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About me:

2 K10D Bodies w/battery packs
3 Pentax DS Bodies
14mm DA f2.8
10-17mm f4 Full Frame Fish Eye
12-24mm DA f2.8-4
15mm F2.8 Zanitar
16-45mm FDA f4.0
17-35mm f2.8-4.0 Tamron
20mm A f2.8
28mm F f2.8
28-75mm f2.8 Tamron
31mm f1.8 DA Limited
35-70mm F f3.5-4.5
2ea 35-135 A f4.5-5.6
35-105mm F f4-5.6
2ea 35-135mm F f3.5-4.5
43mm f1.9 DA limited
50mm A f1.4
50mm FA f1.4
50mm F f1.4
2ea 50mm A f2.8 Macros
2ea 70-210mm F f4-5.6
77mm f1.8 DA Limited
90mm f2.8 Tamron Macro
2ea 100mm M f4.0 Macro
135mm M f3.5 Tele
2ea 135mm K smc f2.5 Tele
135mm F f2.8
200mm K f2.5
200mm FA f2.8
300mm K f4.0
400mm K f5.6
500mm Tokina Mirror f8
Pentax 1000mm Mirror/Spotting scope f11

All A, M, F and K lenses have Hoya Super UV[0] Filters
All Tamron lenses have Tiffen UV filters
All Pentax D and Limiteds have B+W UV filters
All lenses are in Like New or 9+ condition.
A Right Angle finder is used for many architecture shots and a Zigview is used on occasion.

Strobe Lighting Equipment includes:

4 Dyna-Lite 2040 heads, 2 4040 heads with stands and accessories.

Continuous Lighting Equipment includes:

4 Westcott H5 set ups with stands, soft boxes and accessories.

Other lighting equipment includes.

Mathews stands, flags, shot bags, 8ea 10 x12 muslin backdrops, 7 Photoflex reflectors, and a 4 x 8 white transparent product table.


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