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3 USB ports is not enough! Why stop at three when 4 is the requisite? 4 USB ports are essential for heavy auxiliary users - three USB 3.0 and one USB Thunderbolt 3.0. Only three means we need a hub, more expense more inconvenience more weight more mess. Brain dead engineers think they know what is what, as if they know what's best for us😩

If it had four USB ports and the price was $1500 then I'd consider it. Until then, I can get a 15" Asus Laptop with four USB ports at $1400

Shove your USB hub where the sun doesn't shine.

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When a camera company brings out a camera that reaches a true 100% rating, as in nigh-on petfect, then I'll sell my house to buy it. In the meantime DXO is a charlatan website imo.

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D200_4me: I'll take a mirrorless version, please. With phase detect AF and all the modern goodies we all love on a mirrorless. A great EVF is a must of course.

Canon has one in the pipeline, mirrorless fullframe.

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Canon is about to release new cameras with new sensors... combine that with dual pixel autofocus and Nikon has lost already; and I'm not a Canon fanboy, but there are obvious aspects where the D850 is deficient or at least not supreme, not least of which is video spec, I mean 'true' video spec, ala Panasonic GH5😁

Then comes Sony's next-gen offerings. The D850 is way overpriced, but obviously Nikon thinks we have stupid written on our foreheads.

100 infers that it's petfect, when in reality it's far from it. DXO is a hoax phantom website imo😩

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Yet at almost half the price the Pentax K1 smashes the D850 in the "Sports" rating, and practically matches it in the portrait and landscape ratings👻

How can a camera be rated at 100% when other cameras perform better than it in certain other categories??

The 100% rating infers that it's a perfect camera, when in reality not only is it not, but there's no such thing. Seems to me that bang-for-buck in competitor cameras holds more weight as a criteria for buying.

And the D850 certainly doesn't have the supremo dual pixel autofocus of Canon, and it doesn't have 10bit video with 4:2:2 video recording with full sensor readout either.

Sorry, but afaic the DXO method of testing is not the be-all and end-all, in fact itvs quite misleading imo.

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Strange that they omitted the "OnePlus 5" score from the list. It was 87.

My problem with iPhones is the weight (202gms in the case of the iPhone 8 Plus) and the amount of bezel around the edges, unacceptable.

I base my buying decision on the weight of the phone, assuming that the specs are up to snuff of course. At 173gms the Galaxy S8 is out of the question.

Fortunately the forthcoming LG V30 has all the finesse of the iPhone X (174gms) with the same all-screen design but is lighter at 158gms. The V30 also has an audiophile-grade Quad DAC/Amp for High Res music (B&O earbuds included), plus IP68, plus bluetooth 5.0, plus wireless streaming via aptX HD, plus an OLED screen with HDR10 support... and the LG V30 is definitely cheaper, so it gets my money. LG claim that the new cameras on the V30 will offer picture quality on-par with DSLRs, so this will be interesting indeed

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On article iPhone X: What you need to know (411 comments in total)

OnePlus 5 - slicker than slick, and only $479. It has 8gb ram and a Snapdragon835 cpu and an awesome dual-lens camera (highest ever score on DXO) and Gorilla Glass 5 and awesome battery-life and the world's best fast-charging and the phone itself weighs less than 160gms

Did someone recently mention something about a new iPhone X thingy which apparently has some ram and an OS and no headphone port and no home button, and all for $1500?

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Without a removable battery I will never pay such an outrageous price. A $400 Android phone does the same things, has Gorilla Glass 5, has the same size battery and has a Snapdragon 835 cpu, so why would I pay for a silly prententious outrageously overpriced sh_tty iPhone??

These manufacturers are expecting us to throw the phone away after three years when the battery is not optimal anymore, planned obscelescence - but not on my ship. I will stick with $300 Android phones - $100 a year (30¢ a day) for a phone is all I'm willing to stomach.

Bring back removable batteries and I'll happily pay $699 for a phone.

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Medium Format is dead-in-the-water.

Give me the next forthcoming FullFrame backside-illuminated 24mp sensor from Sony and I'll never look back or forward, I'll be set for life. Combine that with 4K 10bit 4:2:2 video with no pixel-binning, no lineskipping & ALL-I 400mbps video with 7ms latency, and I'll blow you away on-time, every time.

Dedicated cameras will always have a place, oh unless Kim Jong Un hits that red button, then we're all screwed😁

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Medium Format is dead-in-the-water.

Give me the next forthcoming FullFrame backside-illuminated 24mp sensor from Sony and I'll never look back or forward, I'll be set for life. Combine that with 4K 10bit 4:2:2 video with no pixel-binning, no lineskipping & ALL-I 400mbps video with 7ms latency, and I'll blow you away in-time every time.

