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  • No worries. Thanks! :-)
  • I guess it depends? the articles you send for example - mention It's a good idea to add "2012" and "March" for example. Isn't that also identical as you have that information in the file already? T ...
  • Missed that one on search, thanks!
  • I wonder. Did you try import your LR keywords to ACDSee? Did it work? Does Hierarchy in LR translated in Categories in ACDSee?
  • By the way, are you aware of a sites I can look for photos by Keywords to steal some ideas? For example. When I take picture in a Birthday. "Birthday" is obvious Keyword. But I also want to state ...
  • Sorry. Should have explain myself better. Are you using "Animal" or "Animals" (Singular or Plural?). If I took a picture of dancing people. "Dance" or "Dancing"?
  • That's what I was thinking myself.
  • Your right, let me rephrase it. Standards probably isn't the right word, more of "Best Practices". Method used by people who already been doing it for years, and that many people agree upon. To ...
  • Standards are exactly what I was looking for to follow. Thank for those links!
  • Created discussion thread Keywording Tips?
    Hi everyone, So based on you suggestions, I have been starting on tagging my photos. I started to notice patterns. For example. I have couple of pictures I took while visiting New York, and couple ...
  • Oh, OK. I understand now. Thank you!
  • Ermm. I didn't know that. Don't Lightroom will let you do the same things as FUJIFILM X RAW Studio will do? (to a RAW file)?
  • I currently own GIMP. That good enough for a newbie I think :) I'm still far away from Pixel Editor.
  • Oh, great. Thanks for clearing it out!
  • Ohhh, right. So RAW is light a blank canvas and Tiff is RAW with Modification, you might want to more MORE modification to in the near future. Thanks! By the way, don't application like Lightroom ...
  • Oh, I didn't know Raw area already compressed. So yea, probably not much of space benefit - but That indeed makes separation easier (so you can have one hard-disk with pictures you watch, and keep ...
  • I'm still new at that. Sometimes I take a picture that looks awesome on the LCD. I'm coming home, open it on the PC, and noticing the focus is off :-)
  • So why prefer Tif over Raw? why not just leaving the Raw file?
  • Directory Structure is probably a bit over kill for my needs, but I'm going to use some of it. Thanks! :)
  • What's the difference between Jpeg and Tiff? Better compress for better quality?
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