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On article Hands-on with the Nikon D3300 and 35mm F1.8G lens (141 comments in total)

The new kit lens looks much better. The older 18-55 was ok but a bit bulky.
Funny to see all the negative comments about the D3300 - how many have actually used it, I wonder, because its predecessor the D3200, is a very capable tool. This one's more or less the same, minus AA filter and a bit smaller. It's tagged ' entry level ' but that's just a reference to its aimed section of the market, not a reflection of its true ability.
I read of a pro who picks one of these up used (the older D3200 ) when he's off on jobs in hostile places: there are often checkpoints, and people with guns. Cameras can and do get taken, so it's best to lose a £200 body than one costing thousands. Nikons are tough and reliable and the image quality has never been questioned by the people who buy his pictures.

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micarr: The best Photographer is the one who can adopt to all types of photo media, whether its a camera phone or a high end DSLR. The photographer makes the photo and not the camera. The Nikon-Canon war is nothing more than a brand marketing. To all of you who still believes that one brand is better than the other, go sell your gear and quit photography. Photography is not for you.

' Camera's are a lot like shoes '

Got a wardrobe full and never wear em ;)

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Gevork Mosesi: Im a nikon user, but to all those that say my *** is bigger than yours... just shoot pictures. It doesnt matter what you use. If one is talented, can shoot great shots with an iPhone. so stop with this "my *** is bigger than yours" like little kids and go out and shoot pictures. the reality is that these days, there are no bad cameras.

For this reason, I have moved back to large format and film. concentrate on the art of photography, rather than camera specs.

So true, Gevork

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micarr: A photographer's skill is not defined by the camera specs, go out there and create pictures instead of debating on which brand is better. A painter cannot be good because of the brush or media he uses. The painter creates paintings and art, just like a photographer.
For those of you who rely on camera specs and brand, try to give yourselves a different perspective. "The person behind the camera viewfinder is the one who creates the photo and not the camera".

Micarr, totally agree with you. I've always painted, made my living from it for some time & many years ago sold my first picture ( a drawing ) that was done on a thin bit of paper, using a pretty 2nd grade pencil. I sold many more produced like this becuase I simply used what I could and was almost going to say didn't know any better..! Truth is, I wasn't that concerned & it wasn't so much any limitation offered by the tools as I managed well enough. Maybe some of these drawings would've been better on high-quality paper, drawn with high grade graphite, but I doubt it, because the tools, while basic, were good enough and it was the drawing that counted, not the means of expressing it.
I can transpose this to photography and imagine getting a Hasselblad while having the photo skills of a gibbon. Obviously I'd still produce rubbish.
The new wonder - cameras are accessible and seductive; but, lovely as they are, they don't make us good photographers - we have to learn that.

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