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MightyMike: Software correction is corner cutting with window dressing in order to make a lens cheaper but not pass along the savings to the customer, therefore its only being used to make the company more profit, not to give the user a better experience. Sure they're trying really hard to sell us on it being a better experience and on the surface it can appear to be, but you're being sold an inferior product that you're told is superior. Sure these corrections can be considered a mild issue but I'd rather pay for a lens designed to be good without corrections than one that is designed to require corrections to be good enough. Let us pay for true effort in lens design, not pay the same for corner cutting and profit grabbing. What is next, you'll be sold rotting food and told to sprinkle some fairy dust on it and it will taste great but you're still eating rotting food?

Companies exist to generate profit...not for anything else. The "anything else" that occurs is in support of generating profit. If this isn't the case, a business will soon shut its doors.

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I found it odd that they didn't mention or discuss Fujifilm...if they did...I missed it.

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realmadeira: Disposable camera with B&W film made by bankrupted company seems very not in sync with a modern environmentally conscious society. It is photographic equivalent of burning your trash in your back yard instead of recycling it. This product belongs in the 60's

I assume you typed this on a phone or a environmentally friendly are those objects?

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Old Cameras: “All this crap just ends up in a landfill!”
…goes to Walmart, buys coffee maker, laundry basket, trash bags, razor, shaving cream, tooth brush, shampoo and conditioner, all of which end up in a landfill in less than 6 months…

I'm glad that you have a firm grasp on what a landfill is used for.

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Bill3R: Anything for a buck!

Yes...exactly how it should be. It is how businesses and people make money and support themselves. Suckling from the government's udder isn't the way.

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LookintotheMirrorlessoften: kinda expensive for a cheap plastic body lens, with a thin aluminum mount that bends itself when you look too hard at it & an af-motor that hopefully breaks in the warranty

Well don't buy it then!

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Pseu_Pseu_Pseudonym: Sounds like a great device for those few that will be able to make use of it, should they wish to purchase.

Why would only a "few" be able to make use of a 21mm lens? Quite the strange comment.

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Jeff Peterman: Am I the only one who absolutely hates the cropping on the snowscape (slide 7)? It should have been much tighter on the right, with less space between the tree and the edge of the frame.

Yes, the best crop/view is subjective, but I hate this one.

I really like the crop as chosen by the photographer1

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nitroman: I strongly dislike Instagram - it's only about appearance / looks and image. It's not just damaging for teen girls, it's damaging for a multitude of users. It's just full of Narcissists and wannabees. Even viewing photography can have a negative impact on your own confidence.

I'll try not to laugh. Everybody doesn't get a blue ribbon!

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Stephan Kleinert: I don't know much about teen girls' mental health... but I'm quite certain that Instagram, Facebook (and, to a lesser extent, Twitter) killed both blogging and the creative and open atmosphere that reigned in the WWW before Mark Zuckerberg & co. turned it into their personal license to print money. And as the article shows, they'll go to any length to keep it that way.

My blog used to have ~30 visitors a day. Now it's down to four, while the folks from back then are all on Insta, watching ads and getting themselves 'influenced'. Brave new world, indeed...

You are probably correct...or your website isn't really worth visiting anymore.

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Roland Karlsson: I like the camera look and I really like the bag. But ... the bond picture on the lens lid is gaudy. Not nice at all. You are going to laughing stock if you turn up with that camera. Do you also have to turn up in a small, fast sports car in a proper suit with a young beautiful lady?

Once you free yourself from the burden of what other people have achieved true freedom in life!

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BrexitDefCom3: AS you can buy a genuine version vintage AND a Leica screw body for this amount of money, I just cannot see the point at all. Its not as if the Cosina will one day achieve Basquiat values, is it?

If you don't want to buy it...don't buy it. Products are NOT made for you to see "...the point of it all". Everybody likes something different.

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Mach Schnell: Why is this even covered in DPReview? Are you trying to accelerate the demise of the industry you cover?

Great photos are produced by photographers...not the camera of choice!

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AcerK: Just goes to show that all you need is a vision and talent, things many ppl don't have and they wished they had. Even if those ppl buy the most expensive cameras and lenses they would still make boring photos.. lol

Quite true!

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Translation: Kodak is a shill of the Communist Chinese Government. They value their relationship with the CCP more than the story of repression and concentration camps that are being employed by the ethnic minority of Xinjiang. It is shameful!

Link | Posted on Jul 28, 2021 at 12:32 UTC as 33rd comment | 4 replies
On article Zeiss ZX1 review (842 comments in total)

I'm sure this is a fantastic camera...but at $6,000 I would have to consider a medium format camera.

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fotogrofur: If Cosina is going to release images with this news release how about some closer shots wide open??? That is the main reason to purchase this lens!

There is no main reason to purchase this lens...only the opinion and use of the person that purchases it.

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Constantin V: That's all fine and good. I like Cosina and it's manual lenses, but fuji cameras have no good way to manual focus. Fuji develop autofocus systems and they aren't even close to good OVF-focusing methods of last century. Therefor Fuji sux.:(


Tested cameras on their presentation, including X-Pro3. Peaking, "banding"... all methods are very weak.

Autofocusing on a Fujifilm camera is extremely easy...perhaps your skill are just not up to the task...perhaps more practice may be warranted.

Link | Posted on Jul 19, 2021 at 02:37 UTC
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Mal69: Pay the licence to Fuji and make it automatic focussing too.

Voigtlander does not make autofocus lenses. Autofocus is not needed.

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arjunmehta: Loved my Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 lens for M43.

I’ve never seen something like this before, with EXIF data on a manual lens. This looks fantastic and the first fully manual focus lens I know of that will work with the OVF frame lines on the X-Pro.

Too bad it doesn’t work with the X-Pro2… honestly this would tempt me to upgrade to X-Pro3 if it works the way I think it should.

Excited to try it out and see reviews.

It is quite common and has been available for years on various camera systems.

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