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sgnirts: I'm glad to hear Fuji is taking this "orb/bloom" issue and the X10 customers seriously. At $599 the camera has to deliver across the board as a universal solid photographic tool, at least within reason. The bloom problem is too glaring an error in design to support the price point, which is a shame given the unique style, construction and potential of the X10. The X10 should have been a defining moment for Fuji that cements brand loyalty for decades like the f30/31 did, it's possibly too late for that, but I believe a true winning fix would save them face and many thousands of informed customers. GO FUJI, show us that you are truly serious about staying viable in the camera market.

@Portuense - where do you get hold of a barge pole and how many faulty Fuji cameras do you or did you own? I've been a Nikon shooter for 35+ years, and they (as well as Canon & every other firm) have had faulty cameras, lenses, etc. You're right - in this day of Internet philosophers & great thinkers everything is public - not necessarily accurate. Again - an example of great customer response - when a number of lesser (read - handling) X100 criticisms were pointed out by Dpreview (a real testing organization) Fuji had firmware upgrades in a couple of weeks - correcting the vast majority of minor and larger issues. Not a bad track record. I haven't had a blooming problem with my X10 - but I certainly believe that it exists and many people have been bothered by it. OTOH there must be a few hundred or thousand other happy owners out there?. Meanwhile GaryJP lists EIGHT pretty serious issues - i'll gladly sign a petition to ask Fuji to buy back his obvious lemon.

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Nuts57: Thanks for posting a comparison picture beside the X10 picture to see what it should look like. Until they fix this hardware issue, this camera is 'dead'.

Hunter I'm not here to defend Fuji but just looking for reality. Did you own all those "horrible" cameras? If yes why would you buy one after the other after the other? If not you're quoting the experiences of others? I've had 6 Fujis over the years (DSLRs) and the X100 - X10. Perhaps I'm just lucky but I've had questions - no failures. Their DSLRS were "the choice" for many wedding photogs - and they don't tolerate failure quite so easily. Fuji has earned a pretty good rep over the years. I certainly understand and empathize with the anger of those with orb problem X10s - but I believe (and hope) Fuji will take corrective action decisively. It certainly does appear to be physical rather than firmware fixable.

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Xiaomao: I'll skip X10 for sure. X11 or X20 will be my choice.
Fuji is very unlikely to make followed up X series that are infected by orbs.

Josh 512 & Xiaomao: I'm an "early adopter" of the X100. Dpreview & others, while generally favorable raised about 20 problem points (i'm working from memory). Fuji upgrade corrected the vast majority of them within a couple of weeks. As a shooter for 35+ years I've rarely seen a company respond as fast. My "make money" gear is Nikon, my play gear Leica & Panny/Oly m4/3. Had support issues with all, mostly positive. Fuji is a quality company, heavily into research, and has for many years made extremely high quality products (lenses & Hassies included). I commend Fuji on their past responses, and hope they'll do the right thing, quickly. Yes, I have an X10 and have not come across this problem - yet. I really enjoy my X10. But to say you wish "Fuji learned a serious lesson this time" - have you been a Fuji follower for years? You know Fuji's culture? Have you had Fuji gear? Fuji Problems? I've had good experiences with support, and enjoyed owning three of their DSLRs.

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sarkozy: The joke is that Dan has not noticed that the GH2 with Hack of Vitaliy Kiselev for film / video much better than the five to six times more expensive models from Nikon and Canon. Good day, Dan Chung

Totally changing conversation - could someone please interpret this (sarkozy's comment) for me?

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Telefoto: "In a perfect world, I would have loved to have seen the 24.5MP of the D3X harnessed with the speed and low light capabilities of the D3S. Neither the D4 nor D800 are that camera..."

Yes! As a D3x user, that's my feeling exactly. I've been mystified why no one else seems to voice that view, but I guess it's because there are very few D3x users on the forums. So, for all the 12 MP shooters here, I guess the D4 looks like an upgrade (stills wise) and the D800 looks like ... I dunno exactly, but it's some kind of step forward even though it breaks with the purpose of the D700 (high ISO shooting). But, I can't help thinking this strange D800 broke the bank. Witness for instance that even in DX mode, it's a step back in FPS from the D3 generation. That's strange and rather unwelcome to me.

Exactly - the truth is very few were able to afford a D3x, and now Nikon seems to have screwed those folks ( if you're seeking ultimate pixel count ) with the much more affordable 800. Telephoto I'm curious - are you a pro? What is your primary style and/or subject? Always envied the huge enlargements and fabulous quality D3x users enjoyed. Keeping my much loved 700 for the time being - it was perfect for me at the time and it certainly hasn't become any less great. "Horses for courses". PS - great reply Barnaby !!

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msusic: Best mirrorless camera by a long shot.

It really makes no sense to buy DSLRs anymore unless one needs professional super tele lenses and continous autofocus (birding enthusiasts, sports shooter etc).

With m43 you can pretty much have 5-10x lighter bag than using a decent semi-pro or a pro dslr.
Not to mention it's generally quite a lot cheaper. :)

"Best mirrorless camera by a long shot" - Really? Have you seen and used it? Have you handled the competition? Used or handled a Nex 7 (for that matter has any reader?) There is huge competition extant and coming in the mirrorless category. "It really makes no sense to buy DSLRs anymore" - Really? - Unless you're a pro and your living depends on your camera's reliability and versatility. I too am an Olympus fan and have been for years - but when I was forced by misssing hardware to shoot a wedding on an Oly "pro-sumer" DSLR the shortcomings were painfully obvious. Compared to a professional class, fast shooting, instant response, remote flash controlling DSLR we felt semi crippled, and were able to present half as many good shots. Horses for courses.

