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On article DPReview TV: Panasonic Leica 25-50mm F1.7 review (55 comments in total)
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4sofnature: It's still much cheaper to achieve the equivalent range/DOF on larger sensor, for example, Tamron 35-150 2.8-4, Sigma 50-100 1.8. If on budget, I'd adapt those lenses onto M43 bodies.

Not to mention a lot heavier as well. The Sigma itself is almost 3x the weight before a speed booster. Just more stuff to carry. This is clearly aimed at the videographers who want to have the lightest and most efficient system for them.

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On article Here's the Olympus PEN E-P7 and here's what it means... (395 comments in total)
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BalasmicVinegar: I wonder if Olympus will ever release a camera with in-body stabilisation. They could call it the PEN IS

Have to wait probably 5-8 more versions (depending if its the e-p or e-pl). That would be great marketing though once they hit that.

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On article Opinion: Do we really need all those buttons and dials? (895 comments in total)

I mean, have you tried to compose a photo in the bright sun while out on vacation? Try to find those touchscreen settings then in bright sunlight. Hence the button and controls are a huge advantage for VF users. Even then, ergonomics starts to take place. Try using your right hand to choose the settings while holding the right handed camera in your left hand. For me, that isn't an issue, I'm a lefty. Next think about a large telephoto lens. You hold with the left hand and stabilized with your right hand. You try operating that touchscreen then. Oh, why not touchcontrols? Remember the Canon Eos R? There's a reason they went back to a dial. Just because we can make everything look nice on a screen, doesn't mean we should. Until screens can replicate tactile sense, I think we will forever need buttons and dials.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV review (940 comments in total)

Aren't the competitors chosen more align with the em5 line instead? Sony a6100 is 750, and the Fuji is 700$. This is like $500s and even better at some wholesale clubs. Not really a fair fight.

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All they had to do is stick in PDAF in their entire range of cameras to stay somewhat relevant to many first time buyers. That technology is there and matured already where it should have been cost effective (I say this without knowing the full spectrum of financial and logistical limitations however). I don't mind the reuse of a lot of older tech but keep things up to date to stay relevant. It seems like this transition was a long time coming, and hence they quieter release in hardware, keeping all the announcements for the transition to keep them in the blogosphere. I feel that they will do well with the transition, and Olympus in general did seem more focused on medical devices than anything else. I have good vibes for them moving forward.

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The nice thing about this is the potential and research Fuji is getting from these releases. I can imagine a compact medium format sensor smaller than this body, with all the bells and whistles of the alpha1 from Sony at some point but with Fuji's spin on it in the future. Sony's newest still seems more versatile, but this pushes the envelope further for medium format sensors in smaller bodies.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III review (1719 comments in total)
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rogerstpierre: "Olympus's forthcoming 150-400mm F4.5 with built-in 1.25x teleconverter has got you covered (at an F11 equiv. aperture, mind you)"

F4.5 is F4.5, not F11. If talking DoF, having more when using a long FL is a good thing. This added remark is misleading, and fuelling misconceptions.

I think you can slap the 2x tc on that thing too and combine it with the internal 1.25x tc inside, giving you f11.2 (f23 equivalent), but a whopping 375-1000mm (750-2000mm equivalent). I mean... the iPhone shots at f1.6 (f56 equivalent) and those photos are still professional grade according to some... >.>

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ecka84: Very nice sample gallery here. Well done.
This is a very expensive MFT kit lens. Nothing optically spectacular compared to the usual 18-135mm APS-C glass that are 2-3 times cheaper and even smaller and lighter. I just can't imagine why would I pay this kind of money for such optics. Because it says "Pro" on the barrel? Ridiculous! Even the equivalently faster (than F8) FF optics are cheaper than this. And sometimes even same size and weight, like the new Tamron 28-200F2.8-5.6. So, what's the point?
Also I find conclusions like "Heavy" and "Good for Travel" to be contradictory. And if it was under $600, then it could be "well worth considering".

Could always go for the 14-150mm ii f4-5.6, weather sealed still at $500 new. I think the fact is, this lens until you use it and you're the type of person its for, won't prove it's worth. Just like the entire m43 system really, it comes down to the photographer's preference. I find I love the feel when I shoot with Olympus gear. I had some Panny lenses but just didn't like it, just didn't feel right on the focusing, sharpness, etc. I'm sure those who love their 12-100 f4 IS Pro are justified enough just by how much they're enjoying their gear.

