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PWPhotography: Beautiful photos and pleasing natural colors.

Colours are natural, but not pleasing.

Link | Posted on Mar 25, 2018 at 22:37 UTC
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Georgeee: Canon, take your baby steps. I am running to the Sony camp.

I could cope with all Sony issues you mentioned... a deal breaker for me was a cold colour rendering. I could not correct for that even in the PP. It's like... genetic defect that can't be corrected. Gave up on Sony exclusively because of that crap colour. Shame, their cameras are technological marvels!!!

Link | Posted on Mar 21, 2018 at 07:56 UTC
On photo Top Gun-2783 in the Action Film Titles challenge (16 comments in total)

It's all Russians fault!!! Quickly, let's impose more sunctions on Russia!

Link | Posted on Mar 16, 2018 at 08:57 UTC as 3rd comment | 4 replies

Will have to move to a dSLR by the look of it...

Link | Posted on Mar 13, 2018 at 10:33 UTC as 12th comment | 2 replies

The 1923 Leica 0-Series camera sells for $2.8M

Maybe we should refrain from smart ass comments, buy one of these stealth edition ones, and store it safely for a while...

Link | Posted on Mar 11, 2018 at 09:44 UTC as 12th comment | 4 replies
On article Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM Art sample gallery (111 comments in total)

Beautiful shots, so pleasing, warm & clear... and people still wonder why Canon is No1. Imagine this lens being tested on that new Sony camera that everyone is going crazy about.... the skin tones and cool color would scare everybody. away.

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Percival Merriwether: ...but the Ikea batteries need to be assembled

Brilliant comment!!!

Link | Posted on Mar 1, 2018 at 11:27 UTC
On article Fujifilm X-H1 Review (1581 comments in total)

Details in abundance - very nice.
Fantastic greens.
Great colour in general.
Carey Rose photos are always a treat for an eye, thank you.
But... the photos are all way too dark.
That XF 23/1.4R bokeh gives me headache... ouch.

Link | Posted on Feb 19, 2018 at 08:51 UTC as 181st comment | 2 replies
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Petak: He got the money from Apple, got free advertising from nerdy and apple fansites and got the low budget look he was probably going for anyway - it's a win-win.

Mono sound would be an unexpected bonus. Unexpected because we are in the 21st century.

Link | Posted on Feb 6, 2018 at 20:38 UTC
On article Apple iPhone X review (380 comments in total)
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SarahTerra: Going out on a limb here, but any good camera is probably not made in a glass case.

Just sayin.

That camera has a wireless charging - hence glass front&back.

Just sayin.

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On article Apple iPhone X review (380 comments in total)
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bjornphoto: Sometimes I think people here are like the annoying "audiophiles" who don't enjoy music that isn't played with the "right" audio equipment.

The most recent smartphones produce great images. Not technically better than DSLR's, but certainly enjoyable for the majority of people who look at the image as a whole rather than each pixel.

The iPhone X is top of the pile for many people and fair play to those who go out and take great photos with it. I can see why they don't give a damn what people on the internet think of them. Photography with any camera you choose can be enjoyable.

Single-ended pure class A with no more than 3 gain stages... the rest is indeed just rubbish.

Link | Posted on Feb 5, 2018 at 06:06 UTC

Where are the sample photos?

Link | Posted on Jan 31, 2018 at 21:56 UTC as 3rd comment

Nice gallery photos. Thank you!

Link | Posted on Jan 28, 2018 at 19:33 UTC as 48th comment

10 years ago at a graduation ceremony I attended with my older kid, everyone held a camera - MANY of them where expensive dSLR / prime lens combos. Pretty much no-one used a mobile phone to take the shots. I used dSLR/nice zoom lens as well.

A few months back, the same occasion for my younger kid, same school. There was ONE dSLR and (a white) prime lens. The rest of us used mobile phones to take the pictures... Sad I know, but a fact.

Wonder what'll happen in next 10 years....

Link | Posted on Jan 27, 2018 at 21:04 UTC as 12th comment | 1 reply

I'm not surprised at how bad the iPhoneX photos are. That's a mobile phone camera, after all.

What really surprised me is how bad those Canon photos are.

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On article iPhone X sample gallery updated (188 comments in total)
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Robert Zanatta: Datsun B210 - worst car ever!

Many of the good lighting shots are great for a smartphone. The low lighting is still not good, especially the night club photo.

Nice to have that capturing ability on the go.

Link | Posted on Jan 21, 2018 at 10:49 UTC

Winner, Moment Category.... stunning capture.

Link | Posted on Jan 19, 2018 at 20:52 UTC as 2nd comment
On article Canon launches refillable ink printers in the UK (134 comments in total)
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qunamax: We've been refilling printers for two decades or so, what's up with this?

I've been using the 3rd party cartridges for decades, with exceptional results and at 1/10th of the price of Canon cartridges. A 6-set of Canon cartridges costs as much as a whole, brand new printer.

Link | Posted on Jan 18, 2018 at 21:22 UTC
On article Canon launches refillable ink printers in the UK (134 comments in total)
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Hellstrom: What's a printer?

So, why talk about it on this site?

Link | Posted on Jan 18, 2018 at 20:51 UTC
On article Review: Rylo is a 360º camera done right (81 comments in total)
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Roland Karlsson: The beach picture is not in particular sharp.

It is horrible.

Link | Posted on Jan 5, 2018 at 03:31 UTC
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