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hardly ever see photos this interesting and surprising on this site, kudos

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jadot: It's astonishing how many people here are making judgements on Which the better camera might be, Nikon or Canon?

They are most likely incredible tools for people with Nikon or Canon lenses. One may be better in some areas, the other may be better in others. If you've got Nikon glass buy the D800. If you've got Canon glass, buy the 5D3.

All the talk here of switching brands is hilarious.

As a generalisation you can pretty much guarantee that you will NOT care about very slight differences in AF, Noise rendering, Mega Pixels between brands as much as you won't be able to justify spending a massive amount of money on new lenses, speed lights (sic), batteries, and more lenses for your new adopted "better" system.

that seems about right, for pros, one has specific needs and likes that actually matter through the course of a shooting day. But a lot of the speculation and talk here is not from pros, just gear head wannabe's that substitute gear fetishism for actually doing photography. My god, these two cameras are simply astonishing, I use to think my canon ae-1 was astonishing when I was but a wee lad. Got some pretty good results from most cameras I used as did a few other photographers I've seen

Link | Posted on Mar 25, 2012 at 15:21 UTC
On article Roundup: Third-party Lenses for Enthusiasts (169 comments in total)

am I missing something here, this lens is more expensive than the Nikon 105, what's the value added? And what's more, I returned my nikon and am very very happy with the Tokina 100 which cost about $400?

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Lived in Tromso for many years, its actually pretty easy to get away from the lights, I didn't do Aurora photography but I knew people who did. And to be clear, the most amazing thing about Norlys is the movement, although Ben captured some great images. Also, weirdly, its almost like you can hear the aurora, can't be true, but people comment on this.

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Tim F 101: Some pluses:

- makes the base model look almost affordable.
- Perfect for camera buyers who want something biodegradable or organic.
- would look great in a Pontiac Aztek.


- other photographers most likely not laughing with you.
- termites.

excellent points:

I would add:
plusses - it will look marvelous on a Louis XIV dresser
minuses- the optional battery drive/vertical shooter is another 5k

is that the Aztek with the wood veneer option? that would rock

and can you imagine having to tent the poor camera for termites?

Link | Posted on Oct 12, 2011 at 20:55 UTC
On article Article: Stranger on the Port Townsend Ferry (34 comments in total)
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charliedid: That would be a much better photo in landscape orientation.

yeah, makes sense, I think they did well with this, but I see some other solutions too. Also, I'm really not sure that because it is strongly redolent of another artist's work that this is praiseworthy. It stands alone as a moody and effective piece.

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On article Article: Stranger on the Port Townsend Ferry (34 comments in total)
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charliedid: That would be a much better photo in landscape orientation.

agree, would work better cropped horizontally FOR ME, again, this is all subjective, the Neal Jackson comment seems unnecessarily argumentative. I do like the mood set and the exposure.

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