Dedicated cameras will always have a place, oh unless Jum Jong Un hits that red button, then we're all screwed😁

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On article Video: Olympus OM-D E-M10 III 4K sample reel (112 comments in total)
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ozturert: So people keep asking "this is like EM10 II with 4K, why did Olympus even release this?"
Well, in the age of "why doesn't ... camera have any 4K video?" questions, saying "only added 4K" is strange.
In fact, you get 4K video with industry leading image stabilization, very good small camera that still takes excellent pictures, EVF etc.. only for 650 USD.
If Olympus added more and more functions, changed the sensor and some other stuff and priced this 999 USD, then everyone would jump again. Instead, they added some minor functions and 4K video and kept the price very reasonable.
Impossible to make this group happy, isn't it :)

Problem is the codec might be crap plus low mbps. Saying it has 4K video means nothing. It's all about the quality of the codec and the processing and the data-rate & 4:2:2 & 10bit. 4K is a marketing spiel, but 4K with a proper codec and full-sensor readout and 10bit is where it's at, especially if it has no jello & low-latency.

Video is just a codec + cpu power. Can be done easily but these companies are deliberately messing with our heads. Backroom talks between CEOs restricting the codec & processing!

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On article Video: Olympus OM-D E-M10 III 4K sample reel (112 comments in total)

It doesn't do full sensor readout, lineskipping or pixel-binning is involved.

And what is the data-rate/mbps? Does Fujifilm mention it? And is it ALL-I or IPB?

And they should have given this the same sensor as on the Panasonic GH5, better low-light performance and cleaner overall image and improved dynamic range.

Actually, I think Olympus & Panasonic should dump 4/3rds and move to APS/C

See what Sony does next. I'm hoping for 10bit & 4:2:2

8bit video is dregs garbage

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On article Samsung unveils 256GB EVO Plus microSD card (90 comments in total)

One thing that many comments here are forgetting, the reason why it's worth having. It's valuable to me because apart from the fact it's 256BGs capacity and can be used in an SD adapter case to make it usable in anything, "it is magnet-proof, temperature-proof, waterproof and x-ray-proof. Plus a 10-year warranty accompanies the durability promises."

When this thing drops to $75, it'll be an absolute steal

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Nectar D Or: Just counted 9 (!!) NEX bodies announced by Sony in about 2.5 years.

How can anyone keep track? Is there really a difference between those cameras?

I find it hard to take the guys at Sony seriously. Either there is something really wrong with those bodies that need to be replaced every 6 months, or this is just the marketing people ordering the engineers around.

The lens alone is worth the price of entry, that new 16-50 introduced with the NEX6 is an absolute ripper with its optical performance. And the proven sensor combined with the new Bionz processor simply tops-off the package.

As long as this thing has exposure bracketing, well really this would have to be the best value for money EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) camera on the market, and it is lightweight too plus good battery life relatively speaking. For the 'Less-is-more' crowd' this is a dream come true with tried and true technologies; not much to criticize at this price-point i say.

The sensor combined with the new Bionz processor will even outperform the NEX6 since the NEX6 does not have the new Bionz processor. If i was totally strapped for cash this would be it, however, i'm tossing-up between the upcoming Samsung NX300 and the Alpha 58 depending on review results in the noise performance from these two. What a great time to be in the camera market.

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SulfurousBeast: I was about to buy an ILC as secondary camera, but this release has had me thinking...atlast really meaningful updates to the rebel - 9 Cross Type Focus points, Touch Screen, 5 FPS, Stereo Mic, Continous AF in Video - Nice job Canon. Will wait till the holiday season though.

I can hear huge thunderous bangs in the distance, Oh look! It's a transformer! No! It's superman, No! It's big-bird from sesame street, No! It's a train, No! It's a nuclear-shower coming our way! No! It's a formula one car, No! It's ulley barber and the 40 theives, No! It's the Nikon d5200 special-forces with nitro, coming to settle scores, WHOA! LOOK OUT!
Hang on! I hear more thuds! It's a ghost, No! It's a lawnmower, No! It's a sniper with a shotgun in the 40 watt range, No! It's a New Zealand rugby team, No! it's a Boeing dreamliner, No! It's a team of bank-robbers, No! It's a truck, Damn, get a load of that, It's the Pentax K5 replacement, and it's drunk and angry that someone would try to steal it's thunder, what? Full weather-sealing you say, plus the kitchen sink, and icing to boot; well raise my rent and i'll be a monkeys uncle, gimmie dat! They breed them tough at Pentax, especially their heavyweights which always go down swinging...In thurrr bluuue cooornerrr!

