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There is obviously so much right about this camera. I must shoot D700 for wide architectural photos. I must shoot D300 for telephoto nature shots. Now, perhaps, I can have my cake and eat it, also?
We will see, but I am exicited about the possiblity of carrying a single body around. I see the noise in the high ISO shots. Not bad at all! Better than I had expected. The lower ISO shots? Amazing.

This is the future. More sensitivity. Less noise. More resolution. Less limitation between us and our shots.

Remember when we pushed TriX to 1600 and crossed our fingers? When we pushed Ektachrome to 1600 and stared at dots and high contrast?

Hooray for the future. It is now. Any one of us may not choose this camera or the next (Canon or Nikon or Sony or whatever), but this the future. We are quickly becoming limited only by ourselves. What could be better?

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jon404: Looking at the images, it sure looks like the D800 holds it's own against the MUCH more expensive Pentax 645D... up through IS0 1600, the top limit on the Pentax... and then the Nikon pix still look sharp up through 6400!

Could this be the end of medium format? "35mm submarine technology" takes it's final bite out of the old 120mm standard?

What I'm seeing (and I'm NOT a professional) is that there's no business case for buying a medium-format camera anymore. None.

And this is even before you start looking at lens costs... another News post has the Pentax 645 19mm-eqiv wide angle at $5,000... much more, just for this one lens, than the D800 and several lenses!

If I'm missing something, please let me know...

It is getting to the point where one has to question why any more is needed. I shoot telephoto birds and I want to have the resolution to crop and enough sensitivity to shoot a long tele in the morning light. So, I might have a 40% crop and still want a 16" x 20" print or monitor filling image. I can now do that with a 35mm format. I am a happy camper at this point, if I can believe what I am seeing in the reivews.

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gl2k: Most versatile DSLR ever !!!

Use it a ISO 100 and you get perfect noise free shots at ultra high res.
Use it at ISO 3200 and simply reduce the image size until noise becomes acceptable.

Use it in FX mode on payed jobs ... use it in DX mode (with 15 MP still !!!) when snapping around.

Compared to what you get this cam is by far not expensive.

I'll definitely buy one.

I totally agree with gl2k. I have a 700 and a 300 and cannot see any downside to the switch, although I see a lot of upside. I have never shot a serious image at even ISO 1600, never mind ISO 6400. I simply don't care. I shoot portraits with a 24-70 and 70-200 at ISO 200 or 400 and I shoot wildlife with a 400 2.8 (x2) at ISO 1200 (max). I don't understand folks that really care about ISO 12K. Seriously? I did get pretty frustrated with shooting high school football games on dimly lit fields about 25 years ago. ISO 25K might work very well for that. Oh yea, I could also use it for catching cheating husbands through a window. That would be just perfect. I have been wanting to improve my quality on those shots.
Grins to all.

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