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Carl Mucks: What do you get by giving up one stop? -- Nothing of importance, only more software corrections.

Fuji likes to put their gear on sale regularly. I get my Fuji this way. If one is patent they can probably get this way below SRP.

Link | Posted on Aug 25, 2016 at 23:07 UTC
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photofan1986: Cool! Nice lens from Fuji. But am I the only one to find the design...kind of ugly?

I find it looks good with the xpro2. Then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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straylightrun: Why can't Fujifilm make this a pancake lens like the Canon 22mm f/2? Is it because they intentionally made it big so as to not cannibalize their x100 line?

If you look at photos of cutouts of the x100 series a chunck of the lens if buried within the body.

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Under The Sun: Almost funded this. Good thing I held back the last minute. Kickstarter is such a gamble sometimes.

Theoretically, the person/company that uses Kickstarter does use our money as part of their capital to complete and deliver the finished product so yes we do fund it.

Also who said anything about investing?!!

Link | Posted on Aug 11, 2016 at 09:35 UTC

Almost funded this. Good thing I held back the last minute. Kickstarter is such a gamble sometimes.

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For those saying the mirrorless will catch up and be the defacto standard against DSLRs. Perhaps the bodies will be better in every way in 5 years but remember it will take more then a couple of years for even a company like Sony to build a lens ecosystem as vast as Canon or Nikon. Plus to match Canikon's support network Sony needs to invest a lot of resources training personel and setting up shop globally. Not an easy thing in this day and age of the shrinking camera market and limited resources. Remember Canikon not only had the advantage of many decades of developing their system but also they were the one that benifited the most during the boom times of the camera industry. I think that mirrorless might eventually get there but it will most likely take longer then we think.

Link | Posted on Jul 27, 2016 at 22:46 UTC as 17th comment
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justmeMN: BTW, today Canon announced that they sold 1.5 million interchangeable lens cameras last quarter, and projected sales of 5.5 million interchangeable lens cameras this year.

Since we are talking about sales numbers of cameras. How many interchangeable mirrorless camera units did Sony, Olympus, and Fujifilm sold compaired to Canon again?

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ttran88: Gotta love the Sony and mirror less comments in a photo full of Canon gear. The insecurities of DSLR shooters are too funny. LoL

I love my xpro2, my GH4, and x100t but the chatter of the mirrorless people in the comments section are like a bunch of ugly dudes looking at a bunch of sexy hot super models and quiping "Meh, I had better."

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Deliverator: Clearly, those guys at Getty don't know what their doing. The A6300 or the NX1 can do the job better for a lot less $.

It really though to follow fast moving subjects with an EVF. OVF remains superior for action. Plus battery life and technical support.

Link | Posted on Jul 27, 2016 at 09:53 UTC
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Kona Mike: The web is finally ditching Adobe Flash, it is about time there was a legimate alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Oh Serif please make your future DAM as responsive and intuitive as Aperture.

Link | Posted on Jul 23, 2016 at 14:12 UTC
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Kona Mike: The web is finally ditching Adobe Flash, it is about time there was a legimate alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Please make your DAM as intuitive and fast as Aperture.

Link | Posted on Jul 22, 2016 at 14:58 UTC

One of the best candidates for future photoshop killer. Its still in its infancy but I still bought it just to support the company.

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neoroblitz: Probably the only company that announces non limited edition colors on an existing lineup and made it to the headlines....

nothing changed but a coat of paint.......

Im doubtful myself but an 8k lens afterall. Who knows.

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AlbertSiegel: It seems there is a controversy about his story being true. http://www.podniesinski.pl/portal/attention-seeking-kid-keow-wee-loong/

Thank you. This clears a lot of questions. Shame on him

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Triplet Perar: Fujifilm makes cameras nobody really *needs*.
I don't think they fulfil any real need, nor cover any gap that hasn't been already addressed better, nor have any historic relevance (mount). They are there just because Fuji wants to supplement their exit from film emulsion industry with something else. They want to "feel busy".
Cameras are made after some pseudo-nostalgic retro fashion, "a memory of good ol' days", but are ugly and feel cheap in hands even by retro standards. They are crammed full with modern functions and a myriad of options which defy any retro design to be used properly.
Actually, they are the worst of both worlds. BUT, that's what users *want*, endless redundancy and retro-escapism — and Fujifilm will deliver.

Ironic considering the same can be said with Leica.

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eazizisaid: If only i've bought a Fuji instead of a Sony. I need prime lenses but sure as hell i can't afford any !

Sony gave an impression that the system will somewhat be affordable... well guess what, you need a native 85mm ? It's 1200$ for a 1.8 lens ! You need a fast 35mm ? take that 1600$ for you sir ! A 50mm 1.4 ? 1500$ ! A good 24-70 ? 2200$... because the one that cost 1000$ is rubbish...

Take note you can get Fuji gear much cheaper than SRP by being smart and waiting for one of the many sales and special promotions Fujifilm likes to do throughout the year.

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James Wages: Sad to see all the negative posts by legalists and naysayers. I've lived in central Honshu for nearly 21 years and was here during that big quake. I for one appreciate seeing the photos. Best wishes to the photographer and to DPReview for posting his work.

I agree, regardless of the technical ability of the photographer, the risks involved, or the intentions of self promotion, I truly appreciate being able to have a glimps of places there few eyes have laid upon. For me this is somewhat similar to the photographs taken in forbidden locations like Chernobyl and North Korea.

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DuxX: Excellent captures of a terrible accident. This is what nuclear technology will bring to us in future. Now it is happened in Japan. Tomorrow can be everywhere else. Human kind must stop with exploitation of nuclear energy. Immediately. :/

How accurate is the 0 deaths In Fukushima considering there is basically an information blackout by the Japanese government. Also Im curious on the long term health and ecological consequences of this event.

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moimoi: I am suprised by the number of negative comments regarding that article. I am actually very surprised indeed. He did something that most of us will never do. He shared his work and then he gets praises or criticisms. Fair enough. Now, out of curiosity, I would suggest to check and browse his FB photography page as he has done tons of things I will never do myself.

Again you may or may not agree with what he has done, but that bashing is kind of out of proportion. Give the man some credits for what he has done. Remember we have not done it. He has.

Just my 2 cents.

Yeah, Im quite surprised at the negativity as well. I thought the shots were interesting and worth at least some interest.

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Marty4650: It really strikes me as odd that everyone just left everything and walked away.

Had that happened in the USA, there would have been looting, despite any risk of radiation.

Williamj, remember I qualified my observation with "The Japanese I saw" which was on the people I saw in the several shelters I have visited and served. As for your claim, its very plausible, anything can happen in times of crisis but it does not change the fact the people, especially the victims, I encountered in those shelters kept their discipline and dignity. Something I don't see often in disaster areas, and I have been to quite a number of them.

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