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60i video at 24 mbps, yawn...Talk about a budget camera, going by the specs neither of these two new Sony's are worthy of any consideration, but at least a total amateur can have a top-notch 16 megapixel sensor at a great price. Currently the Sony a57 is in my sights, but the 16 megapixel sensor in the Pentax K01 outperforms the Sony sensor. The Pentax has lower noise, and that's what is important to me, all other things being equal. Also the Pentax has manual level audio control in the video features but the Sony does not, that is a big difference to anyone shooting video.

Don't forget the upcoming Nikon D5200 will be something to be reckoned with, Nikon isn't going to take all this commotion lying down, and the Nikon 24 megapixel sensor outperforms both the 16 and 24 megapixel Sony sensor in terms of lower noise in RAW files.
For those who are wondering, the viewfinder in the Sony a57 is big and and clear, none of that tunnel vision like a lot of other midrange SLR's, more pro-like.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D3200 preview samples gallery (499 comments in total)
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TrojMacReady: Besides obvious differences in the look of the sensors themselves, the relatively high shadow noise (push a couple yourself) at base ISO, seems to be the clear give away that we're not looking at a Sony Exmor 24MP sensor. Especially given the fact that these are jpegs, with NR.

Now listen here Nikon and you people! Realize and understand this! defraction at this pixel density on this APS/C sensor kicks in at F6.3 and believe me defraction is extremely detrimental to Image-Quality. Why would anyone bother to buy a so-called "pin-sharp" expensive lens if its sharpness is completely destroyed by defraction at F6.3 upwards. Simply look at real world 100% magnification shots and do the comparsions; Basically only F5.6 is gonna give you the sharp images you want, any smaller aperture beyond that F8 or F11 and the shots will be near useless for serious pgotographers and even enthusiasts who want decent quality sharp shots, no matter how expensive your lens is. Defraction is a very real problem to this whole situation; so to sum up, at APS/C sensor size combined with this pixel density, an aperture of F8 and beyond is basically useless. Now is that what you really want? And why isn't Nikon and Canon openly admitting such a thing? Think about that! Its a sad reality.

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kff: What a great ! Remote control of camera by Wi-Fi ...

and Where is mount of tripod on the tablets or two mounts for beeter stability ?
... maybe a new Galaxy Tab 3 etc.:)

I want to get it and AFadapter for my Pentax lenses ... :)

It only needs add a radio TTL control for external flashes.
Maybe it is possible to do it in the controll Android device:
sw and hw solution ...

Next step would be a sharing memory of camera and tablet via a special high speed connection etc.

Well actually it never ceases to amaze me just how stupid these companies are. Clearly they are not trying to attract the enthusiast market with their cameras. If they want to compete they have to value-add, do it all with better quality, and at a lower price. Hasn't Samsung heard of AVCHD 2.0. 1920-1080 at 60fps at 28mbps. Why do they "insist" on not giving it to us despite it being freely available to them and easy to implement. Gosh, these new Samsungs only have a CIPA rating of 310 shots, and that 20 megapixel sensor is even noisier than Sony's 24 mp sensor. Samsung is supposed to be a world-class electronics company competing at the upper echelons of electronics and they keep coming out with junk. Unbelievable, i do not make excuses for these stupid antics like other people do, and i will never accept such incompetence, in this day and age there is no excuse for utter stupidity and bad implementation of technology, no matter what niche they are claiming to address, simple as that!

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No Bracketing, so Nikon is "DICTATING" that we are not allowed to do proper HDR...a__holes. They put us in a corner and demand we pay "more" for the D5200, but they obviously are not thinking correctly, they don't seem to realize their competitors are offering bracketing in their entry level models. The Sony A57 is only $100 more and it blows this D3200 out of the water, it does not even have the now "essential" "standard" "ubiquitous" articulating screen, go shove it Nikon, the Sony A57 has all these essentials and more, plus FHD 60fps video at 28mbps, plus bracketing, plus super-quick full-time autofocus while shooting video with full manual control, and also a lower noise sensor with plenty of detail and better dynamic range; now tell me people, are you going to get a Sony a57 and do things properly for a good low price, or save $100 and get a kick up the ass from Nikon with a noisy sensor and lots of missing features. There you go, i've solved your problem for you, go buy the a57.

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(unknown member): What an ugly camera. And way too expensive for what you get. I think $133 is a fair price. And why aren't there any sample pictures of hot blonde girls dancing in dark night clubs? I mean, without that particular shot how in the world can we tell how good this mid-20th century radio....I mean camera really is? It looks like the upper left corner is 1/8th stop darker than the bottom right corner. :) LOL Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Looks like a fascinating camera. I wonder if people will insist the AF speed of this camera match other $1,700 cameras.

I have never seen pictures this good from any camera in my life, if God made a camera this is it. However, i need all the mod cons and video features and filters in today's modern SLR's and all at a good price, so a Sony a57 will do me just fine.

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