a6300 but surely a flagship APSC e-mount camera would be an a7000 (as in NEX-7) or is Sony saving anything with a 7 in it in e-mount for full-frame?

^ No, a6700 has the headphone jack.

a6800 has the tri Navi (but no headphone jack).

a6900 has headphone jack and tri Navi.

But the one to wait for is the a7000 which has headphone jack, tri Navi AND dual card slots.

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plantdoc: For an interesting and disturbing view of the near future, watch the movie Ex Machina. HAL was just a child. Turing test anyone?

That movie was pop sci fi nonsense. It's fantasy.

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jl_smith: 1). Nice to see Sony users getting a new lens.
2). Wow am I glad I moved to Fuji.


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Magnar W: Looks like a great lens, selling better than expected.

Pricy? Yes! Built for heavy duty use! Professional use! Want one? Just pay what is asked for this lens, or wait for some second hand advertisements.

How often do you buy such a piece of glass? Buying one of these will anyway be less expensive than the buy/test/sell/replace cyclus many are practicing.

For those wanting a less expensive lens, there is the excellent Sony FE 70-200 mm f:4 (also nice for those who want less weight/bulk), and you can find many lower priced f:2,8 70-200 mm zoom lenses out there.

Whiners and naysayers are all over the forums, but who care about them? :-)

Sony is notorious for quality control issues with their mirrorless lenses. Unfortunately there are plenty of decentered lens copies out there from their premium Zeiss lenses as well, so paying this much won't guarantee a good copy. Expect to cycle through a few before you find a good copy with no softness.

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gipper51: The Terminators will require this type of logic processing. Good job Skyne...i mean Google.

Sorry but A.I scares me :( Bill Gates and Steven Hawking feel the same.

Why would A.I. scare you? How about a good A.I. that is on our side? Why the lame old sci fi cliches and tropes that all A.I.s turn evil and kills us all? Just like humans, there are plenty of good ones and a handful of bad ones.

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The Squire: Compared to my Sony APC-C 18-250 travel zoom, the Olly is much sharper, less CA and two-thirds of a stop faster at the long end (f4 on M43 being about the same as f5.0 on APC-C). On the down side much more expensive, heavier and less range.

All that said, the quality is so much better, I would be tempted by the Olly. I always felt like the Sony 18-250 while good for a super-zoom was just too much of an IQ compromise.

What a strange comparison. You should be comparing this to the emount 16-70/4, FE 24-240 and even the Tamron 16-300 (even though it's a DSLR lens design).

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Kirppu: Sony should stop making cameras and double the price of their sensors.

^ Sony lenses also have IS. In fact IBIS and lens IS worth together for a more effective stabilisation.

Id rather have IBIS than no stabilisation at all. Lots of Fujifilm primes don't have any IS.

And a pro can easily shoot without AF, so that means they should make a MF only camera? Sorry, the more options available is better for the experienced shooter, as they can take advantage of every tool available to them.

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Mark Turney: This type of crap shows why it is so hard to separate photographers who have a true passion for the art from everyday casual snap-shooters. I don't see Steinway, Fender or Gibson teaming up with Prada or Louis Vitton.

Arggghhh is all I can say!!

Why get so upset? Theres a market for those who want this. No need to be pretentious about them not being photographers, I don't think they care. That's like being a Sports car driver and looking down on someone that drives a Toyota Corolla.

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Yxa: Why buy a GH4 then?

Why are you comparing this to an older model? You should be comparing it to the GH5.

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amca: If that 12-24 had been an f2 or even f2.8 I'd be feeling pretty stupid about just this morning pulling the trigger on the 18-35 f1.8 right about now.

What? They are completely different lenses for different formats.

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Sirandar: I bought the 12-40 pro and find it a really good all around lens. I also have the superb 60mm 2.8 macro.

This current batch doesn't really fulfill any need I have. 12-100 F4 probably doesn't have enough DOF control as the F2.8 of the 12-40 pro is just sufficient.

I almost bought the 40-150pro but it just too big and heavy ...... The only lens I really want is a short light 150mm prime that is reasonably quick like F4 if possible. The size of the 70mm prime would be optimal

I have the 70-300 Oly and with an electronic shutter produces great results in good light with statics, but it is just too slow for many situations.

Cool story bro

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iudex: I know I am risking critisizm from A-mount fans (all 5 of them :-)), but in my opinion SLT cameras are a compromise combining disadvantages of both SLR (size and weight) and mirrorless (few lenses, EVF). It´s like homo neanderthalensis, a dead end of evolution sentenced to extinct sooner or later.

I think you need to look up the definition of the word evolution in a dictionary.

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PPierre: It may be time to ditch Sony after all... They leave A-Mount for dead for 2-to-3 years, focus on E-Mount letting everyone suspect A-Mount is dead, now come back with something A-Mount while their E-Mount line-up is far from perfect... They won't have the resources to focus on two mounts, so either you buy A-Mount, but you know they can let you down in some 2 years as they've done before, or you buy E-Mount, but you can be sure they'll focus on A-Mount now since their lens line-up is not high-standard enough for the A99II sensor. I guess I prefer to go elsewhere now.

It's not like they made this from scratch. They just put an a-mount on the Sony a7rII. Just like the rx1rii (slapping the existing rx1 lens on the a7rii sensor).

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Wow, Sony actually did it. Wow.

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Only $100 Price difference from body and kit? Geez, Panasonic really want to get rid of that 12-60.

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