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Really BAD idea.
Duct tape will leave sticky residue all over anything you put it on.
GAFFER'S tape Looks the same but is entirely different.
Trust an old Pro on this.
Gaffer's tape IS the real deal.
Any good film supply house or camera store will have plenty of Gagger's Tape onhand
John Sharpe/Sharpeshots

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I'll say it here.
The X100 is like being married to the most beautiful woman alive...
With the worst lisp you've ever heard.
In some ways it's incredibly beautiful. But then you have to USE it.
The files, unfortunately, are so unbelievable, unique and delicious, that I've hung on to the thing if only for that.
Having to format the card every single time after I've downloaded the images to my MAC, is crazy. The startup times are ridiculous otherwise.
Minimize the AF area, (it's in the Manual) and try AF-C instead of AF-S, its quite an improvement. I noticed a different 'feel' as soon as I did the Firmware update. It's like the Meds finally kicked in on the thing.
Now, I put the lenscap down somewhere in my apartment last night and using it's magic lenscap properties, it teleported itself to the same planet as single socks do in the dryer.
Try finding a replacement for THAT.
Uh huh, Hong Kong with a 20 buck rush FedEx charge.
It's an unnerving contraption but I ain't giving up on it yet.

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