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thielges: The best defense is to avoid posting high resolution images in the web. Keep 'em on your local network and only distribute to paying customers. While it won't stop people from stealing thumbnails or other lower rez images, those uses aren't as valuable as what can be done with a high rez image.

Don’t they have AI to resize and remove noise?

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Sad thing is most people are ordering it just because it’s a TikTok thing. Can’t imagine how many of these will just end up as props for self purported influencers leading to a great piece of hardware sitting in a drawer somewhere.

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On article OM System OM-5 initial review (552 comments in total)

Ok. Not going to lie. I would trade my OM-1 body for an OM-5 w/ 12-45 f4 combo. If they only had a trade in program, lol

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Having an em5iii and an OM-1 I do wish I waited for this instead and saved the difference. This has the cross type AF that I feel I use the most on the OM-1. I love already the IQ from the em5iii but don’t need the break neck speeds of the OM-1. Subject AF is nice but I barely use it now. USB C is nice but I use a USB C charger for multiple batteries (for both my em5iii and OM1). So yes I can see even if it is dated this would work better for some photographers sadly the timing works against it because most of those might have moved to the OM-1 or to another system. I still use my em5 quite a bit in conjunction with my Om1 but it would have been nicer for my needs to have an om5 instead now.
I would like to know though did auto ISO make it back to video or is it locked like it is on the em5.

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On article OM System OM-5 initial review (552 comments in total)

Sadly the port selection will over shadow almost everything this does bring. The em5iii had really good quality already marred by a bad tripod socket design. This however brings some technical advantages I think like the AF chops of the OM-1 with the cross type phase detect. That should make AF substantially faster with the newer processor and I find it much more accurate in low light on my OM-1. I welcome that addition alone as the secret upgrade on this model. Everything else I find in line with this tier but yeah that micro USB port is really making this hard to swallow as a 2022 device. Only advantage over competition is really the IP rating since even if AF will be better their tracking is probably still not improved and that’s going to hurt more without AI subject tracking. I do have to say the face AF with continuous works really well on my OM-1 which is the type of AF I think most will use.

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psartman: I admire innovation, but this looks like the answer to a question no one asked. Has anyone ever said "I wash I had a mini tripod inside the tripod I'm already carrying around?"

I'd say mainly the Youtube photographers and influencer crowd plus wannabees. They need something for their b-roll camera while their main cam is on the main tripod setup for the photo.

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SDreamer: I get that the 90mm macro is nice and all, but can we get a 17mm 1.8 updated with weather sealing? I'd like a small prime lens for rainy night street photography...

I have the 1.2, love it, but I would like something I can put on my em5iii or the upcoming om-5 that is more pancakish and fits in a smaller pack. The OM-1 is compact, but none of my compact slings/bumbags/fannys can contain it. The more retro look of the em-5 series is also a bit more accepting on the streets than the bigger, all clad in black em1/om-1 series.

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On article OMDS developing OM System M.Zuiko 90mm F3.5 Macro IS (147 comments in total)

I get that the 90mm macro is nice and all, but can we get a 17mm 1.8 updated with weather sealing? I'd like a small prime lens for rainy night street photography...

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As much as I do not like the exploit of a subscription model, I think they're here to stay sadly. At least we have seen Adobe continuously provide feature updates, along with a cloud sync, it makes it worth it to me (10$/mo for an app on my Mac, iPad and iPhone instead of a separate purchase each). I need to get to a point where I can pause my subscription every month because right now my Adobe library has grown way too big to cancel any time soon.

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On article Canon EOS R10 sample gallery (66 comments in total)

I mean... the photos look good for an entry. The glass attributes a lot to the appearance I think (deeper DOF, etc). I still have a hard time seeing who this is aimed at though. I think their m series offer fantastic value to price for comparable image quality. Then there's the RP being a full frame for 1000$? Their lineup starting to look a little messy.

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On article What's the best way to describe sensor size? (598 comments in total)

Diagonals, and in millimeters. Would be easy to relate to displays then in this regard and would be easier to put into perspective for consumers how it scales.

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Great another useless accessory.... *opens wallet and deposits Kickstarter*

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The restore photo.... looks oddly creepy.... like she's staring into my soul.

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Very weird especially when you have the Laowa being at f2, lighter, and more compact. I think it's going to come down to performance if this somehow has some magic.

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If manufacturers can make the sensor size still deliver photos that are appealing, then that system most likely will survive still. In the end the client likes the photo and doesn't straight up ask what camera did you use and what settings, we do that as enthusiasts. I never once thought APS-C was dead, but was more of a Fuji thing till now honestly, and I still think Fuji owns that sensor size with their film simulations. With Sony, Nikon, and Canon, it's more of a economical segment to introduce enthusiasts and vloggers to their system it seems. For mft users, it's the overall weight and size reduction (overall, system vs system, not lens vs lens or body vs body). It's more of an automotive like market with choice for the vehicle for your needs, instead of the mobile tech department where platforms rule.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-H2S First Impressions Review (75 comments in total)

Yeesh. I think if you took a shot every time they mentioned how this was pre-production firmware.... yeah.

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RonnieJ: Does anyone truly want the DOF so thin that it makes that much difference? Afterall, if complaining the lashes are in focus and not the eye, what about the remainder of the subject's face, the nose, the mouth? In the example wouldn't one want the DOF to include the entire face when shooting a portrait? Splitting hairs, here.

Blasphemy. Bokeh or go home. The only thing that matters is bokeh! /s I've always wondered this as well. On m43 I'm already having issues using 1.2 with how thin that is.

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Hmm.. to me it's just Canon just trying to flesh out every single price point like they did before by flooding the market. I don't really see them keeping their other APS-C system around if they're going to do this. They might as well have just gotten rid of the previous system, put the R10 in that segment and sell oodles of the R10 in kits at Costco.

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On article OM System OM-1 review (1802 comments in total)

As much as I would like to have seen it get Gold, Silver is definitely understandable. It's tech brought quite a bit that was needed, and the software was left a bit trailing. They really should have revamped their cAF+Tracking to be as good as AI tracking. The Human/Face tracking should have been put into the same menu. 3/4 iterations of high-resolution modes, they should have nailed the motion-correction by now on that. These are all small nagging things that have been a constant thorn in their last couple of bodies they should have corrected, and continue to still be a thorn to preventing it from being at least in consideration for being up there with the full-frame flagships.

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SDreamer: Think that last photo of the gear side by side is a good reminder the size advantage of the smaller sensor translates to a smaller overall system and not to focus on the body itself.

But... the R5 can only burst at 20 fps vs the 50 fps w/ cAF in RAW + Procapture? Even then, the focal length on the R5 would be 480mm ff equivalent vs the 600mm ff equivalent in m43; that's 120mm difference, and I don't think that would be similar enough, also at a lower resolution at 17mp. You'd have to crop the 17mp down more to get the equivalent angle of view.

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