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fyngyrz: I have another perspective.

I wonder how many people are like me, where I see the f/2.8 and react "just another slow lens" and never even consider purchasing?

I want to see f/1.4 or better yet, f/1.2. /Then/ I'm thinking of cracking the cookie jar.

Half of each day, on average, is spent in the dark. And just because it's dark doesn't mean subject matter will hold still. So slow lenses are not of interest.

And before someone says "f/2.8 isn't slow", you come back and tell me that after you've shot in the dark with an f/1.2 lens like Canon's 50mm or 85mm. If you do, I'll know you haven't actually used a fast lens. :)

The capacity to achieve clean images at very high ISO's makes those larger apertures and the weight and higher cost associated with them less relevant.

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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (613 comments in total)
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zavart: If all You guys want Hassy to survive as a pure photographic tool company then put the money where your mouth is! i.e. Rush in droves to the nearest photo equipment outlet to buy their regular cameras ! It's all too easy to say what other company should do to survive but it's quite different thing when it comes to give them ready recipes ! Maybe the price for this company to survive as a tool company is also to make separate fashion cameras which most of You guys will have to learn to ignore !

To survive in the marketplace, you have to provide a product or service that customers, in this case photographers, need and or want. Looking at the feedback, this camera is not needed or wanted. The one thing in the interview I found positive was that they plan to design a DSLR and a mirrorless ILC. Hasselblad has always been a professional camera company. They have products to meet the needs of pro's using medium format, but they don't have products to meet the needs of pros using DSLRs, mirrorless ILC's, or rangefinders. That is where they need to go, and like with their medium format products, keep it more about quality and less about style.

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Mark Forman: Is it a full Moon?

it's more like being mooned.

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I think Hasselblad would gain more if they entered the Professional and Advanced digital market with a full frame camera using the Sony Mount, which would allow for use of Zeiss glass offered by Sony.

They would probably sell many more cameras since most enthusiasts purchasing an over-glorified point and shoot would not be willing to spend $6,000 plus on such a camera.

Someone must have spiked the Kool-Aid at Hasselblad.

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