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SELEES: All of this nonsense could have been avoided if Samsung and all other players, namely APPLE, would get it out of their heads that we consumers are desperate for a thinner phone.

I have NEVER heard anyone, after getting their new Apple iPhone or Samsung Note etc, say, "Love the phone but gee I wish it was thinner!" No!

We all want others things like, better camera, better battery life (ie: thicker, bigger longer lasting) and in the case of Apple in particular, a MicroSD card slot so that we can add our own memory expansion without the Apple Tax!

Yes, no point in making phone thinner and thinner. I becomes hard to hold and I must admit I always slap on Otterbox Commuter case to every phone I buy, so thickness is inrelevant to me. Removable battery and microsd slot are far more important.

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On article Just Posted: Hands-on Canon EOS 6D preview (589 comments in total)

Just what you expect from Canon. Their line has always been set up in a way that all the features are in the 1D series and maybe light version of the features are in entry level cameras, but middle models get nothing. This 6D does not surprise me in that department. It just gives one more option for one point AF full frame, like used 5D1, 5D2 & 1DS2, which are cheaper than this. Built in WIFI and GPS just drains the battery. While useful, they are not something that many of older users would want in a camera like this.

AF sensor is a huge disappointment. If i would not own a many L lenses and I would be buying a new system i would definetly go for Nikon D600.

Luckily I'm not in hurry right now to change camera. My 1D3 still works for me very well and if i want a full frame with one point AF, used markets are saturated with used 5D, 5D2, 1DS2 cameras.

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