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On article Nikon Z 24mm F1.8 S to ship in October for $1000 (342 comments in total)
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Crypt Keeper: Nikon should sent designers who design its ugly Z system to an "unlimited time extended vacation" .
The system is magnificent technologically speaking but my god, so damn ugly !
The Z body design but more so these stupidly large tubular lenses look dated, uninspiring.
You look at other premium lenses and without even touching them you can appreciate the quality of materials used, their sophisticated body design that scream..hey, I look refined and expensive..because I am that good.
All I get from looking at these modern Z Nikon lenses is: Hey, look at me, I am pretty ugly and big, but I am expensive too!
They put me in a state of cognitive dissonance as I look at them.

Personally, I like this style. It is minimalistic and fits very well with the camera. Given the tests of the 50 mm and the 35 mm that are compared to Zeis lenses of the same quality but at least double cost, they are special.

I have the 24-7-/f4 and the 50 /1,8 and have already taken great pictures with them, last Friday at a wedding (as an amateur photographer) I was glad I could use these two lenses. I've been taking pictures since 1972 but I've never taken pictures as sharp as the last wedding.

In short, a super quality lens with a beautiful design. I hope Nikon will continue this line.

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On article Nikon Z6 Review (1151 comments in total)
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Nikita66: ugh, cameras getting smaller but lenses getting bigger.

My dream, Nikon: use DX for very compact mirrorless system, with a set of very compact DX lenses: 10mm 2.8, 18-135 super, and 50-150 2.8. Anything longer just use adapter and existing lenses.

Is Nikon serie 1 :-)

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bayindirh: Maybe a two tiered minimalist strategy can bring them the success and income they want and need.

A cash cow segment - Affordable but better than the competition products
An advanced segment - Higher priced, lower volume units, again better than the competition.

This seems like a no brainer, but both Canon and Nikon have so-called overlapping products which can be used by both amateurs and professionals alike, and this causes some confusion. My idea is to pull all advanced amateur stuff into pro segment, and create a thin but visible border between consumer stuff (regardless of camera form factor).

The strategy looks like Sony's one, and it brought the impact Sony wanted for themselves. A7 III, aside from being mirrorless, is chasing many of the higher segment cameras of Canon and Nikon, and Sony teases by calling it "Entry level".

BTW, I'm not partial to any manufacturer. I'm an idealist who likes to see old companies survive and want healthy competition brought by new players.

I'am maybe in the same position, the last step I didn't realise so for. But I might do it in the near future.
The Pentax LX I used the most from 1983 until 2002. With the 85 mm/2.0 was my most loved combination even until now!
Because of the rapidly digital era I moved to Fuji Fujifilm FinePix 2800 2MP Digital Camera w/6x Optical Zoom. A very good camera but not how I want to photograph, therefore replacments by Nikon D70, D300, D7100 and now the D500.
The D500 is a Perfect camara, but next to this I also use the Nikon serie 1-J5. If they come op with a combination of this two camera's into a mirrorles Nikon FF body I'm the first to buy one.
A very good friend of me went to the Sony A7III, I used it for 2 days. If Nikon don't show up at the Photokina with a simular technic with a use of the current Glass, I will put all my gear on Marktplaats and switch to Sony A7III!

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On article A Taste of New York is a stunning Big Apple time-lapse (89 comments in total)
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expressivecanvas: I find the frenetic transitions and hyper-speed motion dizzying and, after a minute or so, it becomes nauseating and rather annoying. The affect this 'high speed' motion transition has on me is far too much like a video shot by someone who can't keep the camera steady and smooth. That being said, the images look good.

I totally agree, to quick motions, it looks the director has something of ADHD. Beautiful images though.

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On article Vote now for Best Product of 2015! (130 comments in total)

My choice is not listed, it would be the Nikon Serie 1 J5, because after all investment with the FT1 adapter I could continue to use all my stuf.

Now Nikon should incorporate iDDL from its DSLR line into the Serie 1 line. Also the GPS connections should be usable.

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HansN46: I don't understand it anymore.
How "pro" is a pro lens for a non-pro system?
And how "ultra" is an ultra wide with 14mm on the short side?

We've been told that we couldn't call APS-C pro and pro-crop-cameras aren't being made anymore and now they make a crop-pro-lens? For what camera?

The only benefit is the f2.0 I guess.
OK, congrats then!

Totally agree Hellraiser, I use the D7100 and it is the best camera I ever had (after several Canon and Pentax not to mention Practica when I started in 1972 with LSR). Two months ago I bought a Nikon Serie 1 J5 for light traveling and even this sensor gives me joy, specially with the Nikon FT1 adapter! I could use all my glass I invested in and I'm very happy with the combination.

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On article Adobe celebrates 25 years of Photoshop (356 comments in total)

I worked 20 years ago with some “doubtful bought copies” of PS3. Later when I could afford I bought PS5.5 and Lightroom 3 (because I also use the benefit off some income because off patent rights). Nowadays I have for these two programs the subscription model and I like it ‘crazy’!
As on my Mac and on my Windows 7 machine I have the most new version without any problem. All my data (currently 45.000 photo’s) I store on my NAS, Adobe leaves this choice free.
If I quiet the subscription today, I have all my data available and can go to whatever program of my choice. I pay monthly € 12,39 for the subscription. All in all I’m very happy in the workflow Adobe offers and I’m happy with the current subscription I pay for. I don’t feel that I need a property and I feel good to have each renovation of the Adobe software right away installed on my Mac and PC working under Windows 7. Why whine and moan about a subscription if you don’t like it! You are not forced to use it!!

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Hermann Schilt: In the Netherlands no automatic update through the app store to 3.5 and RAW compatibility. I need to hassle around with change of languages ors.
Come on: that's why I bought an iMac for.

Sorry, I just started Aperture and it now changed to 3.5 and RAW. On the background using Maverick.
Didn't use Aperture until 2 days ago. Good work Apple.

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In the Netherlands no automatic update through the app store to 3.5 and RAW compatibility. I need to hassle around with change of languages ors.
Come on: that's why I bought an iMac for.

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Maybe good news but not upgradable in Appstore for EU users. Change in language settings and new startup didn't help.
Please Apple work on it, I would like the iCloud feature!

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Good lecture for Universities who teach logistics! The real PRACTICE!!!

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