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  • My bag with gear weighs 2.5kg: Pana GX7+Oly9-18+Pana 14-42+Pana45-150+Pana20+Oly45+spare batteries, filters, cleaning stuff etc. It's in a Mantona bikers bag normally attached to the saddle post ...
  • I have CS4. Should be similar. Actions(record button icon)>create new action. When created: file>automate>batch.
  • Imagine the vibrations when that flaps.
  • I have tested it with a shift adapter right out to the 24x36 edges and it looks fine and considerably to vastly better than my 20, 28, 35 and 135mm Flektogons and Takumars. The only legacy lens I ...
  • Yes they are looking at the digital ground glass! Looks very pro to me. And If it's a DSLR they clearly have read the manual as they have found live view. So they do know something about the cam.
  • Replied in One more chart
    to clarify what happens if we put an oversized square sensor in a M43 camera. The present 17.3x13 sensor is marked in shades of red, the square 18x18 one in shades of blue. The dark blue corners ...
  • I have stepup rings permanently attached to my sub 52mm lenses. The hood could be a potential hassle but I have screw-in hoods also permanently on. In my case (M43) they still fit in my bag. It's ...
  • That's a beautiful description of photography at its best. You may call part of it zooming with your feet or not. I'd rather not as it can be a bit misleading. Zooming and moving yourself are ...
  • I think it should be quite simple. The distance required for the same framing should be proportional to the focal length. Thus if you take a photo at 10ft with a 25mm lens you should get the same ...
  • Replied in Modern art
    Looks intact as it comes out of the shredder. Just adds another layer. I think it's worth more now. Probably even if it were really destroyed.
  • "non-risky behavior was the primary cause of female selfie-related fatalities". Interesting! Women would be safer if they took more risks?

  • But Philmar's camera clearly brews coffee and yours doesn't? Both would be best of course and that's how I intend to train my soon to be purchased drone.
  • You did not understand what Teddy wrote.  We would not use the whole sensor but different crops of it according to what aspect ratio and orientation we want. It's called an oversized sensor and a ...
  • The elephant is very real and it's the fact that the relation between the image circle and the recording medium is different in digital compared to film. In film photography you have to maximize ...
  • I have the Sigma DP1-3Merrills but don't think they do macro without additional optics which would degrade the fantastic IQ. I use my Panasonic GX7 with a Macro Takumar 50/4. Works well with 35mm ...
  • I think that's too much cost and bulk for little gain. I consider the optimum to be around the long side square, in FF's case 36x36. You can see that the white segments on the sides are quite ...
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    Note the double grips and shutter buttons catering for both left and right handed.
  • I wonder if they realized what a mess they made. I suspect they did it on purpose and are laughing at us right now.
  • Not if you think of it as an oversized sensor which i think is the only sensible way, see my reply to Franco D (1) Lack of market demand – outside of a very small niche
  • To me even more important is that you get more out of your lenses every time you shoot squarer than 3:2/4:3. That is the sad part. Afraid it goes for all the others too. We are spraying and ...
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