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Andrew: Can anyone comment on the Mavic vs the Phantom Pro 4? I do mostly stills work of landscapes and wetlands. The wetland work is for municipalities where some video is needed but stills as well. The Phantom 4 is near the end of its life cycle and I've always found my old Mavic a bit of a lightweight especially when dealing with wind. I don't see why DJI would offer a new Phantom with the Mavic 3 option but curious if anyone has thoughts or comments. My first reaction was wow...45 minutes of flight time.

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If it is P4P V2 vs. M2P, it could be a hard choice. I have both, but I would prefer M2P if portability is an issue while in general I prefer P4P V2 for its mechanical shutter. I general, there is no comparison between M3P and P4P V2. I ordered a copy of M3P Cine and hope to get it soon (by year end).

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yslee1: Even smaller sensor, similar price; not sure what's the appeal in this case.

It may appeal to those who are not satisfied with the current sub-250g drones such as ZLRC SG108, Eachine EX5, JJRC X9PS, Holy Stone HS510, BUGS B7, etc. etc. The major issue to me is that the Standard version is over 250g at 258g and the Pro version, which weighs less than 250g, is not available. I have the FIMI X8 SE 2020, which performs rather good, but IMO not as good as my trusted Mavic. Definitely it is not as good as my M2P, P2P V2, PA2. However, it is good enough and better than many 4K drones about the same price. Frankly, I don't like its color rendition and rather high contrast. For 4K video, I still prefer to use my Mini 2 if I have to travel light. In many case, my Mavic Mini still works fine even though its video is only 2.7K.

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Prognathous: So this drone is basically a Mini 2, but without the reputation and brand recognition of DJI and for the same amount of money? What a compelling sales pitch.

Well, the FIMI X8 Mini with a Standard battery weighs at 258g. You need the Pro version battery to reduce to less than 250g. Therefore, if you buy the Standard version, then you need to register your drone. Currently, the Pro version, which adds 1 minute of flight time, is not available yet. only carries the Standard version.

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Sourov: I am here to read the reasonable and logical comments of Mac vs Windows.

OK. I have been a Windows user since Windows 3.0 and have gone through 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP and Win10. Now, most computers for my work are Mac computers with the top end being the iMac Pro, the discontinued one. I don't care because for the usual work I am using a MacBook Pro 16" Intel and a Apple Mac Mini with the M1 chip. If necessary, I am going to get a Mac Pro if my iMac Pro cannot cut it. REASON? it is very simple. I am tired of Windows system lousy development and its lousy GUI.

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I did this long time ago and posted my finding on a Sony NEX5 here:

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Sorry. This is not the earliest version. The earliest version has a meniscus lens, which is the one shown around 0.05. The one taken off from the camera is perhaps a Kodak Anastigmat lens or a Rapid Rectilinear (a better lens). Video mode does not need very high resolution, and sharpness may still be good. is an article of mine posted on the Adapted Lens Forum. If you are interested in old lenses, here are two more: Kodak No.3 Brownie: and Dallmeyer Rapid Landscape:

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zakaria: Chinese companies will swallow this market soon as they do now in the mobile phone market. True They are working slowly, but they seem to have a plan to control this market and perhaps find a Chinese company or more enter the camera market soon

I am not sure about this. Japanese can do a much better job if they want to do it. Chinese companies could swallow the low cost portion. From mid-level and up, it is basically controlled by Japanese and German. Samyang/Rokinon/Bower/... could be between Chinese and Japanese. So far, I would bet Samyang will survive and kill some lower end Chinese lens makers very soon, because Samyang made better lenses.

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I do believe my review appeared nearly 6 years ago is more comprehensive, although it is in Chinese:

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Ha, I have the F3AF and its two AF lenses, AF 85mm f/2.8 and AF 200mm f/3.5, both being excellent lenses with good contrast and excellent resolution.

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Ching-Kuang Shene: I have both this Nikon and the Canon FL 1200mm f/11 for years. They perform equally well. However, I'd like to use a lighter Celestron C6. Please see for the Celestron C6 results. Some lens vibration can be seen in a few images.

Here is an article on the four earliest Nikon long lenses: 400mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1200mm. Well it is in Chinese:

This one is Canon FL 1200mm f/11 SSC:

This one is Pentax SMC 100mm f/8:

But, this one is really powerful: Celestron C8 2302mm f/10:

Image quality wise, the Canon and Nikon are far better than the Pentax and the C8.

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I have both this Nikon and the Canon FL 1200mm f/11 for years. They perform equally well. However, I'd like to use a lighter Celestron C6. Please see for the Celestron C6 results. Some lens vibration can be seen in a few images.

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