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Warning to readers. Be careful because people are selling the old GR Digital III and calling it GRIII. These are not the same cameras; not even close. I am puzzled that Ricoh has used the same name twice. It's confusing and people unfamiliar with the GR line could easily be fooled.

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There was no necessity for Nikon to put the Z-mount on a APC mirrorless camera. I would be more likely to buy this camera if it had an F-mount. Think of all the cheap glass available, especially on the used market. How about an APC F-mount camera with IBIS? I might buy that. I suppose though, that an adapter would be necessary to make up for the mirror box, so maybe that would reduce the practicality.

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Daviddmf: I could think of better things to spend $3k in your $'s or $4,500 in my own,a dollar is still a dollar no matter where you live or how you earn it & one could buy two once revered OMD EM1 MkII bodies for one of these without the 1KG weight but with the same sensor. MkIII with a new sensor? Over the next year?

I agree. Unless Olympus shows some real support via FW of the E-M1 line, l will be saying good-bye too. I guess it's too much to expect that my Pen F will ever get an update. I bought a Z6 recently, so if Olympus wants me to buy any more of their glass, they had better demonstrate some commitment to their customers. They are not going to sell me a new camera body every 2 years!

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Raven 777: Hope Nikon will make CFexpress cards support in a May firmware as well. Because XQD is a way too expensive and not as good as CFexpress expected to be.

I haven't heard anyone say that the new CF will be any less expensive than the XQD. Do you know this for a fact?

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Nicolas Alexander Otto: Great to see Nikon finally utilizes Firmware updates along the lines of how Olympus ur Sony do it.

So how about adding exposure times of longer than 30 seconds, the function to set the order of brackets to over / 0 / under or set the intervals in between bracket ed shots in the timer mode to zero? Can I please have that? My 10 year old Pentax camera could do at least two out of the three. I am sure those could be implemented with 20 lines of code in less then a couple of hours. Please!

Well unless Olympus updates their EM1ii to give it some of the features of the EMX, I'm going to assume they have abandoned their EM1 line to better market the EMX. Either that or they're going to bring out an EM1 mkiii. Either way, I am disappointed with their FW support of the mkii. I now own a Z6 as well, and any future purchases of glass will depend on which company (Olympus or Nikon) demonstrates better FW suport. There are quite a few features of the EMX that are software related and could be brought over to the EM1. Olympus can't rest on its past performance. It needs to demonstrate its commitment to its loyal customers. I have heard nothing recently from Olympus about any EM1ii updates, unless I missed something.

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Small point, but in your comparison chart in the Introduction section, you miss the flash sync port on the original E-M1. Both the E-M1 and the E-M1 Mk. II have a flash sync. port in the same place on the front.

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