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Paulo Ferreira: This is a really disingenueous and almost malicious news. Dpreview is just passing on some hear say from a German site called Photo Scala that is selling a casing for a Sigma SD1. There is no comment whatsoever on Sigma Germany site about this !!! I am pretty sure that there are really aesthetically discussable and expensive "pimp my" image capturing gadgets (A Swarowsky iphone???) from third party companies that were never mentioned here. Shame on you dpreview!!!

Paulo where does Dpreview show bias? No one is perfect - but - they didn't make fun of this - just reported on it in a very non-biased way. We, the readers, took it on ourselves to make fun of it. We call it freedom of speech - and frankly I love it. Unity instead of rancor - we all have a common target and a good laugh. Creative jokes - it's been great. Remember all the gold Leicas (the real ones), the Leicas made for the Jaguar sales force, the lizard covered Rolleis, etc. etc. We even make fun of photographic gods -and "relax" basically meant you needn't be so outraged at our humble laughter in the face of gross gaudiness - I'm sure some folk with more money than brains or taste will snap up this useless overpriced wood cover for an overpriced camera. Gaudiness deserves ridicule - and if Sigma is consulting their solicitors I'd be very surprised - I rather think they're looking at ways to drop the camera price without looking more foolish.

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Paul_B Midlands UK: Reminds me of a dodgy old ROVER car and look what happened to them.
On the other hand, drop it in the river and it might float!
Its April the First right ..?

Genius Nibb!

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What better way to spend TEN THOUSAND EUROS!
Be the first one on your continent to own one! You'll NEVER see another poser carrying the same camera.
Of course it's German and German hands don't work cheap.
(Thank you Mr. Weir for the conversion - $13,782.)
For that much money you could actually buy a camera - a super high quality camera that works, and the greatest prize of all - not being confined to only Sigma lenses.
Mr. Bird says - "you are not the target group, you can't afford it". I believe the "target group" has never heard of Sigma - the camera jewelry boys are heavily invested in M9s and the "real" photographers are rolling their own Tri-X.
Nice diversion Sigma!

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Wow - just spent the last ten minutes looking at all the back and forth ..... seems to me (and I agree with Barnaby's "community comment") that constructive criticism is the whole point of, criticism. Good, bad or indifferent. A child would say - I don't like that - and not be able to say why. An adult is held to a higher standard. As a photographer I could easily handle critique that may make me feel bad for a moment (because I think I'm perfect:) but improved my future picture taking abilities, or pointed out a new technique. To send a non-comment just because you have a computer is a waste of time and bandwith - BUT - it is your right to do so. To close, I certainly hope no-one is singling any other person out - it may then be preferable to start a system of no names.
P.S. - GREAT SHOT Barney - from a Hopper fan.

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tipit08: Sorry my friend, but this is a " C O M M E N T S " section after all... if you or DPR don't like the comments... then don't put a comment's section.

Giving a free lens as a prize is basically advertising from Tamron that want you to buy their product. I feel more than justified, as a consumer and regular DPR reader, to tell Tamron through this medium that I'm very disappointed in their VC version of this lens, since, for some reason, the optics in this particular lens are a serious downgrade from the non-VC version. They simply did not do their homework and submitted a sub-par lens at a higher price.

What's wrong with voicing my concerns and disappointment ? I love the non-VC version of this lens which I have had in the past and simply hope that Tamron goes back to the drawing board and gives us all a worthy "VC" successor to that lens and not the serious downgrade of a lens they are now offering as a prize for this contest !

Here's a rare reply - I've considered your point and I agree with you to a degree. It is a COMMENTS section as you say - and if you feel it's the right place to express your opinion of Tamron more power to you. My point was that it's something being given away for free, it's not a case of "buyer beware" and perhaps there is a better place (Tamron lens test?) to criticize this lens. I will defend your right to say it though :).

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I've just read a fast sampling of the first 50-80 responses.
Is this what we've become? (And not just the U.S. - I assume many other countries are represented by whining here).
Unbelievable !
If you don't like the Tamron lens, the contest rules, the selection process, DPreview, Nikon, Canon, etc. etc. etc. DON'T ENTER THE BLOODY CONTEST. DON"T READ DPREVIEW! LEARN TO SPELL!GET A PHONE-CAM, AND MATCH YOUR WIT.

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som1: just want to know how often does a photographer that own a 50mm f1.2 / 85mm f1.4 on a FF shot at largest apeture opening? most of the pic i saw from the magazine is shot at lower f number (eg. f2.0, f4.0).

Well the point of having a 90mm (pov) f1.8 is portaiture; sharp eyes, blurry background. The photographer who understands apertures / shutter speeds / bokeh would probably use an f1.8 lens at f1.8 a lot. On any lens of any brand you pay extra for a faster lens (i.e.2.8 over a 3.5, or a 1.8 over a 2.8) - that's the reason. It's harder to make and (hopefully) contains better quality glass and/or coating.

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