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Impressive and inspiring photos. Love the clownfish and proboscis monkey especially. Several shots also reinforce my want to buy a macro lens.

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falconeyes: As a loyal SmugMug customer, I hope they manage to stop diverting my money into their Flickr adventure soon. One way or another ...


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I was surprised when I paid for my pro subscription, that when Flickr thought I was an international customer the cost was USD 59.99 (because I am physically outside the US), and after I changed location to use my US based credit card, the price was USD 49.99 (both prices are before the 25% discount). Anyone know why international pays more?

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For me Flickr is a place to create and publish a curated photo collection, view other content that is interesting to me, and have some feedback about which photos people connect with. This contributes to the pleasure I take in my photography hobby. I read and appreciated the varied comments in this DPR thread, and at the end of the day I chose to finally become a PRO subscriber because I value the service and am willing to pay for it.

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entoman: Good choice Barney. This is *almost* perfect as a street and travel pocket camera.

I can live without an EVF on a camera such as this because mostly it would be used shooting from the hip.

But that brings me to one very major omission - the lack of a tilting or articulated rear screen - something I'd regard as absolutely essential on this type of camera.

Perhaps a bit of dpr feedback to Ricoh might result in a Mkiv with a tilting screen?

.... and ideally a wider angle lens - say 24mm?

When I realized it didn't tilt, first my heart broke a little, then I started searching camera shops for an out of date Fuji X70. It was easier to find than I expected and it's a cool camera, but bigger than the Ricoh.

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With a tilting touchscreen I would buy this camera in an instant.

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I have stalked this buying guide for years. I mostly shoot my Canon G7X wide and from the ground, so 2 upgrade reqs: 28 mm or wider, tilting touchscreen. The Ricoh GR III broke my heart with a fixed LCD. I briefly considered ILC with a pancake lens, but I long for the simplicity of a compact fixed prime. So in 2019 I bought a new Fuji X70. It feels wrong to buy 3 year old tech, but I'm all-in on the Fuji-cool X series marketing and I like how the design makes it non-intimidating to play with manual camera controls. Thank you DP Review and commentors for endless info and opinions. Now I study for my husband's upgrade from a 10 year old Rebel to a FF mirrorless.

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