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On article Cold War camera: 1950s Berlin in color (part 1) (122 comments in total)

Interesting set, but architecturally, #7 isn't 'brutalist' ;)

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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)

DPR, I'm curious to hear your thoughts about the sustainability of using 1.2kg of aluminium to create a 94g shell? Even assuming the waste aluminium is reused, this still requires a great deal of additional energy. Or do these things not matter so long as "The result is an extraordinarily tactile, solid-feeling object."

Being a niche, artisan manufacturer does not excuse Leica from its environmental responsibility.

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On article Am I missing something here? (627 comments in total)
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Anaxagoras: Excellent review. And I agree wholeheartedly except for one thing. Why the worry about exposure compensation?

When I started in photography, light meters were an expensive luxury that few of us amateurs could afford. So exposure was based on judgement, or 'look at the light and guess'.

Forty years on, all cameras have light meters, most of which are staggeringly good. I reckon at least nine out of ten photos I take are perfectly exposed. But what about that one in ten that isn't? Well, there's three ways to solve that:

1. Use exposure bracketing and throw away the two poor shots.
2. Focus on the real subject, lock exposure, then re-frame.
3. Exposure compensation based on judgement, or... Exactly the same as good old 'look at the light and guess'.

Why do Richard, and most reviewers, want to turn the clock back forty years and return to guesswork? I'm more than happy for exposure comp to be relegated to a 'third class' dial. Aperture and ISO are the ones I want quick access to.

I've obviously missed something here... What does anything you've just written have to do with not needing exposure comp?

With all the fancy new tech you mention (like, for instance, live histograms) exposure comp can be used *very* precisely on modern cameras.

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Max Savin: Sigma f1.4 for Nikon: 23.46 oz (1.466 pounds)

A7r camera: 14.36 oz
35mm Sony FE f2.8: 4.23 oz.

Backpacking 20-30 miles on rough trails and overland. Which would you carry?

"a healthy person (that does fail conscription check) should be able to carry 1/3 of body weight and dash reasonably fast."

As a professional hiking guide, this is a complete and utter load of crap...

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On article John Stanmeyer wins World Press Photo of the Year (82 comments in total)

If people haven't read he Nat Geo article that this was shot for, I highly recommend it - fantastic journalism.

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On article John Stanmeyer wins World Press Photo of the Year (82 comments in total)
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StevenMajor: BAD CHOICE
Without the words of explanation, the image is at best a curiosity. Images need to speak on their own, to tell a story or offer information that is clear and concise. This image was likely chosen to bring attention to the plight of the people in the region. It's all political BS, not just the problems of the Somalians, but the winning image as well.

As a PRESS photo, it is exceptional. In and of itself I find it to be a captivating image, taken in the context of the story it relates to, it is simply fascinating.

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Figured this would appear eventually, smart move by Cosina.

I'll stay happy with my old Type I :)

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On article Challenge of Challenges 2013: the results are in (39 comments in total)

'Todi Light' wouldn't have been my #1 but far-out, every shot in the 25 shotlisted for the award is remarkable.

Excellent example of That Which Is Good About Photography!

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I thought the new CEO indicated that Hasselblad was over this... Apparently not.

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On article From NEX to Alpha: Sony introduces 20 megapixel a5000 (151 comments in total)

Take care to read footnote #1 - this is NOT the smallest or lightest interchangeable lens camera...

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On article Canon announces EOS M2 in Japan (616 comments in total)

the most boring release in the last 12 months has 402 comments.


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On article More pictures leak of purported Olympus PEN 'E-P5' (237 comments in total)
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tazmac: Looks like dpreview is changing! The first time I see leaked product before it's announced..

Not the first time they've done it...

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On article Pro DSLRs, Pro Photographers (99 comments in total)

What a tired old line "the camera doesn't matter" has become. Of course it matters. It's a tool, and as we all know, a craftsman doesn't blame his/her tools - BECAUSE A CRAFTSMAN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB!

Yes, an outstanding photographer will be able to get *good* images on an iPhone, or whatever. Just as Mick Fanning would shred on a foamy, or Casey Stoner would impress on a postie-bike, or Sebastion Vittel in a Kia.

However, give these blokes the right tools, and allow them to fine-tune them perfectly for the job at hand, and they win world titles. It's no different for professional photographers.

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Asylum Photo: To the people complaining about "beta testing". I have both the X100 and X-Pro1, and have greatly enjoyed using both. The fact they improved focusing speed a bit, and added a couple options a half a year after release doesn't take away from the 6 months of enjoyment I had from the camera initially. IMO, the camera was ready on launch, it just wasn't perfect.

I took the system on a two week vacation to Ireland, Scotland and England and it served me incredibly well. If they would have waited until now to release the system, I would have been "stuck" with a huge DSLR system and that would have cut down on my trip enjoyment (I intentionally traveled with just one backpack).

I'm not really sure when you expect a company to release a product. There will always be improvements that can be made. It's almost like saying Apple shouldn't have released iOS 1-5, because 6 is what it should have been.

Of course a product is never going to be perfect, and I don't expect it to be. However, there's a bit difference between perfect, and 'ready for the market'. The X100 I owned was far from being ready for the market when it was released.

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On article Winter Photography in Iceland (85 comments in total)
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Michael G2: My son and I went to Iceland two summers in a row for two weeks at a time before my wife and daughter joined us for a third 2 week trip. There are no Starbucks, no McDonalds, limited wifi, no crowds, no traffic, rental cars cóst a fortune, driving through a sandstorm without "Ash" insurance cost me $3000. It's really boring, nothing to see, better to save your money and take a cruise to the Carribean...

No Starbucks?

Oh dear, they might actually make decent coffee then...

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On article Winter Photography in Iceland (85 comments in total)

Iceland looks simply stunning for hiking and photography. Pity it's about as far as you can physically go from Tasmania :)

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Credit to Fuji? Really?

Yes, it's great that they fix bugs with quick and appropriate FW updates, but perhaps if they stopped treating early-buyers like beta-testers and actually thoroughly field tested their cameras before release (think X100, X10, X-P1), there'd be no need for dramatic firmware updates.

Fuji is coming out with some amazing ideas, but it seems to me that almost all of them need another 3 months of concept development...

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DPR - why have several release announcements today fallen straight to the bottom of the page, while the 6d preview rays at the top?

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Out of interest, why are today's MFT releases getting dropped down the front page on DPR?? I didn't see this, the GH3 announcement or the Oly lens announcement because the 6D preview stayed at the top of the page so I just assumed there was nothing new...

I think the Oly lenses actually started on Page 2 :/

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On article Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 preview (80 comments in total)
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pentaxination: Panasonic needs to retire this line. At best, it is a decent video camera. That's it. Boring and shows how the m43 is nearing the end of the road. Maybe they ought to merge two m43 sensors together for some real estate to build on?

Retire the line? Are you completely retarded? Did you just forget how well the GH2 sold?

May as well tell Canon to retire the 5d and tell Nikon that the D800 is a failure.

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