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Geez. I guess you could have preferred a few other options for when they different models, one of which has more/better features:

AirPod Model B
AirPod Better than the Other
AirPod XFD10005SB

I dunno, what would you prefer to name them?

Edit: I'm guessing a ,lot of the people reading this already had endured a ton of comments in either Macrumors or Reddit making this point, and although would be humorous initially, starts to wear down.

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sirhawkeye64: Only about half of the features listed here are of interest to me. 12MP... I think that's the same as the iPhone 6s/6s Plus (maybe a different image processor). The zoom: kind of a joke anyway to me. I mean, when you start wanting/need features like zoom, wanting nice bokeh, great low-light performance, etc, just get a freakin' camera. Even a moderate P&S would be worlds better than a cellphone camera, no matter how advanced it may be. I just hate that people are obsessed with cell phone cameras. Honestly, all I use mine for is taking pictures of whiteboards with notes on them or other work related stuff. Everything else, I use a camera (a normal camera: P&S or DSLR). The only appealing thing ot me is the RAW capabilities. That would be nice and gives more editing latitude in post. But zoom, boken, etc, I don't really care for myself personally. It's a phone. I think we have lost touch with what a phone is "supposed" to be used for.

As the saying goes, "The best camera is the one you have with you." Like you, i have cameras that are far superior to a phone camera. But its impossible to have it woth me all the time. Its impossible to have it with me even 20% of the time. So unlike you, i welcome the ability to still take good photos when unable to carry a dedicated better camera. I have many lovely photos of my daughter that would not exist if not for a phone camera. Millions of people take photos every day that would not otherwise be taken. Ao please give up on the snubbish nose in the air pretense.
Besides, its not the camera, but what you do with it. Do you think the acerage painter today paints more inspiring works than Renoir metely because he is using fancy new paints made from some specially formulated color pigments?

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