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HS20 vs HS10: High speed video is a drawback Fujifilm FinePix Talk Jan 10, 2012
GH2: slow motion video of 120fps or 240fps ? Micro Four Thirds Talk Aug 19, 2011
HX100 some issues defective ? Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jul 16, 2011
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My take about the HX100 - disappointing. Sony Cyber-shot Talk May 20, 2011
HX9V vs panasonic lumix lx5 Sony Cyber-shot Talk May 12, 2011
How to edit 1080p 60fps video? Sony Cyber-shot Talk May 10, 2011
HX9 vs Panasonic GH2, TZ10, LX5 and Casio FH100 Sony Cyber-shot Talk May 4, 2011
HX9 vs some competitors - a quiz Sony Cyber-shot Talk Apr 29, 2011
HX9V for birding and a new review Sony Cyber-shot Talk Apr 8, 2011
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HX9V - Some Further Thoughts Sony Cyber-shot Talk Mar 30, 2011
HX7 & HX9 comparisons at Lesnumeriques Sony Cyber-shot Talk Feb 25, 2011
ZS8 and ZS10? Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Jan 28, 2011
GH2 vs. Sony A55 vs. LX5. This thread might save you 1000 € ! Micro Four Thirds Talk Dec 16, 2010
Autofocus speed GH2 Micro Four Thirds Talk Dec 15, 2010
Sony A55 vs. GH2 Micro Four Thirds Talk Dec 12, 2010
My dream about M43 ZOOM Micro Four Thirds Talk Dec 9, 2010
Sony 55 vs G2 vs GH1 . How will compare with GH2 ? Micro Four Thirds Talk Nov 10, 2010
GH1 Glamourtorial movie Micro Four Thirds Talk Oct 4, 2010
GH2: realizing the breakthrough Micro Four Thirds Talk Sep 24, 2010
FZ100 - Thanks to panasonic to save me 500 $ Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Aug 9, 2010
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Does the new FZ100K offer slow motion movie? Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Jul 19, 2010
HX5 vs Samsungs H35 preview vs Germans Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jun 19, 2010
Image Quality: HS10 vs high class camcorder comparison Fujifilm FinePix Talk May 22, 2010
TOPAS Denoiser: batch processing ? Retouching May 17, 2010
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IQ at wide angle and low light conditions Fujifilm FinePix Talk May 5, 2010
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HS10 vs Canon S5 : An unfair comparison ? Fujifilm FinePix Talk Apr 30, 2010
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TZ7: some feature question Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Apr 7, 2009
S5IS and Raynox 6600 Canon PowerShot Talk Nov 7, 2007