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halfwaythere: Calling Medium Format a "slightly bigger than 135 format" has already changed what digital Medium Format is.

33x44mm seems nearly double the area of 36x24, not "slightly bigger".

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first camera Kodak Instamatic 110
first srl Ricoh KR-5
first digital Nikon 5700
first dsrl Pentax *ist D

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toni2: Full frame it's the best because have best image quality. That's all. It's so simple as why some photographers use fixed lens (not zoom). Best image quality. That's all. Do you want best image quality? go with full frame and fixed lens. It's simple!!
Do you think that aps-c or m4/3 have good enough quality? it's ok. But it's not the best. Your thought it's not a fact, it's only an opinion.

Best image quality has medium format, not FF. And some one else will say that large format scanning back has even better image quality. And someone other will say that gigapixel images done with stitching has the best quality image of all.

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Altin: nice shot


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Jogger: they should have made a generic mount with a short flange distance and included adapters for m, nikon, canon, etc. with this approach, you need to buy a new module for each type of lens you want to put on it simply because the mount is different, the internals may be pretty much the same.

Well, a M9 has not an EVF, nor live view, so using a Nikkor on it, means you must focus just by iperfocal.

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MP Burke: I thought the whole point of the GXR was that lenses were integrated with the sensors. A "module" that allows interchangeable lenses seems to go against that principle and allow dust access to the sensor. Furthermore, it doesn't solve one of the big problems of the GXR, tha lack of ultra-wide lenses. We still await a real alternative to the M9, a camera that can use Leica M lenses on a full frame sensor.

Well, this module, plus an M to Nikon or Canon or Sony or Pentax adapter, and a Sigma 8-16 mm let's go as much as wide is possible.

And surely much cheaply than to have to buy a FF sensor module.

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