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SantaFeBill: - What about safety? Seems that the camera would be subject to coming loose in a crash, posing a risk of eye injury to the driver.
Wearing one should be a choice of each driver, not required.
- I can't watch the races if the broadcasts from these cameras is a part - just watching the one at the top of the article, on my small laptop screen, was headache and nausea inducing. Watching on my TV will be impossible.
I doubt I'm the only one with this reaction. If F! makes this camera footage a part of their broadcasts, I believe it will cut done on the number of viewers.

I doubt there is much free choice in F1.

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Jeff Greenberg: -----
> We need Base Moon Station, Then Mars, Then far Outer Solar System

No, we need to permanently end wars first, IMO.
Otherwise they will morph into distinct cultures
that annihilate each other with quasar bombs...

You need to keep the space passages clean to remove the Klingons from Uranus, of course.

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waldi72: Interestingly, four of the eight winning photos were taken with phones.

All the mobile (naturally) and the youth winner. I wonder if the top three youth were all on phones?

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On article Pete Souza: In the West Wing and Beyond (23 comments in total)
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Zeyeman: Wow, the older couple in the diner booth are shooting daggers at the president, what's up with that?

Desert was delayed?

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How many of these monitors does it take to completely surround oneself for 360° immersion? What would the diameter be?

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BigBen08: Just think how much health care that $10 B could have provided people on earth.

Very little, in the US at least.

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MtnBikerCalif: What's the car at 2:25? Practically sitting in the grass. 30s vintage, silver, split rear window, fully faired wheel cut outs (not getting the description right here.)

That silver car is "Aquarius", a full custom influenced by the 1938 Delahaye 165 Cabriole. It was created by Rick Dore Kustoms for James Hetfield, lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Metallica. It currently resides in the collection of the Peterson Automotive Museum.

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Beautiful images of beautiful racing cars.

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"DALL-E 2, design a camera that looks like the money spent to purchase it."

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fieldray: Just to keep the history straight: The Soviet spacecraft Venera 9 soft landed on Venus October 20 1975 and took photographs of the surface. Several more in this series landed in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, transmitting photos of their surroundings. Perhaps a more accurate proclamation would be that the Parker Solar Probe is the first spacecraft to detect surface features in visible light through the atmosphere from space.

I believe the video acknowledges the Russian efforts.

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snapa: Should uninhabitable planets be studied as much has habitable planets?

If yes, why?

Besides Earth, any other planets which we could only guess as being habitable are huge distances away. There are many uninhabitable planets in our own neighborhood that are trivially easier to investigate.

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If elevation data is available for the surface of Venus, could oceans and landmasses be simulated for different virtual sea levels?

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I'll stick with my old Bulova Marine Star 98H37. I love the blue dial and bezel, with the white and gold trim.

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If this becomes practical. it means that we don't need to develop transporter technology. If you need to go somewhere, get yourself scanned to one of these disks and pop it into the mailbox for decoding at the other end. Of course, you have to be sure not to destroy the original until you're sure the copy has been created successfully.

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tedwill48167: I can't wait to become a paper billionaire on Non Fungible Tokens. :)


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It's fascinating the way that the crystals seem to pop into existence from the background noise.

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wfoto: This is not real picture.... it's just a picture from inside a cinema.. you can see the seats at the bottom... (J/K).

In all seriousness now, other than the historic importance of this picture, I'm amazed at the amount of detail and sharpness that we can see in it, from a 1913 camera.

If that were true, where are the robots?

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BobT3218: It's amazing to think that every pixel of light in that image could be a sun much like ours with planets much like ours with... I'd better stop there :)

Even better: each illuminated pixel in the background is another *galaxy*.

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I looked at the size and shape of the camera lens assembly and of the lens cap. I wonder if screw-mount or magnetic mount interchangeable lenses are practical.

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It looks remarkably like a real photo of a Leica camera, that has had Photoshop filters applied to it.

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