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Gabor Kiss: Sounds good all the specs except why so difficult to understand than photographers don't really want video mode. Maybe just personal experience even I use canon 5d mk2 but not for a second never turned on the video.
Much more waiting for results of noise handling with this resolution instead movie mode. I hope canon won't do the same as nikon and will focus for still picture, anyway we have to live with this combination either canon or nikon.
Let see the test first...what will you get for your money:D

There are a ton of budding cinematographers who shoot movies with these things. In fact the new movie "Act of Valor" was shot on the 5D MKII. That means these movie people are doing more with that camera then you ever will as a photographer.

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I want a camera with huge dynamic range! Until then, I will continue to shoot film.

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I switched to 100% film 2 years ago, its a beautiful medium. Digital photography just isn't there yet.

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Robo2k: No offense, but I just don't see how taking a picture and kinda-post-processing it by merely pressing a button on your iphone qualifies as a real artisitc effort.

Ask yourself what qualifies as an artistic effort? And if it has anything to do with what camera you use. For me an artistic photo starts with choosing the right model, having an idea, finding a great location, lighting it to realize your vision. All of these things can be done with no camera in hand. Where the iphone comes in is that it allows people to take photos where they (in most any other case) would not have taken the photo. As the old saying goes "the best camera is the one you have with you". Because art is just an idea, it is not a filter, or a camera. You can realize your idea with any camera, and if the camera you have on hand happens to be an iphone, then why would you diminish the artistic effort, the artists "idea"merely because they are processing the photo in the camera vs in the computer? Your view on this is far too rudimentary.

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