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I liked this article very much, specially the part about setting Achievable goals. thank you.

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As donald trump would say : it's huge !

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is it just me or does the canon 5dsr have more detail and more depth than all the rest of the cameras ? look at the picture with ISO 100 and compare to the others , it's sharper, there is more detail and a stronger black.too bad the low DR

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Paul Farace: I understand crystal growth mechanics, but still... to look at these and NOT believe in the hand of a creator!

when we see a shoe, do we not instantly realize that it has a creator who has had both the power and the intellect to create it ? why not a snow flake ?
i know why: because we are too proud to accept that there are things that we do not understand. believing is beneath us so to speak.

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I think that we can easily conclude from all the comments here that there is nothing Dpreview can do to make everyone happy. whatever they do a number of people are going to like it and name their reasons for liking it , others are going to not like it and come up with their own reasons. the things is 99% of the time we get the feeling of like or dislike before we have time to think of reasons to make our feeling seem legitimate.

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i like your photos here , this one the most , the kids all have intriguing impressions on their faces and you've created a strong composition , having it in black and white with high contrast is certainly a good choice . the battered wall behind them together with the worn out clothing they have on goes to tell a story about the state of their lives ,still they keep smiling and seem open to life.
this is both very real and artistic at the same time.
keep up the good work

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how about changing the restrictions on the date the photo was taken ?
well , i guess i'll jyst take one right now and post it up

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