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Re: "I’m very positive about computational photography technologies, but glass has a lot of advantages", this reminds me of Seymour Cray's quip about why Cray computers did not have virtual memory (only lots and lots of real memory): "Memory is like an orgasm. It's a lot better if you don't have to fake it." I think the same will be true of high quality glass vs. computational on small / cheap glass for some time to come.

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evilo: I had a X100V but returned it. Not because it got quite warm even when not filming but because it had an audible electric static noise coming from the area of the thumb wheel. Recently I had the chance to check out another one and had the same noise. Anyone else noticed that?
Having had a X100T and a X100F I am quite disappointed about the downside of the otherwise great X100V.

I also got an X100V on release, had it for about a week, and returned it. One issue was the noise, but I also found the AF to be slow and noisy, the camera missed focus on most of my shots, and the resulting pictures were underwhelming. Which is sad because I really wanted to love this camera, had been waiting for it for about a year ... Sticking with my A7III.

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There is a "glow" around the numbers on the vertical dial on the right side of the Mamiya ... is that fringing, or something else? Or just normal "out of focus" behavior for this lens?

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That made me smile - what a cool idea, and well executed!

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