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Mister Joseph: You can probably get a lot better IQ for a lot less money with a Pentax rig.

Mister Joseph, I agree that a Pentax can give you (not a lot but) better IQ. But not into the storm. Fast and accurate AF is required. Also a real weather sealed camera (OK, my experience includes K20D only).

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Dear Dan, good and informative job.
Thank you very much.

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Daft Punk: By all accounts this camera will let you shoot HAND HELD for 4 or 5 seconds and still get a sharp image. This is remarkable.

For some people, That is worth the price alone.

Stop whining about the price.

Someone posted this (scroll down)

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So all of you saying "if it was 1500-1600..." will you buy it when (very soon) price will drop there? (Personally I'd get it right now if I had the money).

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On article YI M1 Sample Gallery (138 comments in total)

Excellent sharpness at 1.8 across the frame. Well done

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On article Modest Updates: Nikon D3400 Review (374 comments in total)
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Thorgrem: This Nikon camera is not a competitor for the 750D but for the upcoming 1400D. And than we will see that the Nikon entrance camera outshines the Canon entrance camera as always.

Things in their place. Case closed. We are all happy now

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On article UPDATED: Sony RX100 Mark V real-world samples (277 comments in total)
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noisephotographer: I think the next step should be a point and shoot with a 1.2" sensor (like the Panasonic Lx100 which has a 4/3" sensor, but it uses only the area of a 1.2" or 1.25" sensor). A point and shoot with a 1.5" sensor is possible, too (Canon G1x II) , but that might be too large. I don't know whether a 1" point and shoot with f/1.4 - f/2.2 or f/1.8 - f/2.2 would be possible, but that would be very interesting for less depth of field.

4/3 does not mean that the sensor has a diagonal of 4/3 inch. And so on...

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On article UPDATED: Sony RX100 Mark V real-world samples (277 comments in total)

The 4000 ISO shot developed from RAW looks really good.

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On article iPhone 7 Plus real-world sample gallery (281 comments in total)

No, something must be wrong. The 320 ISO shots would not be so ridiculously bad

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So, what's the real problem with 2014 cameras?

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On article Canon EOS 5D Mark IV added to studio scene comparison (363 comments in total)
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tonkis: incredible, 5D mk IV just become a bit closer to sony a7r2, but doubt is it ahead. Actually expected more. And considering the lunch price of 5D mk IV, I guess after the official deep review - rapidly the canon rebate actions will be initiated.

update: after look at raw, it seems much bigger improvement. So why jpeg so poorly look for 5D mk IV?

Because Canon knows its target group

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2083 comments in total)

Impressive (the fact that tech-freaks cannot understand photographers and the 5D series success)

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On article Pentax K-70 added to studio test scene (36 comments in total)

My favorite part of the studio scene
Good results (as most other today cameras)

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On article Rock Solid: Canon 1D X Mark II Review (438 comments in total)
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PanchoVilla: This looks like a big DSLR dinosaur! I'll take my Fuji X camera which has all the modern technology plus the awesome X-Trans sensor any day!

I very much like illusions

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On article Real world test: The Panono is a 108MP spherical camera (157 comments in total)
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Roland Karlsson: This is a very difficult gadget to make into something that has high quality. For several reasons.

1. The lenses are on the surface of a sphere. They should have the same entrance pupil. Which is impossible. Therefor it is impossible (without some serious rendering) to stich nearby objects at the same time as far away objects. Which can be seen in several images.

2. There is a lot of cameras. They have to be small and cheap. So - true - they are stitched together making it higher resolution. But - small sensors and small lenses have problems. No matter how many they are. Clipping, blooming, etc. In particular since they have to be cheap.

3. How to keep it clean and scratch free?

So, the conclusion is that it is a toy.

@nitroman: I've heard several "end of story" 's.

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Favorable Exponynt: 50mm F/2 nah already have enough fifties. Call me when you make a 50mm F/1.0

They called you but you didn't answer.

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It seems that 22 (at least) persons have already sold their Hasselblad X1D.

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Omexis: They must be operating their cameras at a loss. I appreciate their commitment but Foveon is a loss product.

How this can be a "loss product". It needs some R&D for better low light performance and low priced cameras.

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Many people seems that forget the Panasonic's effort on video

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On article Hasselblad to announce 'game changer' next week (460 comments in total)

A direct to pentax645 competitor

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