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Amazing difference; the 4K version almost looks like b/w video from only a few years ago. I wonder if this is the same technology that was used to clean up the WW1 footage.

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Without a doubt the Sony 5n from 2010 should be on this list as it was the first mirrorless, interchangeable APS C camera so set the trend for compact, full featured cameras.
I bought the 5n as a trial in 2010 and immediately sold all my Canon 5D equipment as this little camera really did herald a new era in photography.

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Needs barriers back from the touch line to keep players in play tbh.

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People have been asking for a front wheel on the 6xxxx series for years and Sony have resolutely ignored them.
I think they're worried about too much overlap between the A3/A4 & A6xxx range which is a pity as it would help the ergonomics no end.

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D200_4me: So you can 'Boomify' your photos more easily now?

To be honest you can do the same in PS with actions.

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Looks like the only decent photos at her gigs from now on will be from her own photographers or none at all I guess.

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Ridiculous, this is clearly copyright infringement and a classic example of the 'old boys' network smoothing it over.

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gameshoes3003: Seems like a response to Canon giving away their adapter (the $100 USD version) with the RP.

As your average Nikon user would usually have a few (expensive) FF lenses, they should of made the Z6/7 take 'old' lenses natively, then Nikon users might have bought the body.
Trying to force people to buy into a new lense system just was never going to work.

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fatdeeman: *grabs popcorn*

And let the flat earthing begin!

My understanding is that because Mars doesn't have the same core as the Earth which produces the magnetic belts which protect our atmosphere from the ravages of the Sun trying to 'terraform' Mars would be a pointless exercise.

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Hilarious that this is still rumbling on, makes a total farce of the law and everyone involved.

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These are just the rough shots with no editing or cropping. You would hope that the final images would have both of these.

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Rstysurfer: We own a Sony A6000 and it seems to be fairly reliable, however not as reliable as a Canon. After a year the sensor had dust spots on it and auto focus was failing. This may be the wrong thread for this but do all Sony mirrorless cameras suffer from these issues? I am interested in the A7 mk 111 but if this is the case forget it.

I have a NEX6 that I have used from new in 2012. It is used pretty much daily and is still operating perfectly, though saying that if I were to upgrade the only mirrorless I would consider would be the A6500 as the build quality of the others seems to be questionable.
Arguably the NEX6 was the last solidly built Sony mirorless camera before the A6500 came along.

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I've been saying for years that Apple should produce a high end iMac which bridges to the iPro, but it would seem that they are only interested in either the prosumer iMac or the iPro and that's it.
A high-end iMac with competitive components i.e. decent GPU for a start would appeal to both professionals and home consumers who want a bit more power in a smaller form package.

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Bottom line is that they've added the touch bar, so to compensate for the new cost in both money and power drain they've dumped what they consider to be a redundant port.
Nice own goal as no serious photographer would consider this an essential tool now.

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I was working in Hong Kong putting a brochure together for the company, they bought one of these as they thought the output better than scanning slides.
Silly people, the final print looked like an early version of mine craft....

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Image number 6 looks suspiciously like Hadleigh Castle, Essex prior to it's renovation.

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This is excellent; reminds me of the video where the guy walks towards the camera as the background changes to scenes all around the World.
A different take on a well-worn theme, bravo!

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I always admired Don McCullin's war photography especially as he nearly always put himself right in the firing line to get the shot.

His images are harrowing and show man at his worst (and best) but I should imagine he had many demons in the years after the guns fell silent for him.

But at the end of the day he shot outstanding images and he couldn't have done that if he'd been an active participant in what he was seeing.

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Hmmm, that looks really bad; I'd be a trite annoyed if I'd bought a camera that rendered highlights that badly.

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