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With MagSafe now out there....? I mean I get only the newest phones have MagSafe, but I would think its a bit more future proof if you actually were going to be compatible with something that's already built into the newer phones. Make cases that are MagSafe compatible for the newer phones and mimic those magnetic properties of MagSafe onto cases compatible with older phones. To me this is a nonstarter, but to their loyal fan base, it's genius.

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Oh that's easy, it's because it isn't Sony.... /sarcasm

The internet can easily make something big out of something so small. The m43 argument for godsake. Why does that have to be beaten over and over, there are still users who love the system, that pull amazing photography out of it. Who cares about equivalency when people are still getting photos? Now we have this. Canon stated it up front, why make it a bigger issue than it is. I'm kinda wondering if anyone really records longer than a straight 30 minutes? Don't most people just splice a bunch of clips together? Most people complaining, do they actually, like actually do a ton of video work? If we're using Youtube, i mean I only know a handful of names, yet thousands are apparently crying out that this is a shame? I'd be more worried about it heating and cooling constantly and how that affects longevity of your $4k toy instead of a record time limit.

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Um... these are like night and day compared to the other sample gallery. Sure its a bit soft, but I'll trade a tiny bit of softness for that massive range in a smaller package. Just saw the comparison on mirrorless comparison to the Panny eq, and this one is just sharper it seems. Nice for a non-pro range lens in their lineup.

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What exactly defines a pro anyways? Someone making it a business? Do you include influencers at that point too since a majority of their works is made on the images they take and post? Some baseline characteristics would be nice to know when looking at data like this. No doubt pros use their phones for some work, but all the same, just to know who it is we are talking about here.

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On article Olympus PEN E-PL10 review (303 comments in total)
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Sarman 2525: These are really fun little cameras. The compete more against P&S and smartphones with better image quality. Art filters and lots of fun options as well as the cool styling is probably why they are popular.
The E-PL9 has been in the top 5 or 6 in Japan for a while now, although the E-M10iii which is similar but with an EVF usually sells even better (its #1 on BCN this past week).
Because of the lower price, the E-PL9 may sell better than the E-PL10 for a while.

If I needed a camera for a vacation, the E-PL9 or E-PL10 kit with 40-150mm zoom would be at the top of my list. Small, pocketable, good video, good images. connect to smartphone for near instant sharing, and a long telephoto for various situations.

I agree. I think the price of it kills it for a lot, but again, it drives the price of the E-PL9 down increasing sales on that. My wife took my old OMD EM10i, and I've been looking for a decent upgrade and the E-PL10 might be it when the prices come down later this year. With the 14-42EZ this makes it such a nice point and shoot for many beginners. But at 600$ right now, that's quite a bit especially when you have others in the category.

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Most important part of this update for iOS users is mouse support.... (though I have been wishing for versions for such a long time).

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Really digging these ones. I like that how when its off, it’s totally off, nothing dangling. Been using different straps and always gravitate back to the PD stuff, but hate the anchors just hanging there after. PD does have the advantage of being removed one handed still, but this is really nice.

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Surprised there weren’t any Panasonic mft cameras because of their popularity for blogging.

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I think for the sake of brand identity, just stick with APS-C. They've got a great formula going right now, the right amount of consumers, why change it to try to grab people wanting full frame? Those people already have choices between Canon, Nikon, and Sony, and usually they're the ones that are stuck with severe GAS. So even if Fuji did make FF, they still wouldn't be satisfied, and if you're a Fuji user lusting after FF, maybe Fuji just isn't for you. Argument can be said for m43 users as well. They are content with those systems, and if they aren't they can just chose to move to APS-C or FF if they wish. But you can see every format has it's own set of users.

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So the caption says APC may cannbalize m43 body sales, but the interview states they’re afraid of it impacting sales on both m43 and full frame... hmmm...

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Review (621 comments in total)

Just noticed in the analysis of image quality, switch the things to in camera jpgs and the em10 looks sooooooooooooo much better than the nikon d5600.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III review (1719 comments in total)
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JOrmsby: If they had only added the upgrades they did, and included the OLED EVF that’s on the lower-tier EM5mk3, I would have eventually upgraded my EM1mk2 once a price drop came. But considering they still include the poor LCD EVF that was outdated when they launched the Mk2 four years ago, I’ll keep my eyes open to other systems when it’s time to upgrade the Mk2. Not going to wait another 4 years for a decent VF in Oly’s flagship ‘professional’ camera.

This is where I'm confused. Everyone is just saying it's the same EVF as the mkii, but Olympus's website says for the mkiii OLED?

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