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The Davinator: What an i teresting find. Not bad for 90 year old film.

What does the Exif data say?

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Unfortunate events. That's putting it mildly. A poor choice of words from Adobe.

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First monkeys, now this.

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I'm waiting for the legal dispute when all those monkeys finish writing the complete works of Shakespeare....

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CallumG: ISO 100? Much prefer ISO 125!

Since we seem to be on a nostalgia trip, shouldn't we be referring to ASA and DIN rather than ISO ratings?

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Unfortunately my eyes are not 8K compatible.

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IdM photography: If you buy a camera for photography and not video, the Pentax KP seems like a much better option...

Don't you mean 10mm to 250mm?

I'm thinking of the 55-250mm.

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acidic: Made in Italy can just as well be Made in Italy by the Chinese. At least this is often the case in fashion, but who's to say that it won't migrate to other industries as well.

Is that why my phone has gone tits up?

(Actually it hasn't, I'm just saying that for comic effect.)

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slartz: I have to say I'm not very impressed...

Why, is it written into your contract?

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As they are primarily a tripod manufacturer, you would think they would have produced some extreme ND filters.....

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Is it available in black?

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naththo: Thats very interesting article there. Thats the good thing about less screws etc would have made repair a lot easy but there are some downside you said about hidden screws for grip but you found it near the end though. The top replacement would be harder to put back on as you said. So overall I would say in difficulty skill to be quite difficult, not as difficult as disassemble and re assemble main DSLR. Thanks for sharing with us. I am glad Sony stick to the way to make a bit easier than iphone for example.

"yeah right, you will repair this camera yourself, sure!"

Well, I doubt it would be covered by the warranty now!

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Shame about the dust.

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rfsIII: The only criticism I have is that you shouldn't test lens distortion by taking pictures in a city that's more than 2,000 years old.

So many of London's buildings are beyond ancient and the rest are built atop the unsteady debris of thousands of years of human occupation; I cannot imagine that there is a straight wall or level floor anywhere within that venerable metropolis.

What you see as evidence of "severe" barrel distortion is more likely just a medieval wall bowed outward by the relentless forces of gravity and time.

Very funny.

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On article Nikon announces D4 'multi-media' DSLR (228 comments in total)

Too big, and too heavy!

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