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  • Commented on article Sony a7R Mark III review

    What numbers does CIPA provide regarding DSLR vs mirrorless shipments?
    I've only seen ILC vs film vs fixed lens

  • Commented on article Sony a7R Mark III review

    The real world is the real world and I don't see many DSLRs around people's necks. I mostly see O-Pens and A-X?.
    Its a no brainer. Why would the general population choose a bulky DSLR over a small...

  • Commented on article Sony a7R Mark III review

    How was that a fanboy comments? It’s the truth. If ‘Star-eater’ affects your photography than don’t buy a Sony. I don’t buy DSLRs because I don’t like the ergonomics but going into a D850 comments...

  • Commented on article Sony a7R Mark III review

    True but unless you're an astrophotographer (one of the smallest groups as far as photography goes) it doesn't matter. I think there are plenty of cameras that are cheaper that can be used for this...

  • Commented on article Sony a7R Mark III review

    First off, that didn't answer my question. Which Canon cameras are the bulk of their sales? I've seen some reports that suggest their mirrorless cameras have become their most...

  • Commented on article Sony a7R Mark III review

    Which Canon cameras are mostly contributing to their market share? My guess is it's not their DSLRs.

  • Commented on article Sony a7R Mark III review

    I think Sony captures the majority of new photographers coming into this part of the market and slowly is converting DSLR users. At some point, their efforts along with Fuji will lead to mirrorless...

  • The AF system for one, Pixel shift, much lighter, much higher resolution viewfinder, higher resolution touch screen, more compatible with legacy lenses.

  • So what you're saying is that if given the choice between something that is already arguably better and has the potential to become even more so, you would choose the lesser that will never get...

  • Interesting that people mostly focus on the now when looking at camera investment. Yes, the e-mount system doesn't have the wide selection of telephotos yet. Key word being yet. But if you're going...

  • No worries. One thing to consider is the X-T20 is smaller and only weights 100g more with 23 F2.
  • If so it's a better buy as you will get more for your money and future flexibility. The 23 F2 is a better lens than what is stuck to the X100F. A see a lot of used X100Fs for sale with the main ...
  • It comes down to what you're using it for. If you're a hobbyist or starting out as a pro and you're mostly dealing with non-commerical photography (advertising) then I think it is a great lens and ...
  • Asia is a street photographer's dream. So much character and color to be had. It's also an amazing place for landscape and city-scape photography and of course portraiture. Oh, and many cities are ...
  • The issue here is that Sony lied about the a7riii no longer having this problem. I’ve also seen several ‘notable’ sites back their claim. At least we know who to trust and not.

  • There are more gains than just pixel peeping and ability to print posters. The lenses are a step up and that bump up in res. is noticeable at any printable size. The image just looks cleaner. But, ...
  • I often find Review sample images to be more about showing off various technical capabilities and not so much about good composition. These images have better than average comp. m, the colors and...

  • History is meant to be rewritten

  • Replied in Sony Fuji Combo
    If money is no object than I’d go a7Riii + X-T20 it will give you the best of pretty much everything one could ask for in a setup.
  • @a9RIII
    Every successful business uses these tactics.
    There are a lot of talented artists out there who will even do these sorts of things for free because they are either devotees of the product...

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