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btw, maybe just my humble observation, it seem like the new sensor is more noisier than the old one an scarify more that just me?

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...The irony of life about the X10 is a dream that never come true...I have to say for the longest time I am angry, very angry and disappointment regarding this little camera. I guess I am passionate about my camera gear, doesn't matter is just a P&S or a Leica M, I wanted the X10 to success and be my little companion so much...but then after many, many tries and error and denial. I finally came to a conclusion that it was not the "Dream" little P&S which I have longing for. I know I am not the only one here share my sentiment. Like any break up of a relationship, first you denial, hen you cry and anger but at the end you just have to accept the true, which stage are you in, all my X10 dreamer friends?

PS: I sold mine back on March to a real estate firm as their business camera, honestly, I missed the little bugger, I might even give Fuji another chance when they finally get their act together and ship out the "FINALLY FINAL" version of the X10 or Xxxs!

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Ever since Fuji announced the X10 back in April, 2011. I patiently waited and finally bought one in November, 2011. Love all the aspect of this litle wonder but then went on a trip with family and a lot of shots of my family were ruined due to the white orb on water reflection and night shots. Still, I hoped Fuji will release a firmware upgrade to fix the problem, waited patiently for the FW then installed it. Then went to Paris for a business trip and took some pictures of the beautiful Parisian night...many shots were ruined again, disappointed. Contacted my friend who is the manager at the local dealer and exchanged the X10 twice and the same problem occurred. Felt very bad to bother my friend again I contacted Fuji myself and they told me that they receive no complain about the "Orb" regarding X10 except myself. Unfortunately I recommended this camera to my cousin in Hong Kong before I found out the Orb issue and his X10 had the same issue and Fuji HK told him the same.

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After all this fuss and madness surrounding the X10, has anyone think about how "Good" the X10 really is? Personally, at 2011 November standard, yes the X10 was a very good camera in many area and for some people as a sentimental reason to love it, but at 2012 May standard, there are many other small compact DC easily beat X10 in all area without even mentioning the "Sensor" issue. Canon G1X, Panasonic GX1, Canon S100, Nikon P310, Olympus XZ1, Pentax Q, Sony Nex-C3, Leica X1, etc.

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Photographically Speaking: Maybe Fuji should fire all of their quality control people.

I never experienced the orb issue because I used the X10 in the daytime only but I'd be miffed if I still owned it because such defect devalue a model. I sold mine right at what I purchased it for, try that now!

Nice job, Fuji.

At the approach of danger there are always two voices that speak with equal force in the heart of man: one very reasonably tells the man to consider the nature of the danger and the means of avoiding it; the other even more reasonable says that it is too painful and harassing to think of the danger, since it is not a man's power to provide for everything and escape from the general march of events; and that it is therefore better to turn aside from the painful subject till it has come, and to think of what is pleasant. In solitude a man generally yields to the first voice; in society to the second.

LEO TOLSTOY, War and Peace

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Sunshine_boy: Well done DPR for immediately putting the new X10 sensor to the test. Readers can judge for themselves the improvement 'before & after'. Your test would have been even more useful if you included the same image taken by another 2-3 cameras of the same class. Then your test results would have been even more informative.

If you cannot add the other cams' images here, I hope you include them in your full X10 review.

X-Pro1 has major auto focusing lag issue, plus all the new Fujinon lenses has shutter chatter problem.

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Hen3ry: Now let’s hear the sucking sound of withdrawals from all those who worked themselves into a froth damning Fuji and affirming they would not deliver!

Well done, Fuji, and well done DPReview for rushing these images through.

Cheers, geoff

They are losing money faster than you say yo! They need cash quick before following Kodak footstep. Therefore they push out all Beta or prototype products to generate revenue.

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R Thornton: I 've had a fair share of new camera failures in my time (I am looking right at you Nikon!) and let's say I was less than impressed by how I was treated as a customer. So, I wouldn't be all too harsh on Fuji for this one, 'cause it seems like it will all play out well.
However, if they packaged the repaired-sensor camera as a "new" model, x10s or y11 or whatever, and sold it at a slightly higher price to wrench the cost of their failure from the customers after all, that I would resent.

I owned Nikon EM, FM2, F3HP, FE, FM3a, F601, F801, F2002, F90, F4, F5, D70, D1X, D2, D200, D300s and D7000 plus many lenses and compact Digital and 35mm P&S and never experience any problem form Nikon. DOn't know wtf were you talking about.

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Remember, people, the new Real New X11 or X20 is just around the corner!

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BTW, My buddy who work for XinMaoYuanMing digital technology Co., Ltd. in China which produce most of the LCD and LED screen for Fuji, Nikon, Sony, Canon,etc. told me that Fujifilm are working on the replacement of the X10. They have already ordered and contracted the new screen for the X10s or X11 expecting coming before this coming holiday season.

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My question is;

Many stores in the world still selling those "Orbed X10", My friend who work at Future shop as a manager in Canada told me that they receive no mention or memo about the existing stock of X10 will be recall or exchange. My cousin who work at a camera store in Hong Kong also told me the same. Is that mean until a new shipment of those "NEW X10" ship out, Fujifilm will continue let consumer in the whole world buy off all the remaining stock, then wait for a small % of customer discover they are sucker and send it in for repair, but majority of SUCKERS who bought the remaining old stock will be Suckers as usual. That is not honest enough for me, they are still in a cheating mode.

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On article Canon acknowledges 'light leak' in the EOS 5D Mark III (253 comments in total)

It is a "Light leak" from somewhere physically whitin the body, not a software could a firmware upgrade fix it????

