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D4S, D3, 17-35, 28-70, 80-200 AFS, 200-400 f4 VRI, 50 f1.8, 55 f3.5, 105 f4, 2-SB-800
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  • I'm pretty grizzly. I use a Nobel of electric to shave all the curves around my chin and knock off the high points everywhere else, them I soap up in the shower and use a Gillette multi blade ...
  • Then you're one of few. The loudest complaint is about "They are taking jobs our Americans need." Therefore, those people don't want them here no matter what. Never mind that it would cripple the ...
  • Created question thread Talk to me about AF-S squeak
    I just got a lens in that I bought online. 28-70 AF-S f2.8 and It had been sitting over a year. When I had it focus, it squeaked. Not super loud and it stopped after the second time I hit the ...
  • Replied in tcg550.....
    My work van ( a Transit Connect) is decidedly not a hybrid. I average between 25 and 35 mpg.
  • Created discussion thread Two at once. The Sheriff is in town
    Apparently the sheriff is in town and he's ticked off. We have two dead members at once. Bobby Big job is one.
  • They would need 300,000 to put that country on a track to stability. The time for getting right without outnumbering the Taliban AND all of the various terrorist groups combined passed about two ...
  • Replied in tcg550.....
    I'm talking about driving my work van. My portable bike shop. If I could drive my bike at the (45+ mph) speed limit, I would be in Europe making millions racing bicycles.
  • I agree. The guy is a jerk, but he shouldn't be attacked for wearing the arm band. Just like Colin Keapernick shouldn't be singled out because he doesn't wave the flag.
  • Replied in tcg550.....
    I find it amazing how some people have NO capacity to learn. I see it in traffic. The light turns green, they take off, or worse yet, I am in front of them and they zoom past me, then they have to ...
  • This is a guy who thinks hurricanes can be steered. Do you think this device needing to be a thousand times better is going to make a difference to him?
  • Replied in California
    Every single day, the 405 in Los Angeles is a 12 lane parking lot for at least 3 hours a day. How people stand for it, I will never know. Washington D.C. has I-95 and it has the same problem. I ...
  • Replied in California
    The same thing happens all the time in LA, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta etc.
  • Replied in California
    The last two times I rented a Fusion hybrid, I averaged 45mpg in mixed driving with two people, two suitcases and a heavy camera bag. Very comfortable car with plenty of room. The only drawback is ...
  • True. I was thinking of fining them enough to run the ICE program. To me, if the US government really goes after the companies illegally hiring the undocumented workers, it will actually backfire ...
  • I do travel some and I could care less that others who have better skills, better equipment, better conditions and are better known have "already" made photographs of that famous place. This image ...
  • There are NOT enough work visas being given out to service these industries. If the famous wall works, these industries would be strangled by not having enough workers. Or they would have to pay ...
  • Why do we need to spend money on a wall and ICE enforcement when enforcing current laws would take care of the problem in short order. Fine people hiring illegals and jail people hiring illegal ...
  • This would come in handy when handling the 100mp raw files of the new Phase One back. It's only about $95,000 or so for the setup of the computer with the camera and one or two lenses.

    Hey, get two!

  • I wouldn't ask the lawyer, I would call the insurance company.
  • You mean the expensive but worthless, useless, ineffective wall that Mexico is NOT going to pay for? The monument to stupidity Trump wants to build that will forever remind people how gullible ...
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