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I am just recovering from two days of mega-sleepy heat prostration here in Tombstone. Can sure tell you, that Mars place looks like a 100,000 bottle of water per day landscape!
But maybe we could create a new Federal Project to banish Global Warming, extend the Project scope to include the Red Planet, and turn it back into Southern California, or at least Minnesota...

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Oh, I wish I had $55,000 to spend on a camera! This Phase One is very, very appealing...

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On article In praise of shooting monochrome landscapes (335 comments in total)

Articles like this make me want to go back to monochrome. Color is seductive... and much easier, as you don't have to worry so much about form.
Anyway, thanks Alex -- am re-inspired!

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My Pentax 18-135 zoom.

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Since when did a smartphone become a camera? Crappy ergonomics, horrible in low light. This is like comparing a skateboard with an automobile...
PS... I just bought a Ricoh GR. Hack that, Wikileaks CIA folks!

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Interesting to think about using one of these in preference to my old Ricoh GR Digital IV. The Leica won't fit in my shirt pocket, a big negative. But that almost-black picture where it looked very good after a 3.5 EV pump in Photoshop... wow! That, plus the full frame sensor... would rescue a LOT of my low-light pictures.
No price? No on-sale date?

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On article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (807 comments in total)
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jon404: Looks like a fine, fine camera... simple, well-thought out. Priced reasonably enough, for that market segment. Good to see Hasselblad back in the ballgame!

... and if the €uro tanks, we can get it for <$10,000 USD?

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On article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (807 comments in total)

Looks like a fine, fine camera... simple, well-thought out. Priced reasonably enough, for that market segment. Good to see Hasselblad back in the ballgame!

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Storage costs are amazingly low. Bought a 64 GB Sandisk microSD card for less than $40 at Staples the other day. If you are into still images and text rather than movies, you'll never fill it up! And they are so small... must be a LOT of industrial secrets walking out of corporations these days...

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What a shock! I subscribe to his LuLa site, and deeply enjoy it. But he is in a better place now, where the landscapes truly are luminous and boundless, and where there is always the latest medium-format camera to be enjoyed with an endless selection of excellent lenses, in the grace of God with heavenly post-processing computers that never crash...

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Money aside, and looking at the other side of this, why not a fixed-lens full frame, like the Sony or Leica Q, and then crop to get that extreme telephoto effect?

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1166 comments in total)

Interesting that they compared it to the Ricoh GR, which has far, far better ergonomics and can fit in a shirt pocket. And then there's the delightful older GR Digital IV, with it's bright 1:1.9 28mm lens and built in flash... and the same killer ergonomics for street photography.
Of course, the Leica is way better in vey low light. But $4,000 better?

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On article Pentax K-3 II added to studio test scene comparison (177 comments in total)

Pentax pixel-shift is the real thing. But as a consumer, and a non-tripod guy, I think the regular K-3 is the sweet spot ... Pentax ergonomics, and also great quality images!

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What if you took the photo and then ran it through a Photoshop-type 'pen and ink' or 'cartoon' filter?

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Review (1562 comments in total)

Found myself buying a a new Ricoh GRD IV a week ago... after thinking very hard about moving 'up' from my RX100 to this RX100-4, or to the new GR II.

But I went with the much older (2012) GRD IV. Price, and excellent ergonomics... far better than the Sony. and the teeny sensor (plus RAW and Lightroom) gets me along OK in twilight... though the Sony is much better in very low light situations.

OTOH, if I were a journalist, I would buy the Sony in a heartbeat. What a perfect camera for a reporter, or a technical writer... and so much room to crop those sharp images!

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1166 comments in total)

The Ricoh GR has far better ergonomics, a decent grip, and fits in your shirt pocket...

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Mssimo: Im going to be the first person to skin this to look like a shark and take it out to the beach.

Too real! Of course, someone will ... EVERYONE can make their own Jaws movie now!

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Put it on a surfboard at Maverick's? Rocks, dude. Awesome!

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I use an Pentax K-5 IIs, and can happily set it to show the scene in B/W on the LCD screen. Then RAW capture, then into Lightroom where I can 'develop' it in B/W... and get whatever look I want... film noir to high key... Clarity, Sharpness, etc, etc.

Am honestly curious what the Leica brings to the table, beyond the larger-light-gathering FF sensor... can anyone explain it to me? Not trying to start a debate, but is there an actual perceived difference between B/W images from the Leica and those from a 'normal' FF camera, like the Nikon 810 with the same sensor size?

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On article The effect of pixel size on noise (113 comments in total)

Richard -- am I right in saying that, until you get into very high ISOs, there isn't much difference between large-or-small pixel counts, for equal size sensors -- BUT that the small-pixel variety, like the 36 MP Nikon, gives you more room to crop and also to deliver a good image through reducing it?

And so... that the small-pixel cameras, like my RX100 with its 20 MP on a 1" sensor ... might be the most useful, the most practical for professional photographers, mainly because of the extra cropping that their great MP count allows?

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