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David Carr: 15fps played back at 30fps would indeed be "pretty pathetic slow-mo" because it would, in fact, be speeded up.

GoPros are useless in low light and have all the problems of a programmed exposure in bright light because you don't have any control over the shutter speed. No control, as a consequence, over motion blur.

You can't lock exposure either (which would be one way to reduce noise in low light, preventing the camera from automatically "gaining up" when it's pointed at something dark).

The ProTune firmware update helps improve the image in good light but does nothing to improve low light response.

Anyway, at least we know why the ProTune update was so overdue: they were busy making the Hero2 obsolete...

They didn't make it obsolete, the GoPro Hero 2 lives on as the GoPro Hero 3 Silver which is probably going to be one of the main sellers for a while yet. I am curious to see how well the Hero 3 Black sensor works in low light.

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