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Gesture: Seems pretty reasonable for the work involved and the risk they take in opening up the camera.

Way too much $$ for this. A friend of mine did his for 20$ after watching the video on diyperks. And that included a tube of paste and some else the cut the plate. Even with shakey hands it's easy to do. I just want to see how many hundreds of dollars they plan to sell the diy kit for!

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I'm not too familiar with flashes but what would be the main benefits of this new godox vs the tt685? It's more powerful?

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On article DPReview TV: Canon Powershot Zoom Review (85 comments in total)

Make sure to clean that eye piece if you plan on sharing it. I guess that goes with anything else but this seems like you have to jam it in your eyes to get a good view.

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Breakfastographer 2: This move makes sense as mirrorless cameras need less (no?) calibration and at least some of Nikon's more recent DSLR bodies (not sure if there are exceptions) have automatic focus calibration built in.

Nope, the thai do not know how to calibrate like the Japanese.. In fact they don't care, their thoughts will be on leaving work and getting drunk rather than on the tasks at hand. Sure they will learn but their general attitudes will separate their quality of work. Of course the Japanese quality control will be there to send back defects.

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sirhawkeye64: To those who are automatically argue that this move will mean Nikon quality will drop, that is likely not going to be the case. Yes I would prefer gear made in Japan over other areas of the world, but at the same time, I have lenses, for example, that were made in China and they held up as well as my lenses that were made in Japan (and performed just as good, with little to no issues). So just because Nikon is moving production out of Japan doesn't necessarily mean that quality will drop either.

No it doesn't mean quality will drop. But have you been to Thailand? Have you seen the general population of technical factory workers there? I've spent some time in Thailand and gotten to know a bit about their work attitudes... Nothing close to the Japanese stereotype of honor in work above everything else. Quality is going to drop, but quality control will hopefully pop defective units back before being shipped out.

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So this is for apsc camera but does not come with EOS mount? Like for a 80d?

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Used the Canon web utility for my 80d..turns it into a web cam... But eats batteries quickly.

Anyone know if it's good for the camera?

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no microsd card slot, no headphone jack, no fm radio (?) no IR blaster...Every new generation of phones samsung keeps taking "features" out. I mean, the phone is huge and has space for it. Well, maybe no one uses them.

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Andrey K: Please correct the mistake: Ultra has microSD

256gb internal with no sd card? thats a bummer. It limits your storage (and side loading and swapping)... Plus, it just justifies samsung charging tons more for storage tiers instead of popping in cheap sd cards.

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One similarity between these cameras is that I cant afford any of them.

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Under $1000us price tag?

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Under $1000us price tag?

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what I don't get is why use crop factors still. Film cameras are out..most everything is dslr now..the new generation of photographers coming in have never purchased or even touched a 35mm film camera.. why keep comparing everything to that?

a 50mm lens on an aps-c is 50mm (not 1.5x from a 35mm). when comparing an aps-c camera to a micro 4/3 or a full frame sensor or what ever then you should use a direct factor from one to the other like "yeah my 50mm aps-c on your m4/3 gives a 1.2x crop" or some lingo like that.. that way you compare one to the other and vice versa.. not to something that will die with the dinosaurs.

some might say that 35mm is a standard so we can compare different sensors but why not compare your sensor to the other instead of a middle man?

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stevo23: Shouldn't be this hard to control how your photos are used.

once your photo is on the internet you really have no control who has access to it. Sure you can go after major websites like instagram, mashable, newsweek etc., etc., but you have no control over johnny smith to take your photo and send it where he wants.

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Neuropsychology: What do people recommend to protect their public Instagram photos?

thats true.. but not limited to instagram or photo hosting services... its anywhere on the internet. Even if you script it not to be downloadable.. you can still take a screenshot.

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Sorry but in this digital age...they tell kids (and everyone i guess): dont post it if you dont want it to be seen (or something like that)..or dont do it if you dont want consequences..blah blah

meaning, if you dont want your boss or future employer to see your drunk naked rant last weekend..dont post in anywhere...it will be there for years and years and forever.

it is difficult or even impossible to stop people from downloading or screenshooting anything and sharing it.

unfortunately if you dont want people to share send distribute your photos...dont post it anywhere!

i know it sucks for photographers..i mean thats their "exposure".. but its true.

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Camera pros probably won't care if their dslr can do videos or not... Consumers however will probably want it because why not... Never know when you may record a video... Plus you've got a variety of lenses, especially telephoto or macro for special occasions.

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ProfHankD: Wow. It is very unusual for a granted patent to be declared invalid -- the usual defense is that it doesn't apply in the particular case cited. This says something bad about Autel and scary about DJI....

was the patent declared invalid or the point against it? I thought that the case against dji using autel's patent was invalid..not the patent.

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Of course they won't produce any of these cards for a long time until manufacturers milk the slower speed cards first... Then when they do start selling these new fast SD cards they will have the "1 lane" cards then after a couple of years they will put out the "2 lane cards".

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Radioman56: I am invested in Both DJI and Autel for the past 4.5 years now. I have 2 Phantom 4 Pro's, an Inspire 2 system, an EVO and an EVO II Pro now. All Great drones and have good overall support from both companies, although a little better from Autel. As was mentioned below, it doesn't matter who was flying drones 1st the question is did DJI commit Intellectual Property theft regarding their props, and after reading the entire brief, the answer is clearly yes. Now I love DJI and think their controllers are better than Autel and the software as well, but DJI and companies in China have been committing IP theft with reckless abandon for the past 20 years and are only recently getting called out on it. DJI also stole IP property from Qualcomm, TSMC, and dozens of other companies to produce their IMU's and Controllers. This is the Chinese company "business model" and not likely to end anytime son. DJI will just pay Autel $2 per drone moving forward and all will be well with the world.

the US is no stranger to stealing IP rights...and many times who wins in a court case is who had the bigger wallets...

the guy who did the first Laparoscopic Surgery in the world (he did it in Buffalo NY), patented instruments to operate with. The germans copied it, their american subsidiaries sold it... US companies made and sold it as well... and the chinese...Where is that doctor now? In Canada..an old man who spent all his money trying to sue but it got dragged on and on and on that his (bad?) lawyers recommended even if he won they would still have appeals and a countersuit for anything just to make life tough.... Perhaps if he worked for a big company it would have turned out different.

anyway the patent system needs an overhaul.

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