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yukonchris: At least Olympus is being cleaned up. Given the right management, they may come back with renewed vigour. Does anyone remember Apple during the "death watch days" in the late 90's? They were on their knees and down for the count but a new management vision brought them from that to the head of the class. There's no reason Olympus couldn't do the same.

I hope Olympus does turn around. I hope they continue to pursue m4/3rds and initiate a second line of cameras to compete with the full-frame models offered by Canon and Nikon. I think we really need someone else in that market space to shake it up. What actually happens though, is anyone guess right now.

Oly/Panny is currently the only promising answer to smaller form factor cameras (NEX series doesn't have enough "good" lenses, yet). It would be bad if Panny loses momentum too and the whole m4/3 dies. Like Betamax, I'd hate for Nikon's or Pentax's Q to become the only option because of "better marketing" strategies for inferior products. We have too many proprietary small camera systems and lens mounts. At least m4/3 lenses could be used on any m4/3 camera (upgrading camera bodies even between brands would be nice).

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gl2k: In Europe the NEX-5 with kit lens is cheaper than the Ricoh.
So ... who buys the Ricoh P&S ?
omg ... are customers really that stupid ?

Plus the Ricoh can fit on your pants pocket a bit easier than the "stock" lens on the Nex. You could probably still fit a Nex in your pocket, but it would look kind of rude and norty...

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Musiclady: Interesting reading, but also filled with some hot air. Solder in a circuit that doesn't conduct as well as some other brand or type of solder? The amounts of solder used in these boards is so small as to have no significant or measurable effect on conductivity.

With lenses as with cameras, you usually do get what pay for, including tighter tolerances. Plus or minus 20% is probably way beyond the tolerance range for Leica glass and probably wider than Canon's L lenses. Also, the better lenses are made of materials that have a similar co-efficient of expansion and contraction so that the critical alignments are held in position regardless of whether it's cold or warm/hot weather.

For me, the bottom line is that the "soft" or inaccurate lens is the rarity compared to the lenses that perform just the way they're supposed to. I also think out-of-focus or front/rear focus issues have more to do with human error and/or a maladjusted camera AF system than they do with the lens itself.

It's not questioning if errors exist or not, it's about which errors are going to factor considerably the end result. A sniper shooting a soda can from 300ft is probably going to notice scope error first over trigger wobble. Trigger wobble error exists and will incur shake, but not noticeable at 300ft. And atoms do exist. Without Atom and Eve, we wouldn't be here...

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Frank C.: silly pointless article, this read isn't going to change people's behavior one iota, his time would have been better spent reviewing some photo gear

I hope you don't watch movies, then. Watching them and then discussing what problems you had with friends and family over said movie isn't going to change one iota of why family member B thinks it's still a great movie. Instead of watching pointless movies (any movie) could be better spent taking photos. Because we all know that addressing/discussing certain topics is not worth ANY time than it being spent on being productive. Sleep is overrated.

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Zvonimir Tosic: All flashes have a horrid UI and controls, made probably by chief Inquisitors in camera manufacturing companies. If Apple did one, it would come with Siri, so you can just talk to it how to fire and when.

If Apple made a flash, they'd have so much other features (like voice recognition, GPS, touchscreen sliders, glow-in-the-dark sleep mode) that they'd forget the main purpose of the flash: To act as a flash!

I'm glaring at you Apple for laughably screwing up the iPhone 4 and dropping calls. Forget it's a phone....it has so many other features to distract you from!

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munro harrap: Surely they give them away to purchasers of their equipment !

The blurb is really inaccurate as Magnum was only set up in 1947, not a hundred years ago, and Leitz only statred into producing their own digital equipment a couple of years ago with the M8.

But like Nikon they do not make the sensors themselves.

And the server makes my sandwiches to my specifications (no cheese, extra mayo, medium rare) at restaurants!

Somehow that doesn't exactly mean Nikon has that much control over their sensors. You can make a request of what ever custom product/part you want, but that's entirely different from actually making it yourself.

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