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3 months into using it - and I can say - it get 9/10! Stunning video, love the EVF, love the processor, touch screen, pictures are stunning, video at FHD 60o are amazing and it meters very well. The articulated screen is the cherry on the top!

Cant see myself letting this go for a couple of years at least.

I bought 2 back up batteries too - thats the ONLY downside to this little puppy, but with the EVF, you dont need live view.

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just got mine today - I know im being a bit thick, but the attached strap doesnt loop onto the metal hinges on either side? Can anyone help!!

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Great - but only 1 mem card slots! :(

Nice specs, this is well worth upgrading to.

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Could have been done with a Cann EOS 5d Mk3, Nikon D800......get my point? I have saved myself over £50k plus KIT? - not that I ever had the money for it anyhow!

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ChrisKramer1: Remember the macro capability - small sensors do have advantages.

100% spot on here - people need to know this

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i bought and returned the G15 for a G1X - Why?
Articulated screen, larger sensor, but I found the G15 still has awful noise on photographs and HD video above 800 ISO (like the G12 I had before that).

The only awful thing now I find about the G1X - Macro close up photography is impossible which is heartbreaking.

Now I use my Nokia Lumia 920-which seems to take better photos than the G1X!

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I returned teh G15 last week and swapped with G1X awaiting delivery today. The articulated screen is a great invention -Is Canon pushing buyers to the G1X for the articulated screen? - looks like it.

The video quality is improved on G15, but once again, a lot of noise above even 400 ISO - especially video footage in HD - The same happened with my G12. It must be due to the small sensor? It has more video features than my old G12 - 90% of them never used. Also, the G15 feels very rough, plasticky and cheap compared to the solid G12. Are these camera's weather sealed??

I hope the G1X fares better - or I will be dumping Canon for compacts.

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my Konica Minolta 7d did this - (5MP and over 10 yrs old!)

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