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On article Canon acknowledges 'light leak' in the EOS 5D Mark III (253 comments in total)
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Khizer: I have owned Canon EOS film cameras for many years and have been impressed with their robustness. My EOS 10s 35mm film SLR must have done some 500,000 shutter actuations, and still exposes perfectly.
However....present day manufacturing is probably not of the same quality. Last year, I bought the Powershot S100 in January and it has already stopped working due to the notorious 'lens error'. Now we are hearing of light leak in a flagship model.

Maybe it is time I took a punt on Nikon D800 instead of the 5D Mk III. Somebody, tell me I am overreacting.......

Nikon D3X to D4, D700 to D800, D90 to D7000, D3000 to D3100, D5000 to D5100, etc. All have significant improvement from the last generation.

Canon 50D to 60D, 500D to 600D, G12 to G1X, 5DmkII to 5DmkIII, all of them built quality dropped, noise tolerant dropped, Picture sharpness dropped. User friendliness dropped. Don't even mentioning the quality of their lenses...

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On article Canon acknowledges 'light leak' in the EOS 5D Mark III (253 comments in total)
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Edmond Leung: An extremely serious issue while Canon is announcing the 1D C.
How come this could happen in a Japanese manufacturing plant? No way!
Canon should immediately take appropriate steps to find out and rectify the problems.
Is there any other malfunction in other models? Canon should have a full check of all product design and manufacturing process; and make prevention for further failure.

Made in Japan doesn't mean a jack shXX anymore, just look at what happen to all those"Made in Japan" Fuji camera...

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On article Canon acknowledges 'light leak' in the EOS 5D Mark III (253 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: I am sure Canon will correct this as soon as possible. It is good that they are publicly acknowledging it though.


Just can't stand for you KINDS---->Canon FANBOY!

I knew also everyone in our local area camera store and before I purchased my wife a D7000, i checked out its repair/ return/ exchange and complain ratio from all my buddies from all those store and the ration of something wrong with the D7000 is like 1 in 130ish units. Meanwhile, the 60D, 5DmkII and the 7D is a almost 50/50 split. Don't tell me all 5 major camera store and most of their sale guy are all NIKON fanboys!

BTW, the D7000 is perfect, no bright spot on live view, no focusing issue, no oil leak,etc. I heard only place like Hong Kong or somewhere hot and humid could cause those kind of issue in ANY electronic products, I live in part of Canada always cool and dry, no issue at all.

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lajka: Everybody`s babbling about the sensor technology and Fujis let downs and the duds bought and so on. The truth is, ask Alex Jones, that it is an invasion of WHITE ORBS under way and every sane mind would see it. In case you don`t know what White ORBS are, I`ll reveal that much, that it`s a kind of zombie syndrom inflicted by the NEW WORLD ORDERs ILLUMINATI executives on the gullible population of slave consumers. The most common signes are the eyeballs white orbing when, for example the customer realizes that his newly bought 1K$ cameras sensor´s blooming while his bloom tree`s not. . It`s a worldwide conspiration connocted on mt. FUJI and relayed throught mt.Olympus to the mt.McKidding. Get rid of the WHITE ORBS. Put the film back on your eyes and start to SEE!


You are probably one of those sleazy second hand car salesman type and lied to all those 10 X10 customers that you sold to...What? No! Right, you told them and warn them about the X10 famous ORBS, I seriously doubted it. Liar, scumbag salesman.

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"I did not have sexual relations with that woman. --Bill Clinton

"This ‘blooming’ effect can occur with ALL digital cameras which use CMOS sensors . . ." ---Fujifilm

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Ben Raven: This release statement is tuned by the Fuji Legal Swat Team to allow as much escape and wiggle room as possible for any and all liability issues,
and importantly in their culture to SAVE FACE.

Sounding more like a normal announcement of a new sensor advance than any answer to foisting a known-to-be-defective sensor, note it does not really make any PRECISE commitment.
They talk not of a fix, but of "being happy to provide this improvement".
Really, Fuji, REEAALLY ?!

A principle of consumer law is what a buyer can reasonably expect as to the performance of a device.
Certainly, when buying a CAMERA, a consumer can reasonably expect it to be able to take pictures, THAT VIRTUALLY EVERY SINGLE CAMERA EVER MADE COULD TAKE !

As someone with a close friend with an X10, with the new "Orb Feature", I hope that Fuji will do the right thing and, without further finagling of the sensor bagel, replace them FREE, if only for their reputation and sales.
We will all see what they do, and take note

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman. --Bill Clinton

"This ‘blooming’ effect can occur with ALL digital cameras which use CMOS sensors . . ." ---Fujifilm

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The matter of fact is: Fuji are still getting away in certain degree...My buddy from Hong Kong who actually work for one of the biggest electronic distributor told me there is no mentioning in any press or memo about the exchange or swap sensor for X10 user. They don't even mention anything about the faulty sensor at all, so I came to conclusion:

1). Either all these non-English speaking Fuji Customers are all bunch of SUCKERS.

or 2). Like many electronic products from Japan when they supply to their domestic market or most Asian market, those products usually come with better packages, options, incentives and better quality,etc. Then we are all SUCKERS , then.

and Fuji are still advertising how amazing the X10 are in many non-English speaking countries.

Look at the upper banner on this most popular Camera site in Hong Kong/ Taiwan and China.

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GaryJP: Maybe the most amusing thing in all this is how those who attacked us "orb-crusaders" and "anti-Fuji conspirators", and said orbs were not such a big deal, have now become the first to put their names on the list for the sensor replacement.


Because there are many hypocrites out in this world...and I hate them all...

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