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sean lancaster: Each shot makes me think about the event the person is competing in and shows some of the character of the participant. Nicely captured set.

Olympic Swimmers don't wear bikini's. It's a picture of a track and field athlete, specifically a heptathlete 9the most difficult of women's events).

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rsp: It's probably the first time that American athletes are shown as real people rather than machines.
Interesting work, specially as it has been done in a hurry.

That's complete nonsense. Just use google. You make it seem like every other country just uses the driver's license photo's of their athletes.

Every fricking person who wins a gold medal at teh Olympics drapes him or herself in their countries flag. They stand at attention swelling with pride at their particular national anthem.

It's the Olympics. it is a national competition, not an individual one.

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(unknown member): Either by accident or intentionally, these portraits give an amazing humanly perspective of these athletes and some of them look like they enjoy it.
I think the images got an artistic and more reporters-like touch.

If you google Klamar and look at his thousands of images of stars and starlets on the red carpet, political figures at political events, athletes in action, you will find none of the artistic sensibilities that somehow just emerged this day at this photoshoot.

Joe Klamar is about making glamorous, powerful, famous, intense and athletic people look just as glamorous, famous, powerful, intense and athletic as they are. I see not one hint of ironic, or humanizing artistic vision.

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Roland Karlsson: Strange thread. Some here seems to assume that the images SHOULD/MUST be high quality studio portraits made by a skilled studio photographer. The same impressive stuff portraying humans as super humans as usual.

But - it isnt. This guy has just taken some images - and he has done so of famous people. So - the analysis is totally uninteresting IMHO.

Its like asking why this ice cream does not taste like a perfect grilled beef. It wont. Because its no beef.

Same here.

Personally I think it is enlightening to see those humans as humans.

Yes, but those are pictures of Einstein the person, I have no idea who the photographer is. Showing a man who many people may have thought to be super serious always contemplating incomprehensible questions as also having a silly side, a sense of humor is enlightening. These pictures are not the least nit illuminating of there subjects. Showing one of the world's best all-around athletes, Trey Hardee, as bored, confused, puny, tells us nothing about Trey Hardee. Taking a picture of a rhythmic gymnast which shows the edges of the background cloth, tells us what about the subject.

Everybody who likes these photos tells us how much they say about Klamar's vision. Not a one has pointed out where Klamar made his subject, the person, more interesting or compelling.

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