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camerashopminion: Woohoo! Wonder if I'll still have a job by next week?

Best of luck...hope something works out for you squire!

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Will Patterson: Quite a depressing day all round as Play also announced that they are ceasing their direct retail operations.

Amazon, you're next!

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BryMills: Sad to see, but the high street stores simply can't compete with the tax dodging global internet marketplace.

Well said camerashopminion....bang on the money so to speak!

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Joel Turcotte: Continued from below......
This will be really obvious as we transfer more business online, no way the UK government will allow unpaid Corporate Tax either, the initial bad press for Amazon, Starbucks, Google etc is just a toe in the water.
We will end up buying without trying, then returning under Distance Selling etc, which will increase costs, together with the new taxes, to put back the 30% extra we used to save online instead of buying in a shop.
Also overall less people will buy without showrooming first, so even less sales profits than already, so even causing the collapse of the brands.

Well said Joel, a voice of reason.

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