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I think this message from Nikon would have been relevant 3-4 years back. Bringing out such a product range, after Sony has been eating their lunch for a while, is playing catchup, not what a leader should have done.

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kewlguy: NIkon 1 is FF then

lol....The guy seems to be a bit unaware of Nikon's current mirrorless range, the Nikon 1.

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On article Sony a9: Why being better might not be enough (767 comments in total)

There are several genres of photography, including events (meetings, weddings for instance), travel, landscape etc. The A9 (and associated native lenses) may be exactly what one needs, for such activities, where silent shooting and fast AF acquisition would be big pluses.

By assuming that Sony's sole target is Sports photography, one may be missing the forest for the trees.

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rrccad: That's odd.. I find it interesting that dpreview glossed over some relevant facts..

Unit volume decreased from 2.2 million down to 1.6 million. for a fall of 27% in unit volume for digital cameras for Q2 2015. for the first half they are down from 4.4 million to 3.3 million for a 25% loss. Their forecast is now expecting 6.1 million sales versus 8.5 million sales a year ago.

If this was canon, it would have made the headline it seems .. dpreview .. one has to wonder at times about your impartiality lately.

"Unit sales" include most of the low-margin P&S models, which in Sony's case is far more than in Canon's case. Those p&S sales have decreased, which in turn has a positive effect on overall margins, assuming higher-end models have sold more.......which seems to be the case here.

A 27% reduction might appear scary on the surface, but that 27% reduction might really be a 35% reduction in low-margin P&S models, offset by a 10% increase in the high-margin Interchangeable lens models. The devil is in the details and not in the headlines !

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On article Sony Alpha a7 II Review (854 comments in total)

One mistake in the writeup above.......the original A7 had a composite front-plate, while the A7R had a full-mag-alloy body. The A7S which came later, also got a full-mag-alloy body. Just a clarification.

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Aroart: Lets hope Fuji put a 5 axis image stabilizing sensor, 1080 60 p , articulating screen.there new s1 has them.. Oh and maybe surprise us all with being full frame. Fuji image quality has been smoking the competition for stills.. Now they need to focus more on making them shoot for higher end pros and bumping up video quality. Oh and yes 16 mp is fine...anything more than 24 is a pain in there arrrrssss.....

It has an 18-55 lens on it, which pretty much rules out a FF

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peppermill: hmmm... i like my sony rx100 alright but why is it that i'll nearly always choose to slip the fuji x10 in my jacket pocket when i step out the door?

I am totally foxed, to be quite honest !

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I wish they had introduced 2 versions of the RX1 - one the 35/2 they introduced it with and the second version being one with a retractable zoom lens (maybe a 24-100 2.8-4.5) type zoom. I would buy the zoom version, sight unseen.

The RX100 is also a great camera and is on my radar.

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The lack of a hotshoe was the killer for me.....everything else about this camera (including the decision to have a slower aperture at the long-end to make the overall camera compact) was just PERFECT ! Would not have minded a 16MP camera however.

Wonder if the camera has the ability to wirelessly control external flashes and if so, I am okay with the lack of a hotshoe, since I will just carry the external flash and place it wherever I want and fire it wirelessly......I don't intend to put anything else in the hotshoe than a flash.

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Jogger: fail. you can get a Sony NEX 5N body for $600.. best non-FF sensor on the market.

The Sony NEX 5N is available for purchase, as we speak. What rumor are we talking about ?

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