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This is only the dng converter with no camera raw.

What about those of us who know dng is worthless?

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Didn't we say that this would happen?

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On article Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent (321 comments in total)

If they're a party to the Bern Convention, is this even legal?

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Deardorff: My work computer never goes online. When I decide to upgrade from CS6 it will not be with Adobe. Just getting CS6 going was a major headache with hours wasted using Adobe Tech Help.

They are getting worse and more controlling than religion.

What headaches?

installing photoshop is straight forward.

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ABM Barry: CEO Shantanu Narayen of the Adobe Indian Call Center.

He calls the shots,
He calls us all fools
He calls us into bondage

WE CALL His bluff.
WE CALL The attention of Adobe's opposition
WE CALL An end to this parasites hold on the industry.

See the liar in action, if you have any doubts after listening to him?

Cop that Ram-Jam

While it's true that there are other packages competing with PS and LR, but choosing them is a compromise.

Usually the trade-off's aren't worth it.

Light room is harder to replace than photoshop since LR is much more useful for the everyday business of handling your images.

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Try $750

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John Usa: I do not like this poor Adobe decision, and I will definitely use another software as I HATE cloud computing. I will never use cloud software.
Adobe is going to be very sorry with this ridiculous decision.

No they won't. Enough people will go along

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marike6: This is, hopefully, going to be a bigger flop than the Sony Tablet P, Apple Maps and Disney's "John Carter". Essentially giving the middle finger to loyal customers worldwide will have most hoping for a similar outcome.

Windows 7 until something better comes alone.

Windows 8 is the new vista.

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mister_roboto: I work in higher education and have greater than normal discount. I only upgrade every other version because there aren't enough good changes to merit an upgrade every version.

The cloud plan will quadruple the cost of using the software for me going by the $20 higher education discount. (even by the normal higher education discount, it still almost doubles the cost)

In a couple of years: Time to learn GIMP.

Gimp is worthless

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It's all about the money.

The cloud costs more than just buying the software.

Cloud is fine for tablets and smart phones but not major applications.

They need to rethink this.

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You can't have a story about a photo and then not include the photo.

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On article Photoshop CS6: Top 5 Features for Photographers (98 comments in total)
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36hike: Adobe Photoshop is the most bloated piece of software on the market... photographic or otherwise. If they'd spend half the energy on streamlining the product they already have, vs. continually releasing a stream of releases with minor tweaks, they might have a much larger audience.

Yeah, I get it about those who have already invested years in learning the hidden secrets of the megalith. Frankly, I'd rather spend the time photographing.

When are people going to say enough with the frosting. Please bake a new cake?

But they wouldn't have all the money.

It cost 699. Now they think people are stupid enough to subscribe to it for $50 a month for the cloud version.

That's 600 a year every year.

2 years 1200
3 years 1800

No wonder people keep pirating software.

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(unknown member): Amazing what legal power certain questions or statements carry such as "am I free to go?" My father learned to never answer a question asked by a police officer without first knowing what the intent of the question is. Sometimes a legitimate answer is interpretted very literally and once you've answered any further detail that may prove you were behaving legally is almost beside the point. Whenever you are asked any question your answer can lead to the reasonable suspicion that will land you in jail unjustly.

You mean LIE?

Go ahead, you can say it.

We know.

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Kenster: Sure, it's our constitutional rights to photograph such and such but also has to remember in good ol USA, how much justice can you afford? If you get arrested or detained, do you have $10,000 to pay for a criminal lawyer's retainer fee? Talk is cheap until you talk to a lawyer. Since most of us don't photograph for living, it's better to put your tail between the legs and jump through the loops~

And because of cowards like you, the rest of us find it harder to defend our rights.

Stay home with the drapes closed, would you please?

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Brad Ross: I was in a public town park and came upon a little league game. I thought it would be a good opportunity to try and catch some images of a ball caught in mid air. A parent asked if I was the official photographer and I said no the pictures were for me. A few minutes later a father/coach came over and ask me to not take any pictures of the children. The parents did not give me permission. He said that I could take pictures of any tree or flower in the park but not children. I was take aback and shocked and embarrassed. I said okay, and turned around and left. I guess I should have asked permission or introduced myself ahead of time but the game was already in progress

You don't need permission in a public place.

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Wally Brooks: Your Tripod will get you in trouble. You have the right to photograph however you do not have the right to block the sidewalk without a permit. This is considered blocking the sidewalk and interfering with access and egress by the public. This is covered by zoning laws and is constitutional. Attaching a camera on gorilla pod to a structure also requires permission and or a permit. Keep this in mind when in public. But what about..... there are no exceptions and a permit is required. Shoot without a tripod to avoid the issue and yes it interferes with your creative vision.

Using a tripod doesn't block the sidewalk.

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smafdy: For all of the knee-jerk knuckleheads dissing the ACLU, they have defended your patron saint — Rush Limbaugh — on numerous occasions, and at no cost to the gigantic, bloviating, hate-filled windbag.

On a related note, does anyone else ever wonder why there are cameras on almost every light post nowadays, but virtually none in our courtrooms or in the meeting chambers or offices of our government officials?

I defy you to show once instance where the windbag spouted hate.

You can't.

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BMWX5: Can this fan use the ACLU guide against the security of this stadium or not?

Property owners have one authority and one only. They can tell you to leave or allow you to stay. Period. And you can bet I'll still be snapping photos on my way to the property line and there ain't jack they can do about it.

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