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Josh SZ: But shouldn't you see a lot of steam when lava touched sea water?

Dan51, you are right.

Link | Posted on Apr 7, 2018 at 10:12 UTC

But shouldn't you see a lot of steam when lava touched sea water?

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On article OnePlus 5T first impressions review (57 comments in total)
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Heikki Piirainen: “18:9 aspect ratio”? What’s wrong with saying 2:1?

Because not every one's math is taught by a math teacher

Link | Posted on Nov 29, 2017 at 23:26 UTC
On article OnePlus 5T first impressions review (57 comments in total)
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Foxjet: My daily driver is the original OnePlus One on a custom ROM by Sultan on the XDA forums. Sultan has tweaked the camera and the results are quite good considering the hardware. It's adequate for texting and other low res use.

Looking at the demo photos in this first impression review, I am appalled to see that there is NO improvement in the detail and resolution in the OnePlus 5T over what I'm getting on my three year old OnePlus One.

I think that OnePlus needs to rethink their marketing strategy of more megapixels equals better sales. The top rated phone cameras now are 12 megapixels but it's not getting through to the so called engineers at OnePlus. AND...optical image stabilization is a great advantage on a hand held phone camera!

So, OnePlus, Not!

I just replaced onepluse one with onepluse 5 and I see big pq improvement.

Link | Posted on Nov 28, 2017 at 19:49 UTC

It will definitely make sensors much more expensive. But if, say, $100 cost increase on the sensor can reduce lens cost by $200 and can reduce the weight and size by 30%, then it will be worth the development.

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On article Canon granted third most US patents in 2016 (145 comments in total)

Wondering what Canon's rank was in 2015 since the number is actually down 11% in 2016.

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Well deserved. Congratulations!

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noflashplease: The dual camera concept is going to be a depreciated gimmick before Apple brings their own rendition of the concept to market. As it is, the pseudo-bokeh of this Chinese smartphone looks dreadfully artificial and the price seems rather alarming for a phone with a Mediatek processor. All the same, it's interesting to see any new concept in the increasingly dull smartphone market. Maybe the concept will work better in succeeding generations, or maybe it will be dropped? Either way, this seems like a lot of money for Chinese hardware.

"this seems like a lot of money for Chinese hardware"
Are you sure? $300 for 128 gb flash and 4gb ram...

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On article Flickr makes Auto-Uploadr tool a Pro-account exclusive (97 comments in total)
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adengappasami: what else can u expect from a company now owned by thing leads to another and as much as yahoo sucks....they are passing on that image to flickr as well...

I agree. Yahoo - what a sad story!

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On article Gear of the Year Part 4: Dale's pick - Samsung NX1 (407 comments in total)
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iAPX: the best EVF in it's class, but still a new technology called "OVF" offer no visible lag, 100% sRGB and 100% adobeRGB coverage, an incredible gamma curve (nearly that of an human eye), more than 20 IL dynamic range (!!!).

Anyway the NX1 is dead, at a price that is near Full Frame Canon & Nikon DSLR, without this incredible OVF technology, that help framing and shoot in the exact moment. Without lenses. Without any future.


PS: The NX500 based on the same exact sensor, but at a price competitive with the Sony A6000, is an incredibly great camera (as the sony!). This is *NOT* against Samsung or it's sensor, it's against crazy pricing of NX1, and arrogant behavior of Samsung that think it could compete with full frames without any lenses (and even with that, 28MP in APS-C size is a problem in itself in terms of noise and lens real-world resolution, the only thing perfectly resolved is sensor noise ,even at base ISO!).

is it because Samsung stopped official sells channel to make NX1 price higher?

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On photo Swiss_Prealps in Autumn_0001 in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge (5 comments in total)


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On article Snapseed for Android update brings DNG Raw editing (24 comments in total)

I am confused: I only saw version 4.4 in Play Store instead of 2.1.

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On photo Memory in the Tryptics challenge (7 comments in total)

Well done. It needs to zoom in to really appreciate it.

Link | Posted on Oct 29, 2015 at 22:37 UTC as 2nd comment

Now the next goal is 6K!!!

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I have to say the "Arca Swiss" plate type of mount is a 50-year-old technology. So it is time to have a new design now, but this new "invention" is not the way to go - other than its weakness, it is still old-mount based.

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On article iFixit tears down Sony's new a7R II to find its secrets (268 comments in total)

While it is definitely an impressive piece of electronic design, it is not as rigid as I thought to be. Good information, thanks!

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On article Under the hood: A closer look at the Sony a7R II (593 comments in total)

This is a well written educational piece I enjoyed to read. Thanks.

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On photo Bee eaters' anger in the Anger challenge (9 comments in total)


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