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  • Created discussion thread Glowing review of the KP
    Mattias Burling has given the KP a glowing review. You aren't familiar with him, he has a very nice channel on YouTube. He's a big fan of the Leica look ...
  • I think everything that Sigma is doing is very interesting...but I am putting off buying a Sigma body until a few more bugs are worked out, and perhaps the weight reduces. Out of curiosity: can a ...
  • How do you find the colors on the Hasselblad compared to the M10? Sorry, I know this is off topic, but I've been looking around for someone who could compare the two on this point.
  • Replied in At the Zoo
    Very nice picture. I would not have known it was through glass if you had not said so. Did you have your lens parallel to the plane of the glass, or at an angle? I recall once reading that ...
  • Thank you. That portrait is lovely!
  • Thanks for the input. Are you using the SL lenses?
  • Do you think the "look" is the unique property of the M lenses, or do the AF lenses deliver it as well?
  • What ever happened to the X Vario? I believe they no longer make it. I thought that perhaps a Mark II version would come out with more MPs, but someone suggested to me once that then the lens ...
  • Replied in Lovely grays
    Those are lovely grays. I'd like to know how you processed the file.
  • Thank you for your input.
  • I realize that, but as I attempted to make clear, I cannot fit a tablet larger than 9.7" in my bag.
  • Yes, that is what I am considering...I'm asking for input about what it is like to do PP on such a small and limited device.
  • Thanks. I see some emphasis on the "iPad pencil" in their materials - that is not an option with the two small iPads that will fit in my bag.
  • Created discussion thread PP on an iPad Mini 4?
    Is anyone doing PP on an iPad Mini 4, and happy with process and workflow? At present I'm not doing any mobile PP at all - I bring everything back to my lovely and huge desktop iMac and use the CC ...
  • Basically, I've read a lot about the M9 CCD being different and, subjectively, better than CMOS sensors.
  • I'm fixated on the idea that the "Leica look", especially in terms of colors, is best achieved by using Leica lenses and bodies. Am I wrong?
  • The camera comparison tool on this site doesn't explain what focusing aids the manual focus Leicas have - could you help me out? I read that the M10 has (1) live view (2) magnified image and (3) ...
  • I see you have both an M9 and an M10 in your gear list. And, from another thread, I know you are a fan of the non-ASPH 35mm Summilux. Would these two bodies provide similar color rendition with ...
  • Replied in Budget
    So if I put this comment and your other comment further up the list together, is this the lens you would recommend?
  • How strongly do you feel about FLE vs not-FLE?
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