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Beat Traveller: DPR 2 years ago: "Everyone is going to buy these new full-frame cameras because bigger sensors are just better."

DPR now: "Hang on a second, there's such a thing as a sweet spot in sensor size."

I don't disagree with anything written here, I just find it amusing.

Ugh, it really turns me off when people flaunt their degrees to boost their egos. Believe me Rishi, a lot of people here are degree holders and very well educated. You're not the only one.

Link | Posted on Mar 23, 2017 at 00:25 UTC
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Chipchase: I echo the comment by gfkphoto, and think this article should be taken off the site.

Although I disagree with many points within the article, I think it is essentially an opinion piece and should stay for the sake of discovery and discussion.

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CeleryBeats: Conclusion: Working for dpreview doesn't make enough money to buy a mf camera if you would wish to do so... ;)

Reviewers are not working photographers.

Btw; the pentax mf image in the comparison has motion blur.

Exactly. I wish DPreview would hire actual working photographers to review gear along with the technical pixel peepers to give another perspective.

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The 20mm 1.7 will fit perfectly with this.

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I wonder what are the practical implications of this experiment?

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On article Women Photograph is a directory of female photographers (218 comments in total)

My cousin is quite a successful wedding and events coordinator with a lot of high profile clients. When she hires photography staff she looks only at three things: portfolio, professional/work record, and work ethic. Everything else is inconsequensial. Interestingly enough they have more female photographers then male ones.

Link | Posted on Feb 22, 2017 at 10:08 UTC as 25th comment | 1 reply

For a x100t user like me I don't see any reason to upgrade. Yep there are great ergonomic updates like the joystick but the IQ is essentially the same. Now if Fuji had updated the lens thats a different story.

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AngularJS: Another $2k MFT? If the trend continues, FF cameras will start look like a bargain :)

As a pro video camera this is actually quite a good deal.

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stevo23: Always a dilemma with photography and events like this. Why was he taking pictures and not helping? Why did he publish those photos and thereby give the guy a forum? If you're not asking these questions, you should worry. Journalism is at heart voyeuristic, crass and burlesque, but without it, I think we would be overrun by tyrants.

I'm sure there is very little you can do in this situation.

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The Onion has predicted the future! The touch bar heralds the coming of the Macbook Wheel!

Link | Posted on Dec 14, 2016 at 15:47 UTC as 9th comment

You can't help but give props to Casio for making all these odd ball cameras. I'm skeptical but I hope it delivers because we need more experimentation like this to drum up more interest in our fledgling market

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On article Canon is selling a gray version of the Rebel T6 (147 comments in total)
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starwolfy: Leica has way more taste when color and look is involved. This looks like a toy.

Leica is also several time more expensive. But I agree, this is thing is one ugly camera.

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On article Affinity Photo beta now available for Windows (78 comments in total)
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D200_4me: No thanks. I only need Lightroom (which is a product I've been very happy with for a few years now).

Its not a DAM like Lightroom. Its more a competitor of Photoshop.

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florianpainke2: According to Amazon stats, preorders seem to be going just fine... It seems quite a few people are willing to pay 2k for a camera like this, no matter if others understand or not. :)
For now I'm happy with the e-m5 ii, but I know I will want the deep grip and more pro control layout at one point, maybe some time next year.
Honestly, I don't understand this debate at all. If you're not willing to pay the money, it's obviously not the camera for you. There's loads of other nice cameras out there. It's that simple. Why do you all make it your personal problem whether Olympus can sell these cameras at that price, or whether m4/3 is dead or not? Wasted time ...

Happens all the time to all high priced gear from Leica to Apple. Company releases gear with high price, forum warriors whine about price but market still buys said gear and company makes profit regardless.

Link | Posted on Nov 6, 2016 at 21:52 UTC

They should have cut prices of their Macbook Pro instead.

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PieterB: I just wonder why Mac users put up with all the idiocy from Apple.
If Windows machines would do the types of stupid stunts that Apple does, everybody would protest.

They design a beautiful, very nice looking very slim device. But in order to get all your peripherals working, you need tons of adapters. Unless you want to replace all your devices every time. Which is clearly what Apple hopes you will do.

And they give you a less functional device but charge you a couple of hundreds dollars more. And most Apple fan-boys seem to swallow this every time.
I can't get it. I think you have to be infected with the Apple bug to understand this.

But that Apple trend that form always goes before functionality just seems stupid. At least in my eyes.

You dont have to buy the Surface if you need an SD card slot there are many other powerful Windows notebooks with one.

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Eric Calabros: I hate SD cards. Honestly I hate any card. Why should I remove the storage and put in another place to copy my files? Its damn too old school in 2016. Yea wifi implementation in almost any camera sucks. But its not Apple's fault. Why is Apple to blame for a Japanese problem?

We might be waiting for quite a while before we will be painlessly transferring our multi gig RAW files wirelessly.

Link | Posted on Nov 5, 2016 at 14:29 UTC
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Phillip Lynch: I will never ever never forgive them for killing Aperture,they haven't realize that one software have made a lot of photographer bypass the mac pro.

@Hannu108 If this is true, I loth Adobe even more.

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Paniko: My '96 Testarossa had a fairly good cassette reader. Now, somebody at Ferrari tought that the new Aperta should not have one! HOW CAN I LISTEN MY MILLI VANILLI HITS?!
Ferrari is doomed! Enzo is turning in his grave! :D

Unlike the cassette tape, the sd card is not obsolite yet.

Link | Posted on Nov 4, 2016 at 01:01 UTC

Hey Phil, have you tried wirelessly transfering 64gb worth of raw files yet?

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