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  • Not sure if you're tring to say you are buying 256GB XQD card for $59.  Hard to tell from your writing.  I highly doubt that, since Sony has locked down the price.
  • Warning to readers. Be careful because people are selling the old GR Digital III and calling it GRIII. These are not the same cameras; not even close. I am puzzled that Ricoh has used the same...

  • There was no necessity for Nikon to put the Z-mount on a APC mirrorless camera. I would be more likely to buy this camera if it had an F-mount. Think of all the cheap glass available, especially...

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    Yes I had to send my Z6 in.  It came back with a report that said "cleaned and inspected."  No mention of a repair.  Nobody seems to know what the problem was and Nikon isn't saying.  Olympus has ...
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    Interesting.  You are the only one I've run across on line that has said this.  You may will be right, but obviously, neither Olympus nor Panasonic are clear about this.  Otherwise, why all the ...
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    I own both.  My undestanding was that the sensor locks down when the camera is off.  I'm surprized to hear that taking the battery out locks the sensor even if the camera is off when you pull the ...
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    That makes me feel better.  That's exactly the type of vibration I'm concerned with.  I have no fear of hiking with my EM1ii.  I'm more concerned with biking with it in a pannier.
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    Thanks.  That is the information I was looking for.
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    No I have owned an EM5, a Pen F and both EM1s, and I have never had sensor issues.  But I sometimes ride a bike around, and the vibration still wories me.  It must be a tough mechanism to take all ...
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    I think you're probably right.  I once dropped an EM5 on to a cobblestone street and it is still working 8 years later because my son is still using it.  Still, I'd be happier if my EM1ii locked ...
  • What concerns me is not so much sensor cleaning, but the issue of transport.  For example, I like to ride a bicycle.  I worry about the sensor knocking around due to potholes and vibration.  ...
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    My Nikon Z cameras lock the sensor when the camera is turned off so it doesn't move during transportation.  I can't find any reference to this regarding Olympus cameras.  I own a Pen-F and an ...
  • Anybody know if Olympus cameras lock the ibis when the camera is turned off?
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