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Oly E-M1i, Pana DC-G9 ( E-3, E-1, E-10 "retired")
ZD 9-18, 14-54, 50-200, Sigma 150/2.8
mZD 60 macro, 25/1.8, mZD 75-300
FL-36, EX-25, EC-14


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Dreamscape Photo: Or just get the real thing! They still exist!

Yep, they are still available. They're actually called "single use" (SUC) cameras--I don't think they ever were advertised by Kodak as "disposable"! After the lab removed the film for processing, the empty camera was sent on for recycling.

BTW, I don't recall that the Kodak's SUC was typically plagued by
color castes and light leaks. Those characteristics seem to be mainly a result of the app developers' overactive imaginations.

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On challenge Macro - Feeling(s) (4 comments in total)

Michael Piziak=macro perversion

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RuthC: There are a number of entries which are definitely not bees, but hoverflies or flower flies. Hoverflies cannot not make honey, and do not live in hives. They can't sting.

I believe Ruth was merely giving information about hoverflies and not trying to define everything that is not a bee!

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On photo Metallic Green Pollinator in the The Pollinators challenge (2 comments in total)
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RuthC: Congratulations, Phil Rose, on winning a top place in 'The Pollinators' challenge, where there are so many excellent entries. Your capture of this metallic green bee is really superb, with wonderful detail in the subject. I noticed when viewing this in Full Screen Mode, that the bee has covered every part of her body with pollen grains: head, antennae, wings as well as the expected legs and underbody. The contrasting colours are eye-catching, and IMO, this picture deserves a special place on your wall. Ruth :-)

Thanks, Ruth.

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jetals: I think that should be "Yellowstone" not Yellow Stone"

Yes, it's a single word, also.

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On photo Common Whitetail in the Dragonflies #2 challenge (1 comment in total)

It's actually a Twelve-spotted Skimmer (Libellula pulchella).

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Phil Rose: "...for US users who want to order physical prints of their photographs…"

So, a "physical" print is distinguished from some other kind of print (such as "imaginary")?

Oh, gimme a break!
A print is a print is a print is… an image transferred to paper or some other more-or-less permanent substrate (metal, cloth, glass,…)! Yes, you can have digital images stored in a file or displayed on a screen, but I've never ever seen these referred to as "prints". So, IMHO, no need to use "physical" to distinguish these from paper prints.

And anyway, what's not "physical" about an image displayed on a screen? Electrons and LCDs are somehow not "physical"?

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On article Flickr introduces Wall Art printing service (23 comments in total)

"...for US users who want to order physical prints of their photographs…"

So, a "physical" print is distinguished from some other kind of print (such as "imaginary")?

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On article Little beauty: Nordin Seruyan's macro images (352 comments in total)
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raimundo gaby: This is Gorgeous macro photography. I am perplexed to see the many negative comments. Macro photography is very difficult, and the post requires a lot of work. Get a life people!!!! it is ok if you don't appreciate art, but be gentle with your negativity.

This is *faked* macro photography. Artistic? Perhaps. Nevertheless the presentation of the works is worthy of disdain, not admiration, unless the photographer acknowledges that they are highly manipulated images.

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On photo Red Ant on Red Flowers in the Ants #2 challenge (1 comment in total)

nice, but really could use a bit of cropping...

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On photo Follow the leader in the Beetles challenge (1 comment in total)

Uhm, not the correct "F-word".

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On photo I'm watching You in the Dragonfly challenge (4 comments in total)

Ruth is right. For a challenge host to permit such a "loose" interpretation of his stated topic is unfair to those who adhere to the "letter of the law" and who thus would have ruled out submitting certain of their own images (e.g., damselflies).

A similar situation occurred recently in a challenge involving "bees". Numerous entries depicted Hover Flies rather than bees. However when this fact was pointed out to the host, he (properly) disqualified those entries.


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