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Nice camera. A huge zoom and 1" sensor in a reasonably small package.... for what it provides.

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DPReview, please convert the weight and size of this camera to Imperial units ASAP....

The camera weighs only 110 gr, yet it has an f4 lens, battery, water resistant body and 1" sensor. Why are people so critical of this camera price? This is a feather-light miniature technological marvel.

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plantdoc: Automation may be good for reducing costs for a company and it assumes that the "gone" workers will find other employment so they can still buy the products. However, the end result if almost all jobs are eliminated by automation and AI for think jobs, who will have the money to buy anything except the tech workers. The positive thinkers believe workers will always find something meaningful and profitable to do. I challenge them with "what?" And how long will those jobs last before they are eliminated. Not everyone can be a coder. Can't stop change. Just something to think about.

Mass poverty is everywhere... already. The humanity is doomed.

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Sion H: Just heard it comes with a free spare shutter and oil cleaning kit!!

I heard bad things about the service you provide.... I'll send my camera to someone else.

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G Sciorio: Built in GPS?

Integrated web browser would be nice indeed... and then GSM transceiver for making phone calls would be even better. I hope Nikon will listen to us consumers...

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Canon should've used that money for R&D. They need to start making competitive cameras again.

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mike earussi: You have made a very good case as to why Nikon and Canon (and Leica?) should enter the smartphone market just so they can stay in business.

Why should they stay in business? Especially Canon… Canon's been in the business of intentionally crippling their cameras in firmware, for decades. They are in the business of milking their customer base to the nth. degree. Have they responded positively to a mobile phone camera threat? NO. Nothing in their current product range is a direct and competitive answer to a threat from mobile phone cameras. They even killed the S range (S90, 95, 100, 110 and 120). They are an arrogant bunch of pricks that doesn’t deserve the money they are still getting from their blinded customer base. But, as long as such customer base exists, they’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

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Father Bouvier: I opened the gallery in Chrome and the colors looked poorly in all those pictures, but then I opened it in Internet Explorer and the colors look great. What is it about Chrome and my wide gamut calibrated monitor that it can't show colors correctly? Is it because of malformed html in DPR gallery or Chrome is not doing the color management correctly? What color space does the DPR gallery use?

Yeah, Chrome colours look warm and unnatural...

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Very faithful colour reproduction. So nice and pleasing.

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She should also trigger the shutter while posing... Like that, not only will she be making other models obsolete - the camera man would be gone as well!!!

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Lucky guy...

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lightandaprayer: Some people criticize Apple for its control of the Mac and iOS ecosystem. But its that very control that makes Apple products the safest to use in a world with an increasing variety of cyberthreats.

Those cyber threats are specifically targeting Windows OS platform. Why waste time & effort on Macs when they are not widely used in the corporate environment? Who cares if Macs get infected, the impact is insignificant.

By the way, Macs don't use UEFI and therefore have less security in hardware than Windows. Hackers could easily brick Macs using malicious firmware, but they won't waste time and talent - they don't care about the Mac platform.

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Average User: I am remembering the windows programs of the 1990's and the number of daily or weekly crashes as Microsoft learned, detail by detail how to make their products better. By now crashes are relatively infrequent. And Microsoft is still around. Like me, those who have purchased the D750, have taken thousands of pictures with it...and usually better pictures than we were taking before we purchased it. Mine has not shown any of the defects listed, but I am cheerfully sending it in, just as I did my D600. Product cycles are extremely short even when the tech is quite new and innovative, so it means issues like this are going to be a part of the ownership experience. The phrase "Yet again" is used to decry the further expansion of the notice of possible defect. I will say, "Nikon has yet again stepped forward to take responsibility as it has appeared an issue may be broader than first thought."

Yeah... except Nikon is not the only camera maker... Windows WAS (pretty much) the only software maker at that time... we didn't have the choice really to use any other competitive, but comparative software platforms....
I was considering to go back to Nikon (I was Nikon film era user) -> but this latest recall has managed to put me off Nikon for good.

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Scorehound_ca: I'm not going to get into a Canon / Nikon debate, as I am a former Canon user and current Nikon D750 user, but...

1. My D750 was affected by the first recall, and when I sent mine in, Nikon not only replaced the shutter, but they also replaced the rubber around my camera, cleaned the camera inside and out and updated the firmware. I thought this was a nice touch. They do have great customer service.

2. However, when I shot Canon for 10 years, none of the 6 Canon cameras I shot with ever had any recall issues. They worked out of the box flawlessly and never had any recalls attached to them.

So these recalls are frustrating because they hurt the brand, but Nikon is great about fixing their mistakes. So although it's no big deal to get a new shutter, it is a big deal when you are out shooting and your camera starts acting up.

Imagine how many service technician hours was spent on your D750 when you sent it to Nikon. Now multiply that with all the recalls on all cameras. These hours are at-cost to Nikon. i.e. the technicians' salaries can not be charged to the customers. This is the path to the abyss for Nikon.

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Boky: He should've told everyone right from the beginning that HE pressed the shutter... problem solved.

You are all missing the point.

Mr Slater did not have to go through all this nightmare if he said he took the photo. Noone would've cared, nothing bad would've happened to him. He would still be living his normal life.

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He should've told everyone right from the beginning that HE pressed the shutter... problem solved.

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Neez: They have to do something, customers are switching to other brands.

Reading and trolling don't have to go together.

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Neez: They have to do something, customers are switching to other brands.

So why are you looking at Canon thread then... if you couldn't be happier with Sony?

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Nikon 'currently developing'...
Right, they were developing the DL series as well...

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At what temp does the fan kick in?

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